Tuesday, September 20



1. Aq mengakui bahwa Allah itu: Mulia, Berkuasa, Baik
2. Aq mengakui bahwa aq lemah

Ketika kita tidak berdoa,
dan dlm kondisi baik:
1. Bukan krn kita kuat
2. Ada yg berdoa n mendoakan kita

Tetaplah berdoa n mendoakan yg lain

Sunday, August 28

Mazmur 112

Mazmur 112 : 1

Berbahagialah orang
yang takut akan TUHAN,
yang sangat suka kepada segala perintah-Nya.

Thursday, August 25

ada saatnya

Ada saat nya kita bersedih dan harus mencucurkan air mata,

Ada saat nya kita berbahagia dan membuat tertawa,

Ada saat nya kita tidak bisa berkata-kata,

Mungkin Tuhan sedang memberikan kelegaan bagi kita,, bersyukurlah

Monday, August 22

HTS Devils Match - Bravoo J Black Crew

#HitTheStage #DevilsMatch #JBlackCrew

Look at their expressions, rise of the Jombiiii, I got thrill from 00.01 😱

Great concept, nice costume n make up. And their DANCES, absolutely creepy

Awalnya nungguin Bora Sistar, kapincut ama Momo Twice, trus trus trus yg iniiiiii.
Hayuuuuuuk, EngSub mana EngSuuuub, jebaaaaaal

Thursday, August 18


Hey you, get off my cloud~
#CL #Lifted #CLLifted

Lucky you, had a comeback as an outsider.. Free from banned, xixixixiiii

ET-style, such a super catchy song ^^


"nyuk", "gampil", "jidatmu", "palelu", "matamu", "blekok",...
Somplak word that comes from DraKor, ekekekekek.. Epic subs, Broo~

Such a light and fresh storyline. Even some Ghosts are horror (dem, I can't watch them alone),, but simple-minded Kim So Hyun could brighter my day, gomawoo ^^

Here we go: "Hey Ghost, Let's Fight" aka "Bring It On, Ghost" aka "Let's Fight Ghost"
Castings: cool Taec Yeon & tengil Kim So Hyun

Watching this DraKor, remind me of you, Lil Angel #OMY

Sunday, July 17

goodbye, my love

8eight - Goodbye, My Love

Saturday, July 2

goodbye my love

Hello, have you been okay?
Is your face cute like before?
A bit of my late regards and our late parting, 
I put into writing..

* tears drop in the rain *

Sunday, June 19

touch my heart

Betapa ku mencintaiMu
Segala yang t’lah terjadi
Tak pernah sendiri jalani hidup ini
Selalu menyertai

Betapa ku menyadari 
Di dalam hidupku ini
Kau s’lalu memberi rancangan terbaik
Oleh karena kasih


Bapa, sentuh hatiku, ubah hidupku
Menjadi yang baru
Bagai, emas yang murni
Kau membentuk bejana hatiku

Bapa, ajarku mengerti sebuah kasih
Yang selalu memberi
Bagai, air mengalir
Yang tiada pernah berhenti.

A song that always bring me to tears~

Wednesday, June 15


Neerja Bhanot, 23rd yo

"Phuspa, I hate tears.. "

* tears *

Friday, June 10

riddle image

Don’t worry about me.
I just want you to disappear.
I resent God for making me see you.
But, I like you, I love you.

I just want you to disappear

Thursday, June 9

Peh Cun

Biasa nya klo Peh Cun begini,
nemuin 1 makhluk isenk yg pamer krn sakses berdiriin telor2 di siang bolonk, trus bangga ngemplokin bakcang n gag bagi2

#amissu #omy

Wednesday, June 1

exid - lie

koq begene..
* pura2 gag liak *

Exid - L.I.E

Wednesday, May 18

0518 - you and i

* same day *
Trying to collect memories,
and got thrill

Isn't it "Good Friday" for me?

