Friday, September 30


I just want to read my post
10 days

and still dropping >_<

here they come again

... ready or not, here I am ...

I got new chance

It means,

I have a new 'game'
I'll be more focused
I should be more responsible

and I will 'miss' again

--- that's my burden ---

Wednesday, September 28

9 deadly words used by a women

... l o l ...

--- nothing ---

... I am jealous ...

After hearing some stories, behind the scene,
I can said that: I am jealous..
But this is the "positive" one, hahahaaa
I am jealous, because I can't be "that person"
* and this happens because of decision that I've taken

I've been predicting all of these risks, until I thought I'm ready
And I was wrong..

It's difficult for me, to being like this..
When should I go? Or when should I stop?

Mr.Regret always comes at the end of the story

I can only hope that my first hope will come true,
and all I did was not in vain..
Though sometimes I feel galau (anxious)

This is my description about galau
a moment where you know there is something that has happened,
you've tried to act or react, but you're not getting responses,
and all you can do is wait.. waited.. and waited....
until you're tired of waiting, and you try to forget it
and it all just missed,

--- ---

Tuesday, September 27


... ...

The best part of me
I love people easily..

The worst part of me
I love people easily..

--- ---

Thursday, September 22


... in my dream ...

Last night, I had a dream..
And it still clearly on my mind.

I met her (blush)
Even I realized that it just a dream,
however, I've enjoy that moment

--- hopefully, tonight I could meet again ---

Wednesday, September 21

here we come again

... groaaaaaaaaar ...

I didn't sleep last night
Today would be a zombie-day

#mamaaaaaa, this isn't a LIFE >_<

--- . . . . ---

Monday, September 19

s.h.e - ai lai guo (lyric)

ai lai guo
love came before

wo kan bu kai ye fang bu kai yin wei wo ceng jian guo ai qing zhen de sheng kai
I cannot accept or let go, because I have seen love blossom before
wo yao deng dai yi zhi deng dai deng na yi ge ye wan cong hui yi hui lai
I am waiting and will continue waiting until that night when love returns
dang ni yong bao zhe wo na yi shun jian wo xiang fei dao kong zhong
The moment you hugged me, I felt like I was floating in the air
er dang wo huan huan jiang luo wo bu zai shi wo wo you le meng wo zai meng zhong
And when I returned back to the ground, I wasn't me again, I have a dream, in my dream

# refrain
ai lai guo lai de na me mei na me xiong
Love came so violently and beautifully
huan hu zhe cong wo sheng ming hen hen nian guo
Calling me and drifting past me
lian yi han ye dou bu zheng qi de zhen xi cheng xiao rong
Even regrets cherish happiness
ai lai guo rang wo wan zheng guo xing fu guo
Love once made me whole and happy
zen me neng qing yi jiu fang ta zou wo bu xiang jie tuo wo zhi pa cuo guo
How can I let it go, I won't let go, I am afraid of missing it
wo jiu shi yao deng ni hui lai ai wo
I only wanna wait for you to come back and love me

ji mo xuan hua wo bu hei pa yin wei wo zhi ting de jian dui ni de qian guo
Loneliness is defeaning, but I am not afraid, because I only hear my pining for you
shi jie hen da hui rong de xia wo zhe xiao xiao sha sha wan gu de xin yang
The world is big, will it hold, this small, strong belief
ni you mei you guo cheng nuo wo yi wang le na yi bu zhong yao le
Whether you have promised, I have forgotten as it is not important
fan zheng wo dou hui shou hou zai meng zhong shou hou wo zui wei yi zui mei de meng
I will wait anyway in my dreams, my only beautiful dream

# back to refrain

ru guo xu yao dong yong qi ji lai jiao huan mei li
If I need such courage in exchange for memories
jiu rang lei zheng fa xia cheng xue hua
Let tears fall like snow
he wo yi qi zai ai zhong bei rong hua
And melt me together with love

Download song :: s.h.e - ai lai guo

Saturday, September 17

happily ever after

... September 17, 2011 ...

