Thursday, December 29

K & JH

... lil' dialogue between K & Ji Hoon ...

JH: Are you okay now?
K: What?
JH: Acting like you don't know. Don't you know you have been weird lately?
K: I have, haven't I?
K: Like you said, I think I was depressed.
K: All the suffering past, and only good things seem to happen.
K: All of it was uncomfortable. A person can feel that way.
K: I am okay now.
JH: Really? That's good to hear.
K: Did you worry? I am sorry..
JH: Do you know, why am I so disappointed.
K: About what?
JH: You suffered by yourself, you took care of it yourself.
JH: I didn't do anything. Even I don't know what caused the suffering.
JH: But, it's good to hear that..

--- sometimes in JH's position is pathetic ---

Tuesday, December 27


... haha ...

Why are you smiling like that?
soooooo tengiiil..
even in my dream

Anyway, like I said, I like just the way you are ^^

--- thank you for brightening my morning ---


... seven pounds ...

Emily: Do you ever think about DEATH?
Ben: .. sometimes
# after she fell asleep
Ben: Sorry.. Actually, I think about IT everyday..

I didn't watch it completely,
so I didn't know what exactly his burden
But, why someone could talk like that easily?

--- they really have PROBLEMS ---

Thursday, December 22


... woot ...

I was surprised,
I've written all this posts by myself

What actually happened to me in this December ???

I'm moody and too sensitive,
I should learn to control it again

--- wew ---

my last december

[I was writing this post while on my way to home]

This has been a year or more
I was trying to stay as long as I could,
with all sorts of reason for completing my temporary 'alibi'
I've done everything, so I could be there..

But, nothing has changed,
nothing was holding me back..
And I've run out of reasonable
So, I've made my decision

I'm stepping forward, without looking back
Hope you enjoy your 'room', and let me fix mine ^^

[funny incident]
I wrote message "c u next year", and immediately removed it. Then wrote it again, and removed it again.. It happened many times, and finally I didn't send the message. I can't guarantee what I say, I don't want to expect more.. (vise versa)

--- goodbye, baby goodbye ---

Wednesday, December 21

A Letter to My Heart

Dear My Heart,

Sorry to say,
I'm sorry if I did too much to you..
I promised, this would be the last at this year
* dunno about next one :p

I knew that I don't like coffee very much,
but I still took that risks >_<
Because of some reasons, I've planned to not sleep tonight,
I hope I could stay awake

"save this night, save my holiday.."

So, please..
Please, don't get too hot or too cold..
And don't dag-dig-dug too hard
I am afraid if it should happen again
* ready or not, I'm dealing with the worst risks

--- jebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal ---

Tuesday, December 20

What Love is All About

... Victoria - What Love is All About ...

Some interesting points (jackpot for me):
  • we genuinely care about the people in our lives
  • unsolicited advice actually drives a wedge in relationships
  • what people need is to know that they are loved unconditionally
  • if you find that you are correcting or "teaching" someone in every conversation, you probably need to adjust your approach
  • the truth is we've all been guilty of trying to fix, teach or correct someone else
  • give people room to grow because empowering others is what love is all about

Above all, love each other deeply, 
because love covers over a multitude of sins
(1 Peter 4:8, NIV)

--- evaluate.. evaluate.. evaluate.. ---

Sunday, December 18

hello Mr. Rude..

... hmmmmmmph ...

Somehow, Saturday always makes me stress, just because of 1 person
[applause for yooo] it's difficult to handle you

Side Story
I remembered, Simbok told me about Joel..
Joel went for shopping and met an unfriendly cashier, lots of buyer didn't get good services because of the cashier. She worked with 'way face', without a single smile, some buyers said that she was rude..
Joel started to think, "Why she did like that? Maybe, she is in trouble right now..".

And he started to talk to her: "Do you have any problems right now?".
Cashier: #shocked "Actually, I got a message, my child had an accident this morning, and I'm still waiting about his news. I'm worried about him.."
they have PROBLEMS

How about me?
I start my Saturday with smile, then I meet him, and he ruins my weekend, ouch..
HE IS RUDE.. And he never realize that he always rude, oo-em-ji..
[woot] His name is like his behavior, RUDE, doooh..
[gedhek.. gedhek.. gedhek....]

So, what is the problems?
RUDE's problems are himself..
Lee's problem is him..

I'm so stupid, I unconciously 'play' with him >___<

Let's find another 'toys'..
Sorry, all I can do is helping myself

help him == 'play' with him == I get stress

Thursday, December 15

like attracts like

... law of attraction ...

A few days ago, I started to think, "why I don't sneeze, while right now is rainy season..". That's so weird, because Simbok got it over and over again, but I didn't. Of course, it is a bless, I was fine, but I still felt weirdo..
So, unconciously, I had a thought: "when I would sneeze, when I would sneeze, when I would sneeze.."

Yesterday, I was cleaning my room, and my concern was "why those stack of papers/modules/books are too much". I didn't want to keep it, not useful, and selling them was the best option. Remember, they were too much, there were too heavy too, complicated.. 3 boxes full of papers, how much money that I spent for my college, while I didn't read them all, ckckckckck..

Somehow, my jun2 posted status in FB, he needed papers to sell, he want to save the money for mudik
# ahaaa..
I contacted him, and he accepted it. I prepared & packaged them to boxes, and clean my room was a MUST.
Ooo.. ooow.... I saw lots of dust there
# ahaaa..
And I still cleaned my room, no other option >___<

Then, I got my first sneeze
# ahaaa.. (feeling not good)
second, third, fourth, .... I got sneeze all night long
what a sneeze, eh, what a stupid thought

like attracts like

I started to positive thinking
"I get a car.. I get a car.. I get a car.."
# too positive, hahahaaa..

