Thursday, December 31

SY :: 85

*dink dunk*

Saturday, December 19

stalk mode on

It just a cloudy day, since early morning. Seems like a lazy day for a normal Hooman.

Since it is Saturday, let us make it to a brighter day, chu~

4 IGs are enough, Summer Time then, xixixixi...

Friday, December 18

Hyolyn, Bumkey, Joo Young - love line

#151218 unlocked #LoveLine

Blon nyanthol di kuping,
but Hyo Hip Hop still the best ^^

Hyolyn, Bumkey, Joo Young - love line

Thursday, December 17

exid - hot pink (practice)

Hahahaaa, I was late to realize that this song is a catchy song
*dulu gegara 360 effect ini*
No doubt, Exid always stick to the same genre ^^

Bravo, I like the way you thinking~
I didn't learn the lyric before, since I didn't know what's the meaning of Hot Pink

Buuuuuut, look at their dance.. 
Smooth gesture, and it's perfect-sexy-cool-motion
Blank Hani isn't too blank here :v
LE's voice sounds like Jimin, ohyeaaah...

Exid - Hot Pink (Practice)

Wednesday, December 16

SY :: 80

She's back *mrebes mili*
Smells like a summer then ^^


Sistar - Naughty Hands

Continuing my last post,
this is Naughty Hands ^^

One of the best of Sistar..
Well, this song looks like a convos or dialog, so it comes so natural. Of course with simple lyric (not deep one), without sexy dance :p, plus a cute gesture, just enjoy their perform~

Ah, no Verbal Jint here, go Joo Heon :v

Sistar - Naughty Hands

Tuesday, December 15

naughty girl

*too bored to do a thing*
Then, found this girls

ncen naughty girl teniiiiiin...
So happy, when our bias could brightening our day

(tumben ada Bora nemplok disini :p)

*singing Naughty Hand*

hyolyn - turnaround

Actually, I'm not a jazzy-lover..
So, this song isn't my type,, aniyaaaiaiaiaaa~

Hip Hop Hyo still the best :v
* unlocked 1 song
* still wait LoveLine for the next

Hyolyn - Turnaround

Monday, December 14

it doesn't matter

Gwenchana, gwenchanaaa~
It doesn't matter, Sis

Sunday, December 13

it was a drama

Yes, it was a drama..
Since, we only met in front of the lift, in the middle of queuing

If I tried to use escalator,
it would be tragedy

If I late a few second later,
it would be tragedy too

Oh sh!t, I was very mad last night..
I just slept outside early, didn't care anything

Hope today would be better,
I'll coming early (not for a drama)

Saturday, December 12


Just give me your try

Monday, December 7


What is your frequency right now?
56k :v

Sunday, December 6


God bless you, SY..
Finally, could catch your voice even for the very first time ^^

Starship Planet - Softly

Exactly, like the title itself
SY's voice === sareureureureu

selfish girl

One Way Love (unfortunately)

Saturday, December 5


Anyoooooong, ladies..
So you (SY) was giving an early sign to my dream today,
then you're coming up, huehehehehe

Gwenchana.. gwenchanaaa~
I always supporting you ^^

Only 3-8 sec,
and nice to see your smile

Hope that tomorrow you could go to Spore, I'll stalk lively *muach*

weird dream

So, i had a weird dream today..
Checked up her last IG n saw number 79, 81, or anything else
*that meant a super late for me*

Right now, it's still 78..
*phew* such a dream :p
Anyway, I really miss SY >,,,<

Some people said, there's SY voice in Starship Planet - Softly
Let's hunt !! *smangat45*

LoA :: toxic

Thursday, December 3

hyolyn - don't love me

Every time I hear this song, * teary *
Yes, it's #eleneij song T______T

Actually, I don't wanna post about this song.. 
But, I could sing it freely and steadily in my dream
So, here it is: don't love me, I swallow it alone

Hyolyn - Don't Love Me

Tuesday, December 1



L & H

Those who can't hate intensely
can't love deeply
- Paul Tournier

* horror juga *

Since love and hate usually need the same energy,, need to exercise our minds to take captive them all for Christ..