I hope, after this day, I got a brand new day ^^

Began with listening to familiar songs, favorite one
"Jerry Yan - OST Down With Love"
Then started to see its opening..
# dag dig dug
Ellaa.. Ellaaaa Chen is there.... unyuuu~~ unyuuuuuu~~~
# didn't expect to see her
I watched her drama with my glassy eyes for a while,
just because I want to see Ella, I was so excited >_<
# a lil thing, my lil thing called love

In the night, I came to "my brother"'s wedding
# I've considered him as my brother
Especially for Kho Willy & Ce Mega,
hopefully happily ever after
God Bless You

--- Regards, Luthung ---

absolutely nice

... wew ...

In just a few days, this ring must move quickly >_<
# bad luck, bad luck, bad luck..

Before I went to Bali, my messaging application got crash..
I didn't have any chance to save my data, or save them
# cih


That day has broken mine..
# I wanted to slam the mobile-phone
Every single night, my insomnia time, every time I miss ...
no one would accompany me
They just gone

I am very very sorry, dunno why it happened to me..
Had thought that it was the right time to delete 'them' from my life,
but I'm not ready
# HuH..

And today, Sept 17, 2011
It happened again..

# wae ~ ~ ~ nae ~ ~ ~ ga wae ~ ~ ~ irae..

I.. can't.. back.. to that time.. anymore....
# geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

--- ready or not, just GO AWAY ---

Friday, September 16

a year

... September 14 - My grandma's birthday ...

I should be happy on that moment
I tried to spend my time on that day,
but, it was quite busy..
I saw her in the next day

*we usually have a family gathering

So, I asked when is the gathering come..
They said, Sept 22.
And grandma said, it will be held on 22,
plus to commemorate the first year of her son

I heard it myself from my grandma, I felt chaotic..
The worst birthday gift,
and always make me sick when considering their sins..

--- they never change ---

Tuesday, September 13

i am a sagittarius

... I found this statement (again) ...

Never reject 3 people : Leo, Gemini and Aquarius
They are true, loyal and honest friends.

Never lose 3 people : Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn
They are the most sincere and true lovers.

Never leave 3 people : Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
They can keep secrets, friendship and they can see your tears.

And never believe in 3 people : Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces
They are the most selfish and mean.

I am a Sagittarius..
Like you said before, and you're right ^^
I can't be trust because I'm selfish or too mean to you

If you don't mind, you may leave us alone..
But the last thing you should believe,
it would be a great lost for you

--- thanks ---

Monday, September 12

second day

Tonight is the second day before I sleep in my room again
(#eh, it's suddenly morning again)

Yesterday, I still felt awkward being there
I can't slept well

I smell her body, hear her voice,
and imagine that she is there

What's wrong with this body?!?!?!
This is driving me crazy

Wednesday, September 7


... suddenly ...

I miss times when she said: "tengil.. "

I miss times when she said: "everyday is a holiday.. "
* my new motto *

I miss times when she said: "arek-arek.. "

I miss times when she said: "jadio kecil, biar ntar aq **** "

I think, this November we will meet again, and it a MUST..
I can't wait 'till those moment, xixixi..

--- I miss you ---

Tuesday, September 6

10 days

I was falling in love with her, within 10 days..
Only 10 days, just a moment
I would miss her very much

Today is our farewell..
Dunno why, this body seemed to resist for a farewell
* she read my statement (this), and she knew about my feeling.. *

I got fever and wasn't feeling well, I took a medicine to prevent others
* I should look 'great' on our last day

And when she said a farewell, she also said to me, "don't cry...."
* I tried to hold my tears
And when they've really gone, I came into the room alone
with reason to take a nap for a while
* I can't handle it anymore, I cried ToT

Until right now, while I'm writing this post..
I can't breath, and the tears keep dripping away TToTT

Oooh, for God's shake, I'm a crybaby >_<