Saturday, November 26

once upon a time

... bouncing bouncing bouncing ...

"Why did you look happy, mel ?"

Because I can shared my case well (without interruption),
and someone was listening it well too
Then my case solved smoothly ^^

I should learn how to listen first and keep my mouth (talk-less)
That's nice and it looks more wise

In other side,
I usually 'talking' too much because I care

So, which one is better?
Believe me, it depends on you

--- be wise ---

Friday, November 25


... hmmmmmmmmm ...

don't expect too much to others
you don't worth for waiting too long
they never do what you 'normally' do

they are not the same as you

--- how many times I say this statement ---

Thursday, November 24

20112011 [2]

... 20112011 ...

Congraaatz for Jane & Bobby too

Happy Wedding for both of you, guys ^^

... 20112011 ...


... 20112011 ...

Congraaatz for Michael & Christine
my lophly bro & ce tengil

and welcome to our CLAN, xixixixixi..

What happened to this world!?!?!?
I didn't cry when we were meeting or parting yesterday
Probably, because this was a happy moment
I knew that tomorrow they will come here, ekekekekek..
Time goes sooo fast

Aaaaaah, I tell you something in this family..
Someday, when a child comes home to his father (because of distance and time apart)
You will see great moment there,
father would come & hug his child first, and tap child's shoulder
We called it love ^^

My father looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
with a Hello Kitty heart..

--- december.. december.. december.. ---

Wednesday, November 23

Nov 23

... Thank God ...

The weirdest thing happened today is when I started to do my 'annual ritual'..
(there was no 5 minutes)
(suddenly): Am I really have a birthday today ?
. . . . . . . .
I stopped my ritual for a moment, then I checked calendar on my mobile
"November 23, 00:04 AM"
. . . . . . . .
(thinking): hahahaaa, it's so ridiculous
And I continued my ritual..

In the middle of my conversation,
I remembered that Cah Bagus reminded me of my birthday yesterday
That is my first SMILE on my 25th :)
thank you boy, you still stole mine :*

I got interesting experiences in this year..
And I am grateful for all of that,
wisdom, health, famz, lophly friends, dream jobs,
all good things that made me happy,
and also all bad things that made me sad or cry

For this year, I didn't ask to much, I only ask a think,
let me learn to fall in love with God..

--- my target is HIS pleasure ---

Saturday, November 19

theme:: fox rain

... le me enjoy this journey ...

'fox rain' would be nice theme
while I love to say: "nomu nomu nomu chuwaa.."
#preparing gumiho soundtrack
and Mr Rain will accompany on my trip (romantic trip, xoxoxo)

God Bless us
I hope this mission goes well

--- D-day ---

Friday, November 18

dag dig dug.. dag dig dug....

... FINALLY ...