Saturday, November 28

SoRin :: chibi vs reality

Here they are..
It's a beautiful day to make a good day ^^

"wes gerang kaplok ijek koyo cah cilik"
is better..
We make a good connection to each other, so both could have a chance to take a lead, relationship's goal

You don't own for yourself,
the others are yours too
* big responsible *

Polah 2 arek ini: Soooo Q

So, what should I sing right now?
"Lead on Me" na na na naaa~
"Lean on Me" gidaeryoooo~

Thursday, November 26


For the very first time,
I was checking my weight, after my program

58, wuuuuuuuuut!!
#unbearable #ngekek

Let's try another machine then..
* to make sure,
* and use it as a standard *

Today, I was adding 2 portion set
Just in case, if 58 is real

Plus, searching lots of hyper song #fighting

Iniiiiiih konstipasi,, gegara Misol balek 1 minggu, dampak nya nyempil di gueeeh T___T
Misol puasa pagi, Gue puasa malem, tapi dipaksa nemenin foya2 malem hari #ngeles #beneranlesini

Wednesday, November 25

hyo :: eleneij


So selfish love,
I'm so selfish girl yeaaah~

*being neutral*
So, gue ajaaah biar mengena

Sunday, November 22

K.Will - Ojoooooooooooooooo

Catchy song: Yes
Dasomie: sippooo, eh yeppoooo..
Seo In Guk: okay (not a big fan)
Ahn Jae Hyun: hmmmm, I ever seen you before

Some people said, "K.Will - Please Don't" have a good story-line (MV), so I'm so curious.. 
Yeaaap, from the first time, it has a good basic, love triangle, eeewwww~~

"dunno why", this song drag me to the end of the story

It's a trap!! Mayday, maydaaaay.. It's a traaaap....
Believe it or not, just watch for yourself :v

K.Will - Please Don't

In the end, 
I just want to scream: "Ojoooooooooooooooo...."
*read: Please Don't

yubin on marie clarie

*ngincer atok nya*

Saturday, November 21


Milla's comeback, yuhuuuuuw..
And the old Mr. Pierce Brosnan (unfortunately, he looks really old)

For a movie that makes a very pointed display in a title card at the end of the film to pay tribute to the fact that law enforcement has reportedly stopped 53 terrorist plots in New York City alone after 9/11, given how they are portrayed here, it seems a miracle the authorities know how to tie their shoelaces.

Rating: 7/10
*8/10 because Milla was there.. 

Friday, November 20

your body is an ocean

My body is a wonderland :p

And, "Touch My Body" is a perfect theme too :v

Imagine these..
Mon - Wed: did exercises
Thu: skipped exercise, since there was a meeting
Fri: (morning) my body was remek, ekekekekek

It's a lifestyle, an addictive one..
How could that happened? #mazic

i swear

For me, "swear" or "promise" is a taboo word..
Since no update at all, lets become mad :v

yaksokhae = yes okay (read)

Sistar - I Swear

Tuesday, November 17

quiter : more hear

* silent is gold *


* silent is karma :v *

Monday, November 16


This is Monday morning..
And this maknae, did wrong thing
She ate Snow Crab legs in the early week T___T

I can't do that now T___T
* cruel cruel cruel *
Oh Dasomieeee~~~

Anyway, do you know: how much Snow Crab is?
It sounds more than 400, puhahahahaaa
I should taste it with some crazy people #BucketList

Sunday, November 15

upr :: drama

Hahahahaaaa, I loph (watching) drama so much..

Next :: UPR2.06


I'm sick of the puz~


Full version of "white"
SY + Hyo

* gag kedep *

Saturday, November 14



Friday, November 13


"Tears is an infectious disease"

NO, it's a contagious.. In happiness or sadness..

* if only * thou have pure heart

Thursday, November 12


*finding mood booster*
Yesterday, full of load, even I didn't care 'bout me myself #horror

Being fully responsible is easy case, but when everything need to be done in one day.. Phew, it sucking soul :v

So,, watching Sistar - Give it to Me (practice dance)
I never watch in a single frame (live perform), until I saw this moment..
Puhahahahaaa,, that's our girl #grin
* mlengkang nya pedhe bingitz

Anyway, today I MUST download her Hot Body video,, preparing for next schedule *fighting*

Wednesday, November 11

this winter

Andwaeeee~~~ I beg it, please..
Don't ruin the cute and sexy image
*even I prefer to choose sexy one O__o

They were trying to rap, errrrrr not a good choice

Ballad IYEZZZ, Rap a BIG NOOO !!

