Tuesday, December 23

here it comes

Here it comes..
Here it comes....
Here it comes......

The time when I really lost it,
and I didn't know where exactly I lost it..

*sh!t happened to me


*at church

Ouuuups, I lost my card *deeeeeeenk

It should be at office.. or shop.. or home..
My last hope, it should be there.. should be.. SHOULD BE !!


previously on Mother's Day

I didn't know, when exactly Mother Day is..
I only hear that from a radio

So, I did what I need to do
*perfect timing to plan

And then I asked 'bout her feeling
"utk saat ini (sampe akhir taon), Aku ayeeem.."

Waaaaaah, what a pleasure.. Glad to know it ^^
Happy Simbok's Day *kecup2

Sunday, December 21

cold eyes 2013

Until now, I still didn't understand, what is the meaning of "cold eyes"
*maybe the criminal had it
*or the main actress did
*not sure 'bout it

Anyway, I like Miss Han Hyo Joo here..
Look at her, she has charm, somehow she looks like Chae Rim (esp her eyes) ^^
And of course, she's so cool~~ #amaze (boyish too)

Dink donk denk, let's talk about the story
If you think you're:
- smart or genius
- love phsycology
- detective-minded
- november man or woman :v
This is a RECOMMENDED movie for you

Saturday, December 20

the terror live 2013

*look like a Phone Booth
Only took one place, can you imagine that.. only a single place, no replacement #mangap


I-yish-ma-McDreamy >,,,<

Tuesday, December 16

it makes sense

People ... be there forever, AREN'T
People you never imagined ... , YOUR CLOSEST FRIEND

It make sense now #grin

Absolutely, how many times I should say like that #babboocheorom

But, that's the fact..
Thanks to my new-comers, we would make a good memories, I'LL DO !!!

Yesterday, when we did Gladi, I met Jeffri (I heard his name more than one)..
And when we met each other, he said "I know her, she's my senior", I said "So do I"
*I never expect or want to know well that guy, since I had a bad-opinion before

Hahahaaaa, that's universe do to us XD
Next, we would work as a team #ngekek
Welcome Jeff, you should make a good-and-happy-capture-moment *cheers

Monday, December 15


got BSOD again..
#pout #nomood

Sunday, December 14

141214: sunday service

"Menjaga kemurnian di tengah2 keumuman"

Friday, December 12


Thursday, December 11


You're lucky girl..
(I asked a "gift", and that's you)
You came in the precious-time ^^

Wednesday, December 10

hey Mr. Lee

Hey Mr. Lee
*playing trumph or saxoph

Watching Scent of Woman in TV,
and dink dooonk, here we are..
Since My Girl, he stole mine, wakakakakak

Someone said, this man is ugly, *glodhak2
Maybe because of his baboo-expression :v

But I'll never get bored to see him

project: EoY

Be there on my EoY, please..
So you didn't need to say accidentally, "N years ago"

Monday, December 8



Sunday, December 7



Thursday, December 4

all in one

*renungan natal

Tuesday, December 2


Newth's The Maze Runner
Look at his eyes, #glare n #gaze

Where did I see you? (movie)
*looks familiar

new plen

I got a new friend ^^
"pucuk dicinta, ulam pun tiba"

When we thought, we need to pet cat (cause-troublemaker-mouses)
Theeen, we gooot it, xixixi..

Dec 01, 2014
A long rainy day, a-lil-alien-kitty come to mine
*is it a he or she, dunno.. i don't know anything 'bout cat
He/she is really really really muanjaaaaaa~~~

I calls it "pussy", since he/she always answers me "miaaw"
*isn't a yes?
Hmmmm, but his/her name for the next time is Alien
*an ufo thing, from another world, extra-celestrial-bla-bla-bla

You, who came for another stars (read: Alien)

Anyway, what are you doing now, Alien?
I ate your fave's food today a.k.a gereh :v

Monday, December 1


Minho's The Maze Runner
I think I know you~~~ *singing

nobody knows

Sunday, November 30

Song of the Goddess - The Eternal Path

Calderock Village on Dragon Nest SEA
This song is so d@mn cool >,,,<
*always stuck in my mind

Song of the Goddess - The Eternal Path



Sunday, November 23


can't write lot of words right now
but those picture could describe temporary

Thursday, November 20


Almost 3 years #tears
*collecting memory from old-songs

Wednesday, November 19

Han Ye Seul

W.o.W, long time no see..
Korean never bore to make you amaze

How could people change differently from their look?
*skip about plastic-surgery

From RM ep.219,
I didn't recognize her from the first time.
Then, after hearing her-crazy-bgm #Lol,
that reminded me of someone, a crazy one, ekekekek..