"I'm rich.. I'm rich.. I'm rich.."
# too naive, sigh..

"I'm healthy.. I'm healthy.. I'm healthy.."
# and it is great ^^

--- Simbok: healthy is a MUST ---

A Greater Treasure than a Friend

A Greater Treasure than a Friend
Savannah Outen

So far away
How did I lose my way
Even though we're worlds apart, you were always in my heart everyday

Travel far and wide
Fly across the blue moon in the sky
Sail through the clouds to places you have never been
You could wish a thousand times
Find the gold that pirates left behind
But you'll never find a greater treasure than a friend

Let's not pretend
That pixie dust could end
Every single tear that falls
Any problem big or small
You can mend

You can soar to Neverland
Fly right through the water fall and dance
See the colors change before your eyes
And let them believe

Float above the mountain top
Watch the fireflies light up the night
There is one everywhere you turn
so please believe

Cause I believe in you
You're the magic in my life
That has stones that sparkles bright
through and through

Travel far and wide
Fly across the blue moon in the sky
Sail through the clouds to places you have never been
You could wish a thousand times
Find the gold that pirates left behind
But you'll never find a greater treasure than a friend

Don't want the pain of losing you, again
I can tell you in the end
You won't find
A Greater Treasure Than A Friend....

Wednesday, December 14

December == Holidays

... somehow, I love Joel & Victoria ...
* actually, we love them..

Victoria said,
Maybe the holidays don't bring back good memories for you. Maybe you've been hurt, denied or rejected by someone. Maybe you are working through some pain right now. But remember, Jesus gave us an example of mercy, and He has equipped us by His grace to overcome. It's easy to take offense. It's easy to hold on to the hurt and pain of the past. But the best way to move forward is to give all that pain to God and let Him heal you. Receive His grace so that you can show mercy this holiday season and every day of the year!

I would sing this song (again)..

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, You gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

--- ring ding ding ding ding, ring ding ding ---

Monday, December 12

I got my answer

... thank you Victoria ...

A Change Will Do Your Relationships Good

so, how do I contribute?

--- thinking, thinking, thinking ---


wanted to feel angry
just because of what I've read
just because of what I've heard
just because of what I've seen

but I can't do anything

because that's not my right
because that's not me who suffer
because that's not me..

I know it's only temporary,
because it often happens..
* bad habit

but, isn't it too much?
or I less sensitive

You've made me regret for the things that I can't do


... nggodho ...

I remember what Simbok said,
"you can't change people, so you have to change yourself"

It sounds unfair, right?
And that's what I do right now,
changing myself..

"jangan nggodho.. jangan nggodho.. jangan nggodho.."
* 'nggodho' in any form

I hope, I could enjoy this new style....

--- what a complex life ---

Saturday, December 10

i'm so black

... black black black ...

hohohooo, I don't like this choice
never like being the 'black' one

so, thank you for all people
that can drag me to those position (again and again)
you're very kind..

and sorry if I can control devil inside me
my bad.. my bad.. my bad....

but don't worry, I don't so close to people on that mode
* I'm afraid if I can 'bite' everyone

Anyway, I create new playlist about this
njarag playlist

--- my bad ---

Friday, December 9

Dec 09

... Dec 09 ...

Part 1
I walked quietly to her room
I couldn't see anything, it was too dark..
Back to my room, and I took a mobile-phone

Part 2
I walked quietly to her room (again)
Still couldn't see anything, and tried to get light from mobile-phone
Saw her exact position, she was sleep there..

Then I came to hug and kiss Simbok
And I said: "Happy Birthday, mbok.."
I was the first gift on her birthday, she got my lovely hug & kiss

Ummmmmm, I think, I forgot to say something..
Tomorrow, I would say: "I love you"

And we got company too
Yesterday, Dec 08 was tengil's birthday
Hahahaaa, this all is not just a coincidence
*we believed like that ^^

--- Happy Bday ---
I love You

Tuesday, December 6


... oups ...

--- oups ---

Monday, December 5

just a simple plan

Last night,
I decided to become a 'jerk' for a while
# dunno why it came out just like that
probably, because I got 'bullet' from you

At least, I want to do what I want
I don't care about other people
Sometimes, breaking some rules could make you happy..
And I'm ready for the risks

This morning,
I woke up, then saw Simbok & Kopo were preparing for Christmas tree
# aaah, this December should be a great month
Suddenly, I canceled my last plan

I just sat there..
# resetting my brain
I didn't do anything..
# a song was played in my brain

# singging
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away


Sunday, December 4


... my new desktop ...

Mrs. Killer Instinct, Mrs. Dudul aka Chocho (LoL), and Mrs. Cute ^^

--- they really breaking my heart ---

Saturday, December 3

domino effect

... jedheeeeeer ...

song of this week
like being hit by the bullet

I never touch this playlist: 'korea - mellow'
# except in certain circumstances

Today, I listened to them all day..
# because, this is the right time

And as usual, feel sorry for my eyes
I got some bad cases
Bad domino effect in my early December, sigh

--- so, I don't care ---

Friday, December 2


... karma ...

It's better to use (word) 'karma' than 'sin',
looks simpler, smaller, and lighter for human,
but actually.. I don't think so....

sickness, sore, painful, hardship, misery, trouble

Simbok said: "Our Sabian said, the sick people is a sinner.."
I was imagine, I'm a sick one, I was there and heard him, and I have a BIG sin..
It's not like 'every people is sinful', but I got SICK because of MY SIN
What did I do before ???

