Tuesday, December 23

here it comes

Here it comes..
Here it comes....
Here it comes......

The time when I really lost it,
and I didn't know where exactly I lost it..

*sh!t happened to me


*at church

Ouuuups, I lost my card *deeeeeeenk

It should be at office.. or shop.. or home..
My last hope, it should be there.. should be.. SHOULD BE !!


previously on Mother's Day

I didn't know, when exactly Mother Day is..
I only hear that from a radio

So, I did what I need to do
*perfect timing to plan

And then I asked 'bout her feeling
"utk saat ini (sampe akhir taon), Aku ayeeem.."

Waaaaaah, what a pleasure.. Glad to know it ^^
Happy Simbok's Day *kecup2

Sunday, December 21

cold eyes 2013

Until now, I still didn't understand, what is the meaning of "cold eyes"
*maybe the criminal had it
*or the main actress did
*not sure 'bout it

Anyway, I like Miss Han Hyo Joo here..
Look at her, she has charm, somehow she looks like Chae Rim (esp her eyes) ^^
And of course, she's so cool~~ #amaze (boyish too)

Dink donk denk, let's talk about the story
If you think you're:
- smart or genius
- love phsycology
- detective-minded
- november man or woman :v
This is a RECOMMENDED movie for you

Saturday, December 20

the terror live 2013

*look like a Phone Booth
Only took one place, can you imagine that.. only a single place, no replacement #mangap


I-yish-ma-McDreamy >,,,<

Tuesday, December 16

it makes sense

People ... be there forever, AREN'T
People you never imagined ... , YOUR CLOSEST FRIEND

It make sense now #grin

Absolutely, how many times I should say like that #babboocheorom

But, that's the fact..
Thanks to my new-comers, we would make a good memories, I'LL DO !!!

Yesterday, when we did Gladi, I met Jeffri (I heard his name more than one)..
And when we met each other, he said "I know her, she's my senior", I said "So do I"
*I never expect or want to know well that guy, since I had a bad-opinion before

Hahahaaaa, that's universe do to us XD
Next, we would work as a team #ngekek
Welcome Jeff, you should make a good-and-happy-capture-moment *cheers

Monday, December 15


got BSOD again..
#pout #nomood

Sunday, December 14

141214: sunday service

"Menjaga kemurnian di tengah2 keumuman"

Friday, December 12


Thursday, December 11


You're lucky girl..
(I asked a "gift", and that's you)
You came in the precious-time ^^

Wednesday, December 10

hey Mr. Lee

Hey Mr. Lee
*playing trumph or saxoph

Watching Scent of Woman in TV,
and dink dooonk, here we are..
Since My Girl, he stole mine, wakakakakak

Someone said, this man is ugly, *glodhak2
Maybe because of his baboo-expression :v

But I'll never get bored to see him

project: EoY

Be there on my EoY, please..
So you didn't need to say accidentally, "N years ago"

Monday, December 8



Sunday, December 7



Thursday, December 4

all in one

*renungan natal

Tuesday, December 2


Newth's The Maze Runner
Look at his eyes, #glare n #gaze

Where did I see you? (movie)
*looks familiar

new plen

I got a new friend ^^
"pucuk dicinta, ulam pun tiba"

When we thought, we need to pet cat (cause-troublemaker-mouses)
Theeen, we gooot it, xixixi..

Dec 01, 2014
A long rainy day, a-lil-alien-kitty come to mine
*is it a he or she, dunno.. i don't know anything 'bout cat
He/she is really really really muanjaaaaaa~~~

I calls it "pussy", since he/she always answers me "miaaw"
*isn't a yes?
Hmmmm, but his/her name for the next time is Alien
*an ufo thing, from another world, extra-celestrial-bla-bla-bla

You, who came for another stars (read: Alien)

Anyway, what are you doing now, Alien?
I ate your fave's food today a.k.a gereh :v

Monday, December 1


Minho's The Maze Runner
I think I know you~~~ *singing

nobody knows