Monday, April 18


Last night,
I was following these gals to do some perform together

Aaaaaand, they came to my dream, gomawoooooo~ made my day, made my day ^^

Looking them for far away, I just run and leaving anything behind, run and don't care others, run and get to closer with them, absolutely.. No need to think anymore, gyahahahahaaa

Poor me, only watching practice mode.. Poor me, can't interact with SoYou.. Bless me, I did convos with Bora :p

So, bravely I asked: what do they want to eat (food and beverage for culinary). Bora want some Bakwans, esp Bakwan Jagung because of the sweet :v

Maybe, she is a collector of invoice, since she want Invoice Billing too, xixixixixi.. Or maybe I misheard Beans to Billing *kukur-kukur*

A big question mark is coming,, why did we talk in English automatically, kekekekekeke

Once again,, this made my day #grin
I'll wait another opportunities, other visitations, esp from You

Yeap,, from You, chu~

Saturday, April 9

hello, goodbye

The flowing tears tell me   T___T
Good bye now, goodbye

Where should I shout now ?

Hyorin - Hello, Goodbye

Friday, April 8


Salah satu cara lepas dari mimpi buruk adalah ... bangun

Tapi kalau aku tak bisa bangun, mimpi buruk nya akan berlanjut.

Dan mimpi buruk jadi kenyataan yang lain. Kenyataan tersebut tidak akan pernah berakhir.


Wednesday, April 6

Deja Vu

Different context, same meaning..

krn bisa jadi ketika ada hal positif ttg dia, itu bener2 positif.. dan ak ndak mau melewatkan hal positif itu gara2 kita udah ada persepsi jelek dulu

A sign?


Tombo moto,
tombo loro,
tombo ati..


Wednesday, March 30

6 years

I'm okay, I don't understand all that has escaped my memory
When we turn back and find the old times again
Friends again
I'm sorry I didn't say I loved you
But in a moment, I would say I liked you
I did love you
I was happy, just like in a dream
We were happy in those times

I was your friend for 5 years
For a moment in a year I lived as your woman
It couldn't be
If I was carefree, I could do that 
I really was the same foolish idiot
I'd even say everything
Because I don't know much about my heart
I want to be beside you like this
Because of my spirit

Once again I meet you
I want to say I love you but I can't
I know, if that doesn't happen

I love you, I love you
Why am I sometimes greedy?

I was your friend for 5 years
For a moment in a year I lived as your woman
It couldn't be
If I was carefree, I could do that 
I really was the same foolish idiot
I'd even say everything
Because I don't know much about my heart
I want to be beside you like this
Because of my spirit

I can't forget
Even for a moment
I was the woman beside you for a year

Because for my whole life I couldn't speak to you again
And now, if I loved you again it wouldn't work
Your tears are falling in my heart
This time, once more, I want to tell you
For one year, not for 6 years,
My heart always loved you.

Byul - 6 Years

Tuesday, March 22


Severely in March 2012,
and Severely in March 2016..

That means, I had responsible on it.. #DemIt

FT Island - Severely

Thursday, March 10


I walked like a zombie, I wandered soul-less-ly

Kim Jin Pyo (feat. LYn) - Walking Dead (좀비)

Thursday, March 3

a week.. every week..

Haru haru,
"Tell me that your love don't stop~"
I don't

Sistar - A Week

only one

Day by day..

Solji Hani - Only One

Wednesday, March 2

sweet n sorrow

- Jagalah pikiranmu, karena akan menjadi perkataanmu

- Jagalah perkataanmu karena akan menjadi perbuatanmu

- Jagalah perbuatanmu, karena akan menjadi kebiasaanmu

- Jagalah kebiasaanmu, karena akan membentuk karaktermu

- Jagalah karaktermu, karena akan membentuk nasibmu

Look what we've done..
You are (are) a bad starter, and I still do the last *tears*

Love n Hate, rite Dutz?
I'm absolutely love you so much

Tuesday, February 16

Heavenly Forgiveness


You know you really love someone, when you can't hate them for breaking your heart...

Yeap, like I said before
Me and You: L&H,
and I still missing you, Dutz T__T

Friday, February 12

potato head (2)

* first read *
"potato head"

* impossibru, she isn't at Bali *

* looking others pictures *

* reading comments *

Wanjeeeer, nie anak plesir ke Bali beneran.. Kagak tanggung2, jarak nya cuman (1 + 1.5) jem dari gue.. Bisa2 nya doi ke Potato Head, gue aje cuman bisa nulis di wishlist n blon pernah kesampean kesono T__T, so so so so lucky....