Dink donk denk,
it's really her.. Miss Han Ye Seul in Couple or Trouble
Aaawwwwww, such a relieving moment

Pssst, If you have same feeling like me..
Sometimes, she looks like Vicky Zhou ^^

Sunday, November 16

me and tie

*after Sunday service
She borrowed father's tie
Tadaaaaaa.. "am I cool?"
of course, with sleepy-face
Like father like daughter, hahahaaa

Saturday, November 15


Twitch-kle, twitch-kle.. lil left eye
How i wonder what you are
Please, please.. don't be sad
Please, please.. don't be cry
Twitch-kle, twitch-kle.. lil left eye
How i wonder what you are

*singing + hoping

Friday, November 14

3rd - cervarix

Month after month,
this was my 3rd-shot, the last

And still the same,
I hate injection-after-effect #pouting

Thursday, November 13


Thursday, October 23


Karev's right..

Sunday, October 12


#biston Kho Andi + Ce Ika

Friday, October 10


such a lucky one ^^

Best moment

Thursday, October 9

It's okay

Where are they now?

It's okay, it's over..
Open new page ^^

Tuesday, October 7


Hmmm, yesterday I found interesting news
2NE1's "I Am the Best" MV Hits 100 Million Views on YouTube
Aaand, this morning, I got challenge in my dream

(still in my dream)
I was on my bed, I met Minzy, no problems
*the problem: I didn't meet Bom T_T

And then CL, she started to request a battle dance #wuut
*the problem: this was a big problem
while we only separated by a pillow, ekekekekek
what kind of situation was that

(in reality)
Sister's alarm rang at 6.00 am, I woke up at that time
and back to close my eyes again, found a pillow there #gulp

2 times, in the same situation T__T

Anyway, nice to meet you, xixixi..
It's kind of blitz, yesterday I heard story, the next day we could meet together ^^

Saturday, September 27

another tattoo

So, I said taboo-words again
And this is what I got
#perih *meringis

Thursday, September 25

GA - 140925

Don't give up on yourself
Let us help you

Will you be there?
Every step of the way

new tattoo

Just a low-joke,
"yook keluar yooooook.."
And she started to argue with an act

Hmmmmmm, crispy-joke.. ouch T___T

Sunday, September 21

JO - 140921

let's go !!!

Friday, September 19

JO - 140919

*listening mode on*

Thursday, September 18

eh (2)

This is another reason for
not knowing is better than knowing

"some secret should stay secret, some truth must be revealed"
~ kliwon ~

Nice point of view, and of course not a win-win-standard-answer :D

Wednesday, September 17


Which one is the right one?
Not knowing is better than knowing
Knowing is better than not knowing
And the answer is: it depends

Tuesday, September 16

GA - S07E08

There has to be a way to find relief..
Because if the pressure doesn't find a way out
It'll make one

It will explode

It's the pressure we put on ourselves
That's the hardest to bear

The pressure to be better than we are

The pressure to be better than we think we can be

It never.. ever lets up

It just builds and builds and builds

GA - S07E05

Re-watch GA
And got a-KO from this quotes

"Because growing up sometimes means leaving people behind"
~ Meredith ~


3rd hokage

It said..
To protect the Pxxxxxxx ones




There're a bit ... controversial in mood..
Need more years to forget bad-things,
and start to build the good ones

Anyway, happy birthday to all of you..
still remember, and always love yaaaaaa *chuuu~

Monday, September 15

ayu vs joe

Look at this pic..
So, our-lil-joe looks like Ayu, ekekekek
Those boys are very cute, aren't they?

I think, Joe would be a cute-boy :D

Saturday, September 13

stop it

No neee to explain about this
Just define yourself
*another thrill moment

Protect your precious one, #eh

Friday, September 12

sakura vs ino

Hehehe, I decided to re-read Naruto's manga
*actually, I never follow the storyline continuously
Since lots of people like to post the new one
I started to read from the beginning
And this scene, made me thrilled..
Besties start to fight each other.. A tie was the great-last-result
Isn't it good? They are blossoming together ^^
Anyway, I love Ino-chan from the very first time
Look at her style, so cool~

Thursday, September 11

sad story

I didn't notice a group name: Ladies' Code
until the crash accident

1st: RIP to EunB #tragedy
2nd: other members, critical condition
3rd: RIP to RiSe

While reading this NEWS
Can you imagine, eleven horrific hours.. *tearing

That's really ...