She continued: "For the payoff of sin is death"
I hold my breath, hid my tear for a second..

I'm really sad.. It's too terrific..
Because we discussed about my relatives >___<
"For the payoff of sin is death", huuuuuuft T___T

Every single day, I should responsible for that,
what I've did and what I've didn't..
Seems not fair because I feel its effects
*somehow, I took part in their sin, maybe I was a passive-one..
So, let's start to responsible in present & future

Yesterday, I saw some 'Dementors' on the sky
And I got 'their' message

Saturday, November 26

once upon a time

... bouncing bouncing bouncing ...

"Why did you look happy, mel ?"

Because I can shared my case well (without interruption),
and someone was listening it well too
Then my case solved smoothly ^^

I should learn how to listen first and keep my mouth (talk-less)
That's nice and it looks more wise

In other side,
I usually 'talking' too much because I care

So, which one is better?
Believe me, it depends on you

--- be wise ---

Friday, November 25


... hmmmmmmmmm ...

don't expect too much to others
you don't worth for waiting too long
they never do what you 'normally' do

they are not the same as you

--- how many times I say this statement ---

Thursday, November 24

20112011 [2]

... 20112011 ...

Congraaatz for Jane & Bobby too

Happy Wedding for both of you, guys ^^

... 20112011 ...


... 20112011 ...

Congraaatz for Michael & Christine
my lophly bro & ce tengil

and welcome to our CLAN, xixixixixi..

What happened to this world!?!?!?
I didn't cry when we were meeting or parting yesterday
Probably, because this was a happy moment
I knew that tomorrow they will come here, ekekekekek..
Time goes sooo fast

Aaaaaah, I tell you something in this family..
Someday, when a child comes home to his father (because of distance and time apart)
You will see great moment there,
father would come & hug his child first, and tap child's shoulder
We called it love ^^

My father looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
with a Hello Kitty heart..

--- december.. december.. december.. ---

Wednesday, November 23

Nov 23

... Thank God ...

The weirdest thing happened today is when I started to do my 'annual ritual'..
(there was no 5 minutes)
(suddenly): Am I really have a birthday today ?
. . . . . . . .
I stopped my ritual for a moment, then I checked calendar on my mobile
"November 23, 00:04 AM"
. . . . . . . .
(thinking): hahahaaa, it's so ridiculous
And I continued my ritual..

In the middle of my conversation,
I remembered that Cah Bagus reminded me of my birthday yesterday
That is my first SMILE on my 25th :)
thank you boy, you still stole mine :*

I got interesting experiences in this year..
And I am grateful for all of that,
wisdom, health, famz, lophly friends, dream jobs,
all good things that made me happy,
and also all bad things that made me sad or cry

For this year, I didn't ask to much, I only ask a think,
let me learn to fall in love with God..

--- my target is HIS pleasure ---

Saturday, November 19

theme:: fox rain

... le me enjoy this journey ...

'fox rain' would be nice theme
while I love to say: "nomu nomu nomu chuwaa.."
#preparing gumiho soundtrack
and Mr Rain will accompany on my trip (romantic trip, xoxoxo)

God Bless us
I hope this mission goes well

--- D-day ---

Friday, November 18

dag dig dug.. dag dig dug....

... FINALLY ...

