Friday, May 30

CL (solo) - MTBD

Karma karma karma is looking for you
What u gonna do when they come for you
Karma karma karma is gonna find you
What u gonna do

*ba-ra-baaam #heart-beat
Finally, I found the-best-tone, Song Ga Yeon said "addicted".. Yeap, this song is an-addicted-song #woohoooo

This has been proven, when my phone rang then everyone glanced at me :v :v :v #memboong.. How it feels, guys? xixixixi #amaze

never ask why?
ask yourself WHY

Thursday, May 29


Masih blom puas too..

Di atas maen injak2, di bawah koq ya masih nusuk2
Masih blom puas?

Berlebih malah songong, kekurangan malah nyari perkara
Masih blom puas?

Gag ada perkara tp nyari2 gara2
Uda ada perkara tp maen adu domba
Masih blom puas?

Apa yg bisa kamu banggain lagi..
Masa lalu? Cerita dulu? Budi-mu? Kisah klasik~
Masih blom puas?

Apa yg kamu tuntut..
Tahu diri? Balas budi? Simpati? Kisah klasik~
Masih blom puas?

Lidah emang tak bertuan.. dan kamu pandai ber-silet lidah
Bangga !?!?

Ckckckck, sampai kapan ???


RIP Maya Angelou



Wednesday, May 28


*everytime I open twitter, I get that that that kind of message :v

Monday, May 26


Friday, May 23

Grey's Anatomy - Season 06

01. Good Mourning
02. Goodbye
03. I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me
04. Tainted Obligation
05. Invasion
06. I Saw What I Saw
07. Give Peace a Chance
08. Invest in Love
09. New History
10. Holidaze
11. Blink
12. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
13. State of Love and Trust
14. Valentine's Day Massacre
15. The Time Warp
16. Perfect Little Accident
17. Push
18. Suicide is Painless
19. Sympathy for the Parents
20. Hook, Line and Sinner
21. How Insensitive
22. Shiny Happy People
23. Sanctuary
24. Death and All His Friends

I could watch 3-seasons-in-a-row #woohoooo, in 5 months.. ekekekek :v
Thanks to Shonda (until this season)

We got:
MerDer + CristinaOwen + TorresArizona (the best) + MarcLexieKarev (trio)
journey love of Torres #unpredictable
Grace Seattle H. VS Mercy West H., lot's of new people here
Aaaand, the-blue-eyes Jackie was comiiiiiin


Grey's Anatomy - Season 05

01. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Part 1)
02. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Part 2)
03. Here Comes the Flood
04. Brave New World
05. There's No 'I' in Team
06. Life During Wartime
07. Rise Up
08. These Ties That Bind
09. In the Midnight Hour
10. All By Myself
11. Wish You Were Here
12. Sympathy for the Devil
13. Stairway to Heaven
14. Beat Your Heart Out
15. Before and After
16. An Honest Mistake
17. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
18. Stand By Me
19. Elevator Love Letter
20. Sweet Surrender
21. No Good at Saying Sorry << nice title ^^
22. What a Difference a Day Makes
23. Here's to Future Days
24. Now or Never << never for my case

#wooooogh, I really enjoy this show ^^

Grey's Anatomy - Season 04

01. A Change Is Gonna Come
02. Love / Addiction
03. Let the Truth Sting
04. The Heart of the Matter
05. Haunt You Every Day
06. Kung Fu Fighting
07. Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction
08. Forever Young
09. Crash Into Me (Part 1)
10. Crash Into Me (Part 2)
11. Lay Your Hands on Me
12. Where the Wild Things Are
13. Piece of My Heart
14. The Becoming
15. Losing My Mind
16. Freedom (Part 1)
17. Freedom (Part 2)

#next: Go Go Go ...


*another thrill :v

God bless you, guys.. no-bore-dom for yaaa~

Thursday, May 22

jm: 140522

I chose to do nothing because of my-term-and-condition
Hell yeah, I'm cruel.. really cruel #sigh

But remember,
I did this because with no reasons
*super pait yaaak..

If I choose to be cruel, that's natural..
"You did that, so do I",, as simple like that, but I know it is still cruel
*that's why, I ever said that I'm "fool"

If I choose to be a good one,
well I'm not angel-ly enough, limitation has its limit

Aaaaaand nobody is perfect, that would be our powerful statement for clearing our sins

do I do nothing? #NOPE
that's only a temporary answer, not the real one

Wednesday, May 21


I did that, I usually do that..

And 100%, I guarantee.. not-vise-versa
*sh1t happen everywhere, ekekekekej

Saturday, May 17

new style

What are you looking at, he?
*I didn't know, where she learned those-style-of-sleeping #gedeg

Thursday, May 15

causal effect

So, this is a-lil-story, that reminded me of something #gulp

I started to watch new reality show, Roommates..
Because Park Boom's there
And then I remembered her song #yippie
My mind is humming auto-pilot-ly #yahoo

I opened my Insta *just checking
And found this statement #jegleeer

Creepy-causal-effect-happened, when the-stupid-final-decision was connecting >,,,,,<

Wednesday, May 14

there's no time for looking back
~ greys


Ladies and gentlemen,
This is the best life~style I've seen currently #grin
2PM's Woo Young...
His hairstyle,,, PERFECTOOO!!! #ngiler
Really really aaawwwwwwwwwsome :v

Monday, May 12

I think,
I started to fall in love with coffee (again) #kyaaaaaa

I hope, I could hold my heartbeat..

Anyway, coffee it's really delicious ^^
That's why, I'm capucinno :v

Coffee + Chocolate: preparation for battle-field (not sleep)

In the same milestone before,
I did it.. and I found that RM was interesting, bless me #yahoo

Sunday, May 11


that songs..
wakakakakakak, speechless-for-a-while :v

Friday, May 9

Gwen Stacy's speech

I know that we all think we're immortal,
we're supposed to feel that way,
we're graduating..

The future is and should be bright,
but, like our brief four years in high school,
what makes life valuable is that it doesn't last forever,
what makes it precious is that it ends.

I know that now more than ever.

And I say it today of all days to remind us that time is LUCK.

So don't waste it living SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE,
make YOURS count for something.

FIGHT for what matters to you,
no matter what.

Because even if you fall short,
what better way is there to live?

* poor-Gwen-with-rich-speech #speechless

Saturday, May 3


That means, we should to change
*as simple like that
*as hard to do

Friday, May 2


Hello there..
If I have a chance to ask a question, I'll ask
Soooo, which one of you?

grief (2)

I just remembered,
after I was re-watching some scene
First, from You Who Came from the Stars, and the second and third are Grey's Anatomy itself
Lots of grief there, such a-long-journey-to-end-season-5, fiuuuh..
Anyway, Cricket still there in the beginning of season 6, yeeeiy-for-a-while

Thursday, May 1


I heard this statement, 3-times, and slowly it makes me realize that ...

First, from You Who Came from the Stars, then Heroes (still doubt on it), and the last was Grey's Anatomy (recently)

There are 5 ways to GRIEF:

I did it, I really DID that..
And if I could do a-thing-like-this, that meant I'm in number 5th

Good luck for you ^^