Friday, September 5

140801 - an OST

On that kind of situation,
Mr. Eka reminded me about last song
"Tiada Ku Ragu Lagi"

And this is sweet ^^ #reassurance




Wednesday, September 3

I wanna go back

it's really difficult to hate you, #OMY

Geeks ft So You - OMY, too


*clap clap clap

Chapter 1 has been finished
Next: reporting, evaluation, editing photos + videos :v

Chapter 2 still locked
Thursday - evening
Spoiler: regeneration, recruitment, building system
Still guessing, hope I could join without hesitation

Chapter 3 has been released
Friday - night
Spoiler: new concept, making story, clip & animation *__*
Need lots of idea

Monday, September 1


And I didn't get blame a single peny
I wasn't feel angry and depression

Ulalalalalaaa~ I'm feelin' guuud,
plus Chochow was waiting for me >,,,<
I don't need to cry, wekekekekekek

All I remembered this night, when Simbok (of course Daddy too) said:
"You don't need to look for people,
all you need to do is serving Mr.G" #ameeeeeen

And that's a good prayer

How many times I said "puji Tuhan" today? hihihihi..

God bless US ^^

i can't cry

remember an old song (first generation of Korean's song)

... can't cry ...

(cover) Fin.K.L - Ruby

Saturday, August 30

fight VS don't fight

Do not fight for people who do not dare to fight for you.

That's all, as simple like that~

Friday, August 29

empress ki - nyang

Nyang's costume..
Look at that, isn't it gorgeous

Wednesday, August 27

(another) summer breeze

Woke up in the morning,
doing some code,
and then remember this..

Another summer breeze.. yippieeee~
me want to go to the beach
Coming soon, (hope) next week should be a YES

Sistar - I Swear

Monday, August 25

MT 140825 - def lov

A simple definition of love..

Cinta itu benci terpisah, maka jika dia mencintaimu –
dia akan mengupayakan dekat denganmu,
atau kalau memang harus terpisah karena tugas –
dia mengupayakan selalu memberi kabar.

~ Mario Teguh ~

if you don't, so what should we call it?

Wednesday, August 20

empress ki - tanasili

Such a strange-name,
but sounds cool ~Tanasili~
It's a mongol's name
No worry, she is a warrior too

empress ki - costume

There you are..
Finally I found a clearly look on their hunting costume
Blue and red, both of them really gorgeous ^^

Tuesday, August 19


Magazine: Asian Glitz
November 2002
Huwaaaaaa, it's been 12 years..
S.H.E is jaaaaaang !!


- Empress Ki -
spoiler.. spoiler.. spoiler..
Anyway, I love their hunting costume
It's really great !!

a letter for you

people who could talk everything,
but don't know anything

You never learn
Well, all you know is LOST only
which it is the end.. (means late)

At least,
I told the truth (very rare for a-Lee, progress for a-Lee)

Do I feel regret?
Of course, how many times I said that
You're different (impress me), but same like others (I-centric)


Monday, August 18


Since I loph you~

Sunday, August 17


2nd ....

Friday, August 15

it's you

1st meeting
. . . .

2nd meeting
Ummmm, . . . .

3rd meeting
I heard someone familiar.. "who's that.."

4th meeting
There.. there.. I heard that sounds again *clingukan

5th meeting
"who're you?" *clingak-clinguk

6th meeting
"There YOU are...." hahahahaaa
Like a daughter, like a mother..
I was hearing your mom presentations, and it was look like you were there in front of me, talking to me
Wekekekekekek, thanks for your coming ^^

We should meet this Xmas

Wednesday, August 13


Recently, as a secretary (I never imagine this kind of job)
I should write, read, post, publish, response, forward, type, hear, even answer love-wordings
Believe me, it's really hard as an-amateur >,,,<

Sometimes, I only said on my mind, "wooow, this is great", "cool~~~", "nice..."

That's how they work,
and I would lovely enjoy those kind of job (again) xixixixi

Let me in, I do....

Hey you

Hey you !!
Yes, you are ...
*I copycat this statement from you, only you

I heard your name being called recently..
I hope we don't meet in the future

Just don't..
And never come back
No need to do that

I forget to say: please~

Thursday, August 7


Wednesday, August 6

joel 140806


Saturday, August 2


It's raining... #romantic
However, I love rain on every single journey-back-to-home
*the one that know me so much


*pingin peluk2 n bisik2 ke kamu