hwaaaaaaaaaaaah, 30 days have passed
mayday, mayday, tomorrow is the D-Day

~~~ nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu chuwaa ~~~

Tonight I definitely can't sleep,
imagine this, imagine that
pretend like this, pretend like that

I'm comiiiiiiiiin....

--- day 1 ---

Thursday, November 17

it's packing time :p

... this is a fun story about this whole weekend ...

When Simbok said: "it's packing time.."
It means: "it's a watching time.."
Watching her packing her stuff, packing dad stuff, packing my stuff (LoL), packing my sis too
maybe she is too galau or maybe this is her hobby
* both are true :p

Daddy: # still lazed
Me: # I bothered her
My sis: # just giggle

And after that time, these were what we do..
Daddy: # still lazed
Me: I'll check my stuff that have been packed # re-check & re-select
(it's all about my 'style')
My Sis: I'll package my own stuff
(it's all about her 'taste')

--- day 2 ---

Wednesday, November 16

not this month..

... I miss that place ...

I failed to get a permission to go to Bali this month..
I guessed this was my reckless decision

Just a planning without some preparations
and the result is NULL

Okay, that's not a big problem right now..
I'll re-arrange this plan for the next month
I hope it would be a YES

--- day 3 ---

Tuesday, November 15

fall in love with HIM

... The Message said ...

"Bring your life (everyday), sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking, and place it for God as a worship."

Side Story
When I first fell in love with my wife, I thought about her constantly: when having breakfast, in a vehicle to school, attending college, waiting queues in the market, filling stations; I can't stop thinking about this woman! I often talk to myself about her and think about everything that I like about her. This is what helped me feel close to Kay even though we live several hundred miles apart and school to different high school. By constantly thinking about her, I live in her love..

This is the true meaning of worship, fall in love with HIM..
I start to do what HE likes and start to fall in love with HIM. So when people are not reliable anymore, I still have my sweetheart ^^
If one day you feel that I was changed, you already know the answer..

--- day 4 ---

Monday, November 14

not a hoy-hoy, but a hosh-hosh..

... on my way ...

# this week only or maybe next week too
not applying for jobs
not accepting some jobs
not 'playing' ToT
finishing my current projects

i'm in a rush
# hosh.. hosh.. hosh....

--- day 5 ---

Sunday, November 13


... le me try, le me exercise, le me type some code ...

I had a job to review some webs, then make prototype of them.
I'm still newbie in this area, so I'm very excited on it
Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends..

Agree, I'm start to love Javascript in here..
Lots of courses there, and it looks like a puzzle in my brain, where first I didn't have basic in this area, and now I'm starting to get their logic, esp in JS and his 'famz'..

Beside of that, I'm still thinking: how to make a prototype like codecademy
#curious.. curious.. curious....

--- day 6 ---

Saturday, November 12

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

... nomu nomu nomu chua ...


--- day 7 ---

Friday, November 11

how come..

... ...

'' is when you take a nap (woot) over at 7 pm..

And after you wake up, your first statement is "doooh"

The next one is "what should I do next.."

And the other thing is ".. while tomorrow morning I must go to office"

I still can't follow her healthy lifestyle: "bo2x early sing anteng.."

--- day 8 ---

Thursday, November 10

don't hesitate

... John 12:25 ...

Bible in Basic English
He who is in love with life will have it taken from him; and he who has no care for his life in this world will keep it for ever and ever.

Barangsiapa mencintai nyawanya, ia akan kehilangan nyawanya, tetapi barangsiapa tidak mencintai nyawanya di dunia ini, ia akan memeliharanya untuk hidup yang kekal.

read at a glance
# eh.. wait a minute....

read two times
# what was that? (thinking)

read three times
# I got an enlightenment, and it was a great relief..

--- day 9 ---

Wednesday, November 9


... what is happening in this world ...

someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there....

Am I 'kesambet'? 

Why not!!!! xixixixixi..

--- day 10 ---

Tuesday, November 8

awkward moments

... some awkward moments of this day ...

When I suddenly woke up early and still remember that my work hasn't been completed, and even in my dream I still do that O___o

When I wanted to vomit in the morning because of stupid code x______x

When I realized that previous moment had ruined my day, and made ​​me temperamental this day

When I didn't know about anything, I really don't know about it, but I still have to do, try to figure it out, and after it happen, all I can say is: "what was that?"

When I had a bad temper today, then I realized that was my folly, and I could smile on it

When I met someone who is important in the parking lot
# lucky me, I didn't get a heart attack, even I was ashamed to look at her face directly

When I wanted to vomit (again) at night because of crazy things

When I decided to stay up again tonight, and do not know what will happen later..

--- day 11 ---

Monday, November 7

sms of the week

... who's that tengill ...

even though Monday is the beginning of the week,
I decided sms of the week right now :p

"eh ce, ini hari Senin ya? ngantor donk, ekekekek.."

--- day 12 ---

Sunday, November 6

day of mourning

... bubye 'Clark Kent' ...

thank you for accompanying us for 1.5 years

our 'Clark Kent'

this the reason why he called Clark Kent
because he sleeps like a superman

Why should occur on day 13 ?
better skip this day
All we can do is wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep again..
a Sad Day

--- day 13 ---

Saturday, November 5

Hello Mr. Nice Guy

... nice to meet you ...

I met Mr. Nice Guy (again)
What a beautiful coincidental (blush)

As usual, I got his charm..
He's still handsome and friendly like before

I thought, I had good childhood's memory with him
# thinking
Hmmmmmm, I can't remember it

Or maybe I'm just his secret admirer, xixixi..

--- day 14 ---

Friday, November 4

we hate the haters

... simplicity ...

I didn't get it

I don't get it

So, I don't care

Except, those about me or my famz