Sistar - This Winter (start 07:00)

151121 - AoN

YG said: Who's next?

And there was indicate for 2NE1's comeback..
CL said: All or Nothing
And Bom went publicly

Dan saya sudah pindah ke laen hati, dududuuuh.. Sedih pisan

Tuesday, November 10

hz - squat

- Me, Myself and I -

Ay boy I’m a hot chick baby
나는 Club에 가면 반칙 Baby
처음 봐? 이런 몸매

나는 Keith Ape처럼
Squat Squat Squat 매일 해

Hz said squat..
* gue squat

Hz rapped squat..
* gue squat

Hz sang squat..
* gue squat

Gue squat 3x,
the next morning: my thighs were 'pothok' or 'pothel' and maybe 'roncot' *ngekek*

Each time, for the very first time style, this body always try to fight back, esp the aerobic ones.. They cut your breath instantly *lap kringet*

Don't worry, I love this so much..
Since the Universe drag me to "squat" too, are we close enough?

Monday, November 9

upr :: heize 2

Do you ever see a person who looks like Heize?

(yes) We connected each other..
Your eyes have a good view like mine, we synced :v

* kucek * kucek * kukur * kukur *
Even me myself, couldn't believe it..
This brain totally fooled, it's a trap!!

Anyway, I enjoy this moment so much,
It's a pleasure nowadays ^^

Sunday, November 8


Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to me

* krn ada yg kepingin ultah *

Anyway, you're the best present that I have #precious

This hooman loph u so much..

upr :: bonus

* 5 more eps to go..

Following Hyo,
get Jackpot: You

* ngebuuuuuut nonton *

ga :: rainbow

There's always a storm before the rainbow..

Stay cool, stay calm, just be there..

Saturday, November 7

andwae andwae

Last night,
I was watching her to be exclude
* and SuA too *

Then, saw her IG..
* something went wrong *

Today, upcoming news..
Brave yourself, antis is coming
* sadisnya dunia sebelah *

upr :: heize

I'm watching not because of You

I just want to follow Hyo,
that excluded for the very first time, dudududuuuuh T___T
*I told so, Hyo is vocal.. #sedeh

And the next (eps 02), camera always focus on this girl
(probably) I was focusing this girl too..
*something attracted me or what

10 minutes later, my brain (or heart) rang "dink donk denk"
Heize is You!!! She looks alike You!! #MTBD

* kukur * kukur * kucek * kucek *

- smoga mata ini salah liak
- paused
- closed youtube
- time to sleep
- I dun't want to dream 'bout it
- let's skip this day
- oups, this is a new beginning day
- sigh sigh sigh
- ini bukan salah Heize
- salah nya You
- titik

Friday, November 6


a cup of coffee before workout === roncot

Wednesday, November 4

hit n bite

Playing hit and bite with Chocow
*just accompanying her*

And accidentally, she bite exact in the wrong place (lots of neurons there)

Rasanya mules n ngieng2 sampe skarang euuuy..
It's broken my heart, my mood, blaaaaaah

Napeunjaaaaaaaaaa.... T___T

Tuesday, November 3

upr :: jimin - puss

Unpretty Rapstar with Pretty Rapstar *diss diss diss*
Poor the other contestants, Poor Hyo >,,,<

[OOT] Hyo shouldn't be here, Bora should..
since Hyo have beautiful voice as main vocal

Back to Jimin's perfom, haiyaaaaaah lots of pip-piip-piiiip..
So, do you still believe in natural-auto-tune? I do, wkwkwkwk
How come, people could create those kind of voices? @__@
Then, don't underestimate rapper !!

Jimin feat Iron - Puss


Same like previous posting..

* when Giraffe was calling his Hyung *

Errrr, actually I don't like it..
But, since the subject is different,,
it cracked my laugh :v

Sas-Sis-Sas-Sis, kek lapak centhil sebelah ajaaah :p

Monday, November 2

epic joke

Do you ever have the same convos like this?