* imagining *
Orang Indo kagak ada yg bakal tau ato kenal ato aware, kecuali kemana2 dirubung rombongan body guard.. Klo seumpama jalan biasa (non dandan, non kostum), pasti uda mirip orang Korea kebanyakan (ya emang iyeeee).. Gue juga klo papasan pasti "pangling", pasti laaah~

* ID *
Signature nya doi cuman satu, Husky-voice.. Klo dia ngomong, njerit ato nyanyi, dalam radius gue, gue tau PASTI dan bakalan gue samperin. Tapiiiiii, dilemma nya 1 biji, mau ngoproool apaan, puciiiink-pala-berbiiiiii

Dilemma krn blom meluncur ke Bali, uda keduluan sama si Enenk *liyut-liyut*

potato head - bali

I left for a moment, and she was there *liyut-liyut-liyut-pengin-nyusul*

Bday time or mini project time???

Anyway, 생일 축하해.... 

You're lucky girl, I had a crush on that place, dudududuuuuh I never had been there before >,,,< 

* yeap, this figure could save me from the loneliness *

Wednesday, February 10


a song for you.. and for me right now

Feels like I'm drowning,
everytime I remember bout you~

Friday, February 5

a month


I didn't realize it, today..
It's been a month

Hello from the inside T___T
to both of you~

Gumiho is crying tonight,
and I instantly crying too..
Lots of sweet and sorrow things were splashing to my head

So, here is my fool-conclusion
We are still here, and struggling so much, and do responsible to continue,, continuing the good good ones

Just give me any chances, lets do this..

I miss yours

Sunday, January 31

Misspelling Magic

Usually, I read it with a big smile.. Simple silly moment that I have with you, chu~

You would say:
- nungu
- ngebug
- singging

Believe it or not, it is contagious, Dudul moment, duuuh..
Currently, I read:
- Denggung as Dengung
- Ngaglik as Nganglik

I didn't realize it before.. Dudut's impact: I can't differentiate "ng" and "ngg" now, especially in reading mode >,,,<

You really really really really colouring my life *tears*
Miss you so much, Lil Angel

Thursday, January 28


I got use to..

What am I now?

Saturday, January 23

2nd time

So, this morning is your 2nd time for coming to my dream..

Bless you for your tengil-smile,
thank you for your full appearance..
Glad to see you, Sis ^^

Anyway, is that really a sign for me?
Your surprising support on "that" kind of event.. I still don't have any clearness, but your coming way is so special, do you want me to do it???

Isn't too frontal, not my style actually, it's yours, xixixixi..
Just remember, please be my Angel >,,,<

Euy, I want to report this story..
Yesterday, I was planning to go to Jogja on Saturday, it was a fail.. But I did it.. Accidentally, I was on your radius again, and that made me thinking more about you.. Sweet sorrow, Nenk~
Later, I'll talk bout it T_T

Thursday, January 21

Officially Missing You

This is sad version of Officially Missing You,
usually I heard this song when raining-day
Right now, it become a habit~

Still, I really really mean it (every words on it)..
Let me collect every moments that I have (not had) with you, my #LilAngel

Jayesslee - Officially Missing You


Thanks for the co-bedding today..
Even it was only a dream >,,<

For the first time,
co-bedding with you in dream, chu~

Waiting for the next..

Wednesday, January 20


There you are..
I called you "dedex" from my very first time I knew you

#OMY #LilAngel

Sunday, January 17

Officially Missing You

It's been almost 3 years, I set this song as yours
* you've heard it before
and I really really mean it (every words on it)

Dear #LilAngel..
It was really hard for me to tell you this, Good bye~
Now I'm left alone tonight without you
I'm still, I'm officially missing you, Ing Yen

Geeks, So You - Officially Missing You, Too

Thursday, January 7

my lil moon

I've already lost my lil moon..
We didn't do revolution each other again

So, that's the Universe said to me, is that true?

Letter to God

I found Children's Adorable Letters to God, this one is hit me #FindingAnswers

2nd dream

05 n 06,
twice in a row, plus previously..

I taught, it was my second dream

- finding answers -

Wednesday, January 6

dear God

Dear God,

I slept earlier last night,
and I just hope: it was only a dream

It wasn't..

So please, take care my little sister there. Send angels to accompany her, so she could be a beautiful little angel..

If I could wish, send her as my angel to fulfill my job in this world, since I still have option in here

PF: I always love you, chu~

Tuesday, January 5

a goodbye

Dear my little sister,


Sorry for my bad T__T

Saturday, January 2


Both of them, ABs *kekekekeke*
That's way, the reason ^^

Friday, January 1


who am i?

who am i?

who am i?

who am i?

who am i?