Never 'touch' them
or you'll dealing with US

We hate the haters

--- day 15 ---

Thursday, November 3

day 14?

... 14? I think I miscounted ...

# This was my post for today..
Already half-way..
15 days was not a long time,
and 15 days was not a short time too

There is still half-way again, HWAITIIIIING!!!!

# After re-count again
Dhunk dhueeeeeer, I miscounted..

Whereas, today I was celebrating with a meal at Takigawa
*even showed off too.. huhuhuuu >___<
Fusion Sushi Platter

--- day 16 ---

Wednesday, November 2

'temporary assignment'

... this world is not my home ...

Things that we see today, today is still there, and gone tomorrow.
But the things that we can't see now will last forever..

Because we didn't pay attention to the 'visible', but the 'invisible',
because visible is temporary, whereas the invisible is eternal..

--- day 15 ---

Tuesday, November 1

new plan

... Grey's Anatomy - S03E19 ...

The thing about plans is, they don't take into account
the unexpected.
So when we're thrown a curveball
whether it's in the O.R.
Or in life...

We have to improvise.

I'm a guy without a foot.
What do I do now?

You move forward, you...
You follow the plan, and you try
and keep your other foot.

My other foot..

Of course, some of us are better at it than others.
Some of us just have to move on to plan B..
and make the best of it.

And sometimes..
What we want is exactly what we need.

But sometimes..
is a new plan.

--- day 16 ---

Monday, October 31

on a rush

... Monday & Thursday ...

I found that I am quite sensitive on those day..
I just don't want to leave here, but I need to go there

or maybe

I always rushed on those day,
others rush me,
while I'm trying to make myself as relaxed as possible

I hate parting..

--- day 17 ---

Sunday, October 30

Lee is God's lover

... I believe that God loves me so much ...

Yesterday, I got an 'answer' ^^
And discussed it with simbok was a great relief
I learned new things..

After asking and waiting long enough,
doing some 'work',
hunting small things,
making new relationships with new people

Now is the right time, reaping time, xixixixixi..

Therefore, I should be responsible for this chance
New challenges for long periods, so I don't have to worry anymore
Just think about my statement too, "everyday is a holiday",
it would make me calm everyday..

Kyaaaaaaaaa, I am God's lover..

--- day 18 ---

Saturday, October 29

simple question

... just a single question ...

I have to answer this question many times in this week
" Do you eat 'well' ? "

Sorry, i don't tell the truth this time

--- day 19 ---

Friday, October 28

never hate us

... nice pic & desc ...

--- day 20 ---

Thursday, October 27

she is an 'artist'

... finally I got her number ...

Today is her birthday, but she isn't here
So, I need her number, the right one

Anyway, she still an 'artist' for me
while I was a bad fan for not following her
*glodhak.. glodhak.. glodhak....

I called this day as a Mission Impossible
*dunno the exactly reason

Mission Number 1 - getting her number
As a stalker, oups.. I didn't get it. So, I asked directly to her secretary, Bahamud (akakakakak). This mission almost failed because of her carelessness.
Great job, boy.. [enemy spotted]

Mission Number 2 - waiting
Just waiting till 00:00. This is the 'important' part ^^
Of course, I didn't checking the difference time, because she was born in here

Mission Number 3 - phon2 time
1st call : (phone 1)
.... .... ....

2nd call : (phone 1)
.... .... ....
xyyyzzzzzz zzzxxxyyyyy xyyyzzzzzz zzzxxxyyyyy [local dialogue]
the number you call is not active [other CS] # eeeeeeeeeeeh....

3rd call : (phone 2)
.... .... ....
[tuuut.. tuuuuuut..] # hoy hoooy....
(artist) : Hallo..
(me) # isn't a "weeei", so this is her right number
(me) # looks like she's ngebo-ing
(me) : Dah bobox ? # i like this stupid question
(artist) : Hallo.... Hallo....
(me) : Gag denger pa ? # hmmmmmm, maybe it is delay..
(artist) : Hallo.... Hallo.... Hallo....
(me) : Holla-hallo wae.. Tak-phon2 ulang.. # dudul, dedel, dodol everytime
(me) : # cekleeek..

4th call : (phone 2)
.... .... ....
[tuuut.. tuuuuuut..]
(artist) : Hallo..
(me) : Dah bobox ?
(artist) : udaaah.. sini pagi oq
(me) : Ya'ez lanjut bobox ae, tak phon2 besok #
(me) : Happy Birthday

It's not perfect, but successful..
chu ~~

--- day 21 ---

Wednesday, October 26


... a kind of oxygen for me ...

--- day 22 ---

Tuesday, October 25


... blush ...

while I said:
close your eyes, and close to me

--- day 23 ---

Monday, October 24

little mermaid

... bleb bleb bleb ...

and then the little mermaid turned into bubbles and disappeared

anyway, I'm ready for the bubbles

--- day 24 ---

Sunday, October 23

there's gonna be one less lonely girl

... justin bieber - one less lonely girl ...

Alright let's go
There's gonna be one less lonely girl (one less lonely girl)
One less lonely girl (one less lonely girl)
There's gonna be one less lonely girl (one less lonely girl)
One less lonely girl (ha)

--- day 25 ---

Saturday, October 22


... some goals of the human living ...
*listening from the radio

1. Born to acquire
2. Born to bond
3. Born to comprehend
4. Born to defend

Goal 1
I do my work for continuing my life to get a better life (our old messages)
Money isn't everything >> true
And without money, we can't do anything too >> absolutely true
So I'm not a naive, I'm working to get money, but I don't working for money.
Honestly, this world would be better if there isn't money. Money makes lots of difference here..

Goal 2
Yeah, I like this part so much. We do as social beings, we bond each other.
It's about how to build relationship with the others.

Goal 3
Till' now, I learn to comprehend about everything..
Why I am here? What should I do? What is exactly 'my role' in this life? etc.. etc....
This goal is the hardest, because all I can do is comprehend by doing
* writing this post is a kind of comprehending too

Goal 4
Aaaa, this is our human nature..
When we are in trouble, even we are right or wrong, we would defend ourselves.

And believe me, after you read all of those goals, you'll agree with the statements below..
Everything is self-centered (cih....)

--- day 26 ---

Friday, October 21

unyuuu boy (again)

... almost forgotten ...

October is month of family..
It means lots of activities in every weekend ^^

Although the number of participants slightly,