An epic joke from chingu, esp for us ^^
It would crack more laugh :v

Someday, Ceced did this for me..
And that was good
* die pikir gue bakulan apeee *


Goodbye goodbye goodbye ....

Hong Dae Kwang ft So You - Good Bye

Sunday, November 1

151101 :: finally

Hueheheheheee, finally..
For the very first time, we're connected :v

It was only less than 30 minutes, we're met..
I only think about, You~~~ *loving u*

The next mission, should be more easy

Saturday, October 31


It's been more than a week I didn't watch this clip (video),, #kangen

* nonton clip sebelon bertugas lagi *

Friday, October 30

I woof U

You know that means, arasoo?
That's the way I woof U

Kissing U nowadays, smells like a milk or a cow * ngucek2 idung *

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

drip drip drip

I guess I only have you,
I guess that’s how it is
I only think of you alone
When I see good things
and go to good places
It reminds me of you

* mbrambangi *

Thursday, October 29

ypki :: 151029 - meeting

Meeting, and meeting, and meeting..

* take a break, go out a while, breath calmly *

Then stalking, puhahahahahaa :v

Wednesday, October 28

UPR2 :: Yubin vs Hyorin

Yubin vs Hyorin

So, who was mad there? Which one got the big diss there :v
Eonni get angry, since "Sistar" be carried (SY too T___T)
Aaand Baaaam, she was smiling there *mock-mock-mock*

I think, Hyorin is the winner
Based on their last appearance (attitude, look, face, features, gestures)

5 levels of fear

Recently, I got all of fears on Level 5
* bakeroo * ngenez *

That's super-combo :v

good morning, fellaz

* masih gelintingan *

Monday, October 26


#150701 #151206 #Sistar #Skechers #FanMeeting

duduk - diem - stalking doankl

disini saya merasa sedih

* baru kali ini demen beginian *

Sunday, October 25

nhk :: the professionals - greengrocer

1. No losers, only winners
2. Always play offense
3. Always protect the farmers
4. No regard for taste
5. Am I going to profit by selling a junk
6. How much do I know about vegetables
7. Take the lead
8. Be more than just a greengrocer

What IS a professional?

- Sugimoto -

Saturday, October 24

my mom is so cool

* this morning *

Lee: Mbok, I'll show u something..
* show this picture *
Lee: Do u know her? Who is she???
Simbok: She's the one with the white before, right?
Lee: Woaaaaaah, that's right.... U knew it, she's so cool right?

Aaaand Simbok is so cool too, xixixixi..
She really really really knew her daughter, jinjjaaaa~~~
Proud to be yours, #terharu

Recently, I only show off like a puzzle to Simbok..
First, a picture - the white one - that inspired me so much #grin - I said, "I wanna be like that" - so here I am.
Then, I always playing Sistar's song - humming - singing - dancing maybe, puhahahahaaa.
Next, I was playing Pillow special clip, it just a simple one, 3 singers on a nice bedroom, of course SY's outfit is the focus here #noted (I copycat it directly, just wait a perfect moment until I could wear that freely).
Sometimes, I was sharing SY's "once a meal a day", and discussed it with Simbok n Babe, for a comparison, just in case, just in case, just in case, and just in case #horrormodeon >,,,<
Almost everyday, I use Sistar's song (Shake It, I Swear, Touch My Body, Give It To Me) as BGM during my exercise, high rhythm to rise beat, a mood booster actually ^^
And last (today, not least),, this bonus picture for guessing, lalalalalala~

Proud to be yours T___T
* did I say that again? *
* akhirnya bisa nemuin orang yg tau hati ini kemana, bukan krn "upil" aja :v *

Life is good, esp when you surrounded by people that you loved, gomawooo~


Blesses Hyo that has same religion with us. At least, we have strong mission here, ^^

* denger2 "I Swear" ntu religion song,, tambah sedep dooonk

Friday, October 23

but i love you

But I hate you~~~

* semangat 45 klo nyanyi lagu ini, menghayati bingitz *

typo - upil

I was typing, and it was wrong..
But we have a same thinking, telepathy maybe :v

"up" to "upil"

Shame and epic, puhahahahaaa..
Nice joke in the early day, #TGIF

I have lots of jobs n orders since early morning, but I could do that happily
Thanks, Braaat.. You've made my bright day ^^