I still enjoy every moment on it

Last week, I played table tennis
*I can't play tonight, because there are deadlines >_<

And I also played "dakon" (traditional's game)
Please, look at my enemy's expression here..

I snap it secretly

I fought a lil' boy !?!?!?
I felt dilemma between:
feeling of wanting to win + slowly tortured him because his face
I feel sorry because he was pouting + his face (again)

So, the major reason is HIS face (LoL)
Anyway, I like lil' bro or lil' sis ^^
* the unyuuu one

--- day 27 ---

Thursday, October 20

smell the rain

... it's raining ...

Yahoooooo, it's raining again
Raining without thunder in the night is so romantic ^^
I love their scent & rhythm too
It's soooooo refreshing and relieving stress

And when this moment happens,
I remember these songs:
Golden Memories - Rhythm Of The Rain
Bonnie Pink - It's Gonna Rain

--- day 28 ---

Wednesday, October 19

sprain everywhere

... here, there, and everywhere ...

I played table tennis with passion. I entered the final round and met my father there. We didn't need to continue the game, because we were the winners ^^
My perform is still good, I feel proud on it..
As a bonus, I got sprain in right arm >_<

The next day, lot's of people said: "it's hooot..", so I decided to go to swim in the afternoon.
I always love the blue world, the world that is honest to me..
I warmed up properly, and I found my right arm was better, but I got sprain in left thigh >_<

I forgot about my activities, but the sprain moved to my right little finger >_<
And this is the most painful sprains ToT

--- day 29 ---

Tuesday, October 18

countdown 30

... 30 days from now ...

I'll meet you again
can't wait 'till those day

and I will enjoy day by day,
as you said: everyday is holiday

--- xixixi ---

Monday, October 17

that woman

A woman loves you
The woman loves you wholeheartedly
She follows you around like a shadow every day
She smiles but is actually crying

How much longer do I just have to look at you, alone
This love that came like wind,
This love that is like a shit,
If I continue this, will you love me?

Just come a little nearer, just a little bit
Please don’t step back
I, the one who loves you, is still next to you
That woman is crying

That woman is very shy
So she learnt how to smile
Her heart is so full of tear,
She can't even share her story with her best friend

That's why, that woman loved you
Cause you were so like her another fool
yet another fool
Please give me a hug before you leave me

I want to be loved, dear
That's all I wanted
She shouts, just in her heart, just in her heart
No one can hear her, but that woman is still next you

Do you know that,
I am that woman?

You don't do you?

Because you are just a fool

How much
How much longer
Do I have to love you like this?

This love that is like a fool
This love that is like a beggar

Would you love me?

That woman,
who loves you
is still next you and she is still crying

Sunday, October 16

I have always been there

she was in galau-mode (again)
and for me, her 'galau body language' is very funny
all I can do is 'support' cho2 ^^

story 01
I do not know what was happening

story 02
I have always been there

"the coolest best girl-friend"
omoo.. omoooooo....

Saturday, October 15

bad mouth

and the babo is ....

I should learn how to arrange 'my words'
Every single word that come out from this mouth

statement, opinion, question, joke, idea, attention, affection, anger, sadness

It just a kind of self-defense
to protect my teritory, my green zone,
to protect me, myself

That's why sometimes I choose to keep in silent,
because I don't want to hurt anybody
or get hurt by somebody

Because there's love in there..

And the fact, both silent or not,
that's still hurting

And because there's love in there..

--- (sometimes) love is painful ---

Friday, October 14

what human want

... about human needs ...

This morning I listened to the radio and get some things..

What do WOMEN want?
Affection, Attention, Respect

What do MEN want?

--- I think, it's right ---

Thursday, October 13


... thank God ...

I stepped inside the house
and I saw their smile

It's a 'warm' welcome

--- a burden lifted again ---

Saturday, October 8

what if

... what if ...

what if there is a problem, and you don't know anything,
then the others blame you because of their fault ?

you still don't know what exactly the problem is
and you don't know how suppose to do
while you losing temper or you feeling sad
because of the 'first wave'

that's how I feel right now..
a week that full of silly problems or baka persons
choose whatever you like!!
that's all yours not mine, but I got the rest from you
anyway, thanks..

sorry to say,
do you ever know that I have a feeling too ?

--- just want to close my eyes ---

Thursday, October 6

my old destiny

... I have a feeling with them ...

I'm a fan of Gil Ra Im

just because of her style (cool)
and her hair-style

--- kyaaaaaaaaa ---

Tuesday, October 4

not responding

... everything became "not responding" ...

Start from my heart was not responding,
then my brain was not responding,
my hands were not responding,
my eyes were not responding.

Even my lappie was not responding too,
my Adobe Photoshop was not responding,
my IE Browser were not responding,
my Chrome Browser were not responding,
my Task Manager was not responding.

What's goin' on?!?!?!?!?!?
Time to sleep and should forget the day..


three people in the same situation..
And I can't help it all because I'm in O___o

--- upset is contagious ---

Monday, October 3


... ...

The best part of me
I understand your feelings

The worst part of me
I understand your feelings

--- ---

Sunday, October 2

brown eyed girls - you

... brown eyed girls - you ...

I love this song very much
and these are the reasons:

No 1
It has a nice beating in the intro (cedhung-cethak-lovers)

No 2
They sound like a naughty bit*hes, esp: Ga In, so crispy and crunchy, ha3
Her style is same like C.L - 2NE1

No 3
Title of the song: YOU
until now, I never find translation of their lyric
# it should be a great one >_< (hunting.. hunting.. and hunting....)

--- neoui nune mame mome neoui mome nune mame ---

Friday, September 30


I just want to read my post
10 days

and still dropping >_<

here they come again

... ready or not, here I am ...

I got new chance

It means,

I have a new 'game'
I'll be more focused
I should be more responsible

and I will 'miss' again

--- that's my burden ---

Wednesday, September 28

9 deadly words used by a women

... l o l ...

--- nothing ---

... I am jealous ...

After hearing some stories, behind the scene,
I can said that: I am jealous..
But this is the "positive" one, hahahaaa
I am jealous, because I can't be "that person"
* and this happens because of decision that I've taken

I've been predicting all of these risks, until I thought I'm ready
And I was wrong..

It's difficult for me, to being like this..
When should I go? Or when should I stop?

Mr.Regret always comes at the end of the story

I can only hope that my first hope will come true,
and all I did was not in vain..
Though sometimes I feel galau (anxious)

This is my description about galau
a moment where you know there is something that has happened,
you've tried to act or react, but you're not getting responses,
and all you can do is wait.. waited.. and waited....
until you're tired of waiting, and you try to forget it
and it all just missed,

--- ---

Tuesday, September 27


... ...

The best part of me
I love people easily..

The worst part of me
I love people easily..

--- ---

Thursday, September 22


... in my dream ...

Last night, I had a dream..
And it still clearly on my mind.

I met her (blush)
Even I realized that it just a dream,
however, I've enjoy that moment

--- hopefully, tonight I could meet again ---

Wednesday, September 21

here we come again

... groaaaaaaaaar ...

I didn't sleep last night
Today would be a zombie-day

#mamaaaaaa, this isn't a LIFE >_<

--- . . . . ---

Monday, September 19

s.h.e - ai lai guo (lyric)

ai lai guo
love came before

wo kan bu kai ye fang bu kai yin wei wo ceng jian guo ai qing zhen de sheng kai
I cannot accept or let go, because I have seen love blossom before
wo yao deng dai yi zhi deng dai deng na yi ge ye wan cong hui yi hui lai
I am waiting and will continue waiting until that night when love returns
dang ni yong bao zhe wo na yi shun jian wo xiang fei dao kong zhong
The moment you hugged me, I felt like I was floating in the air
er dang wo huan huan jiang luo wo bu zai shi wo wo you le meng wo zai meng zhong
And when I returned back to the ground, I wasn't me again, I have a dream, in my dream

# refrain
ai lai guo lai de na me mei na me xiong
Love came so violently and beautifully
huan hu zhe cong wo sheng ming hen hen nian guo
Calling me and drifting past me
lian yi han ye dou bu zheng qi de zhen xi cheng xiao rong
Even regrets cherish happiness
ai lai guo rang wo wan zheng guo xing fu guo
Love once made me whole and happy
zen me neng qing yi jiu fang ta zou wo bu xiang jie tuo wo zhi pa cuo guo
How can I let it go, I won't let go, I am afraid of missing it
wo jiu shi yao deng ni hui lai ai wo
I only wanna wait for you to come back and love me

ji mo xuan hua wo bu hei pa yin wei wo zhi ting de jian dui ni de qian guo
Loneliness is defeaning, but I am not afraid, because I only hear my pining for you
shi jie hen da hui rong de xia wo zhe xiao xiao sha sha wan gu de xin yang
The world is big, will it hold, this small, strong belief
ni you mei you guo cheng nuo wo yi wang le na yi bu zhong yao le
Whether you have promised, I have forgotten as it is not important
fan zheng wo dou hui shou hou zai meng zhong shou hou wo zui wei yi zui mei de meng
I will wait anyway in my dreams, my only beautiful dream

# back to refrain

ru guo xu yao dong yong qi ji lai jiao huan mei li
If I need such courage in exchange for memories
jiu rang lei zheng fa xia cheng xue hua
Let tears fall like snow
he wo yi qi zai ai zhong bei rong hua
And melt me together with love

Download song :: s.h.e - ai lai guo

Saturday, September 17

happily ever after

... September 17, 2011 ...

I hope, after this day, I got a brand new day ^^

Began with listening to familiar songs, favorite one
"Jerry Yan - OST Down With Love"
Then started to see its opening..
# dag dig dug
Ellaa.. Ellaaaa Chen is there.... unyuuu~~ unyuuuuuu~~~
# didn't expect to see her
I watched her drama with my glassy eyes for a while,
just because I want to see Ella, I was so excited >_<
# a lil thing, my lil thing called love

In the night, I came to "my brother"'s wedding
# I've considered him as my brother
Especially for Kho Willy & Ce Mega,
hopefully happily ever after
God Bless You

--- Regards, Luthung ---

absolutely nice

... wew ...

In just a few days, this ring must move quickly >_<
# bad luck, bad luck, bad luck..

Before I went to Bali, my messaging application got crash..
I didn't have any chance to save my data, or save them
# cih


That day has broken mine..
# I wanted to slam the mobile-phone
Every single night, my insomnia time, every time I miss ...
no one would accompany me
They just gone

I am very very sorry, dunno why it happened to me..
Had thought that it was the right time to delete 'them' from my life,
but I'm not ready
# HuH..

And today, Sept 17, 2011
It happened again..

# wae ~ ~ ~ nae ~ ~ ~ ga wae ~ ~ ~ irae..

I.. can't.. back.. to that time.. anymore....
# geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

--- ready or not, just GO AWAY ---

Friday, September 16

a year

... September 14 - My grandma's birthday ...

I should be happy on that moment
I tried to spend my time on that day,
but, it was quite busy..
I saw her in the next day

*we usually have a family gathering

So, I asked when is the gathering come..
They said, Sept 22.
And grandma said, it will be held on 22,
plus to commemorate the first year of her son

I heard it myself from my grandma, I felt chaotic..
The worst birthday gift,
and always make me sick when considering their sins..

--- they never change ---

Tuesday, September 13

i am a sagittarius

... I found this statement (again) ...

Never reject 3 people : Leo, Gemini and Aquarius
They are true, loyal and honest friends.

Never lose 3 people : Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn
They are the most sincere and true lovers.

Never leave 3 people : Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
They can keep secrets, friendship and they can see your tears.

And never believe in 3 people : Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces
They are the most selfish and mean.

I am a Sagittarius..
Like you said before, and you're right ^^
I can't be trust because I'm selfish or too mean to you

If you don't mind, you may leave us alone..
But the last thing you should believe,
it would be a great lost for you

--- thanks ---

Monday, September 12

second day

Tonight is the second day before I sleep in my room again
(#eh, it's suddenly morning again)

Yesterday, I still felt awkward being there
I can't slept well

I smell her body, hear her voice,
and imagine that she is there

What's wrong with this body?!?!?!
This is driving me crazy

Wednesday, September 7


... suddenly ...

I miss times when she said: "tengil.. "

I miss times when she said: "everyday is a holiday.. "
* my new motto *

I miss times when she said: "arek-arek.. "

I miss times when she said: "jadio kecil, biar ntar aq **** "

I think, this November we will meet again, and it a MUST..
I can't wait 'till those moment, xixixi..

--- I miss you ---

Tuesday, September 6

10 days

I was falling in love with her, within 10 days..
Only 10 days, just a moment
I would miss her very much

Today is our farewell..
Dunno why, this body seemed to resist for a farewell
* she read my statement (this), and she knew about my feeling.. *

I got fever and wasn't feeling well, I took a medicine to prevent others
* I should look 'great' on our last day

And when she said a farewell, she also said to me, "don't cry...."
* I tried to hold my tears
And when they've really gone, I came into the room alone
with reason to take a nap for a while
* I can't handle it anymore, I cried ToT

Until right now, while I'm writing this post..
I can't breath, and the tears keep dripping away TToTT

Oooh, for God's shake, I'm a crybaby >_<

Tuesday, August 30

unyu boy

unyuuu boy
who could sing: "cicak cicak ding ding ding"
(rofl) (lmao)

*people usually sing: "cicak cicak di dinding"

Monday, August 29

one rule

... is it still possible? ...

One rule in friendship
never make your friends feel lonely, 
disturb them as much as you can

.... .... ....

Saturday, August 27

Na Sang Sil's quote

we need to be fallen or pretend being fallen to reach our destiny..

Cho Anna a.k.a Na Sang Sil

I'm not "pretend" on it, and I called it as a "process"

Sunday, August 21


Friday morning,
I went to office, wore long sleeved shirt, plus a singlet inside. I didn't want to look formal, so I released 2 buttons above. Tried to be more relaxed, it just a style ^^
*some staff asked about that..

Saturday morning,
I had a dream. My person was angry about that style, she said: it doesn't fit to me..
*dunno why

And when I chose some outfit to office, the last result was the same style (again, eh)..
I quickly changed to something that usual one..

--- at least, she was there ---

Thursday, August 18


... stupidity oh human race ...

.... waiting ....
# sentrap-sentrup..
driver-1 :: klo agak pilek, AC nya ditutup aja, nenk
nenk :: lha wong saia (abis mangkel & nangis) kepanasen je
# sentrap-sentrup..
# uda target + rede bwat masuk angin
.... waiting ....
driver-1 :: mbak-nya pindah mobil aja
nenk :: (eh..)
# pindahan mobil
.... waiting ....
driver-2 :: bentar ya, mbak
nenk :: (eh....)
# batal sudah puasa ini

I froze for a while, then I started to think clearly..
In a moment, I thought that got sick is cool
<<< tet tooot, then I use my jacket
In a moment, I've made my parents worried about my stupid ego
<<< tet tooot, I should explain it wisely tonight
In a moment, I felt this was "end of the day" (not end of the world)
<<< tet tooot, stupidity of human race
In the end of my journey, I knew exactly that: anger is dangerous
<<< dink duuunk....

--- sorry, indo's only ---

Wednesday, August 17

oh yeaaah

... August 17, 2011 ...

mission :: "gembel the explorer"

--- to be continue ---

Sunday, August 14

he bin gong yuan

... he bin gong yuan ...

# dink dunk #
Selina is playing piano, like I "did"

# dink dunk dink dunk dink dunk #
I always love Ella ^^

# dink dunk #
There is a grassy park with beautiful scenery

# dink dunk #
The song has lots of parables that elusive

# tet tot #
I thought, this was a happy song..

# tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot #
a farewell song, nooooooooooooooo..
I am not ready for a farewell (now)

--- he bin gong yuan ---

Saturday, August 13

s.h.e - he bin gong yuan (lyric)

he bin gong yuan
riverside park

he bin gong yuan wo men jian bing jian
riverside park, we stand shoulder to shoulder
cao di luu de tai xian yan shuo bu chu kou na ju zai jian
green grass is too bright not say goodbye phrase
xiang yi bian chu lian de gan jue yi zou yuan
think again love the feeling of being far away
wo men dou kan jian jie ju zai gai bian
we have seen to change the outcome in

he bin gong yuan wo men jiang shou qian
riverside park, we will hand-pull
tai guo xing fu de xia tian bu gua he shuo na ju zai jian
too happy summer do not say the phrase for goodbye
ni de lian dao ying zai he an de shui mian
your face reflected in the river's water
wo cai fa xian ai yi bei ge qian (bu jian)
i found, love has been stranded but not

tang zhao kan lan tian ni zai wo you bian
lying down watching the blue sky you at my right hand
bu zai qu zheng bian shei dui shei kui qian
not to argue who is who owe

zai e luan shi bu dao de an bian ni di zhao tou chou yan
pebbles on the shore of the trail you head down smoker
zhi shi an jing de ting wo mai yuan bu zai pei zhao xiao lian
just listen to me complain quiet no *pei zhao xiao lian*
wo jiang wo zi ji fan suo zai fang jian che ye wei mian
i locked myself in the room stayed up all night
dang shou zhong de feng zheng yi jing dou duan le xian yue piao yue yuan
when the hands are off the line kite has more drift farther
wo bu zai hui tou qu jian na duan cong qian
i will not go back to pick up during that past
jie shou ni de bao qian
accept your sorry

Friday, August 12

lil' concerto

... about 6 hours ...

Sitting quietly in the office
# .... #

Facing with laptop seriously
# .... #

Typing + coding lively
# cethek cethek .. cethok cethok .. cethek cethok #
# cethek cethek .. cethok cethok .. cethek cethok #

PLUS, listening to musics using earphones
# nodding tapping beating #

especially S.H.E music
# smiling humming smiling (again) #

And the part I liked most,
when I was listening "he bing gong yuan"
my typing was like playing piano keys

I really enjoy it,
like a single concert
what a great momento

And at the end of office hours,
I completed the new features

--- never expected like this before, xoxoxo ---