hwaaaaaaaaaaaah, 30 days have passed
mayday, mayday, tomorrow is the D-Day

~~~ nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu chuwaa ~~~

Tonight I definitely can't sleep,
imagine this, imagine that
pretend like this, pretend like that

I'm comiiiiiiiiin....

--- day 1 ---

Thursday, November 17

it's packing time :p

... this is a fun story about this whole weekend ...

When Simbok said: "it's packing time.."
It means: "it's a watching time.."
Watching her packing her stuff, packing dad stuff, packing my stuff (LoL), packing my sis too
maybe she is too galau or maybe this is her hobby
* both are true :p

Daddy: # still lazed
Me: # I bothered her
My sis: # just giggle

And after that time, these were what we do..
Daddy: # still lazed
Me: I'll check my stuff that have been packed # re-check & re-select
(it's all about my 'style')
My Sis: I'll package my own stuff
(it's all about her 'taste')

--- day 2 ---

Wednesday, November 16

not this month..

... I miss that place ...

I failed to get a permission to go to Bali this month..
I guessed this was my reckless decision

Just a planning without some preparations
and the result is NULL

Okay, that's not a big problem right now..
I'll re-arrange this plan for the next month
I hope it would be a YES

--- day 3 ---

Tuesday, November 15

fall in love with HIM

... The Message said ...

"Bring your life (everyday), sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking, and place it for God as a worship."

Side Story
When I first fell in love with my wife, I thought about her constantly: when having breakfast, in a vehicle to school, attending college, waiting queues in the market, filling stations; I can't stop thinking about this woman! I often talk to myself about her and think about everything that I like about her. This is what helped me feel close to Kay even though we live several hundred miles apart and school to different high school. By constantly thinking about her, I live in her love..

This is the true meaning of worship, fall in love with HIM..
I start to do what HE likes and start to fall in love with HIM. So when people are not reliable anymore, I still have my sweetheart ^^
If one day you feel that I was changed, you already know the answer..

--- day 4 ---

Monday, November 14

not a hoy-hoy, but a hosh-hosh..

... on my way ...

# this week only or maybe next week too
not applying for jobs
not accepting some jobs
not 'playing' ToT
finishing my current projects

i'm in a rush
# hosh.. hosh.. hosh....

--- day 5 ---

Sunday, November 13


... le me try, le me exercise, le me type some code ...

I had a job to review some webs, then make prototype of them.
I'm still newbie in this area, so I'm very excited on it
Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends..

Agree, I'm start to love Javascript in here..
Lots of courses there, and it looks like a puzzle in my brain, where first I didn't have basic in this area, and now I'm starting to get their logic, esp in JS and his 'famz'..

Beside of that, I'm still thinking: how to make a prototype like codecademy
#curious.. curious.. curious....

--- day 6 ---

Saturday, November 12

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

... nomu nomu nomu chua ...


--- day 7 ---

Friday, November 11

how come..

... ...

'' is when you take a nap (woot) over at 7 pm..

And after you wake up, your first statement is "doooh"

The next one is "what should I do next.."

And the other thing is ".. while tomorrow morning I must go to office"

I still can't follow her healthy lifestyle: "bo2x early sing anteng.."

--- day 8 ---

Thursday, November 10

don't hesitate

... John 12:25 ...

Bible in Basic English
He who is in love with life will have it taken from him; and he who has no care for his life in this world will keep it for ever and ever.

Barangsiapa mencintai nyawanya, ia akan kehilangan nyawanya, tetapi barangsiapa tidak mencintai nyawanya di dunia ini, ia akan memeliharanya untuk hidup yang kekal.

read at a glance
# eh.. wait a minute....

read two times
# what was that? (thinking)

read three times
# I got an enlightenment, and it was a great relief..

--- day 9 ---

Wednesday, November 9


... what is happening in this world ...

someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there.... someone is 'kesambet' here.... someone is 'kesambet' there....

Am I 'kesambet'? 

Why not!!!! xixixixixi..

--- day 10 ---

Tuesday, November 8

awkward moments

... some awkward moments of this day ...

When I suddenly woke up early and still remember that my work hasn't been completed, and even in my dream I still do that O___o

When I wanted to vomit in the morning because of stupid code x______x

When I realized that previous moment had ruined my day, and made ​​me temperamental this day

When I didn't know about anything, I really don't know about it, but I still have to do, try to figure it out, and after it happen, all I can say is: "what was that?"

When I had a bad temper today, then I realized that was my folly, and I could smile on it

When I met someone who is important in the parking lot
# lucky me, I didn't get a heart attack, even I was ashamed to look at her face directly

When I wanted to vomit (again) at night because of crazy things

When I decided to stay up again tonight, and do not know what will happen later..

--- day 11 ---

Monday, November 7

sms of the week

... who's that tengill ...

even though Monday is the beginning of the week,
I decided sms of the week right now :p

"eh ce, ini hari Senin ya? ngantor donk, ekekekek.."

--- day 12 ---

Sunday, November 6

day of mourning

... bubye 'Clark Kent' ...

thank you for accompanying us for 1.5 years

our 'Clark Kent'

this the reason why he called Clark Kent
because he sleeps like a superman

Why should occur on day 13 ?
better skip this day
All we can do is wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep again..
a Sad Day

--- day 13 ---

Saturday, November 5

Hello Mr. Nice Guy

... nice to meet you ...

I met Mr. Nice Guy (again)
What a beautiful coincidental (blush)

As usual, I got his charm..
He's still handsome and friendly like before

I thought, I had good childhood's memory with him
# thinking
Hmmmmmm, I can't remember it

Or maybe I'm just his secret admirer, xixixi..

--- day 14 ---

Friday, November 4

we hate the haters

... simplicity ...

I didn't get it

I don't get it

So, I don't care

Except, those about me or my famz

Never 'touch' them
or you'll dealing with US

We hate the haters

--- day 15 ---

Thursday, November 3

day 14?

... 14? I think I miscounted ...

# This was my post for today..
Already half-way..
15 days was not a long time,
and 15 days was not a short time too

There is still half-way again, HWAITIIIIING!!!!

# After re-count again
Dhunk dhueeeeeer, I miscounted..

Whereas, today I was celebrating with a meal at Takigawa
*even showed off too.. huhuhuuu >___<
Fusion Sushi Platter

--- day 16 ---

Wednesday, November 2

'temporary assignment'

... this world is not my home ...

Things that we see today, today is still there, and gone tomorrow.
But the things that we can't see now will last forever..

Because we didn't pay attention to the 'visible', but the 'invisible',
because visible is temporary, whereas the invisible is eternal..

--- day 15 ---

Tuesday, November 1

new plan

... Grey's Anatomy - S03E19 ...

The thing about plans is, they don't take into account
the unexpected.
So when we're thrown a curveball
whether it's in the O.R.
Or in life...

We have to improvise.

I'm a guy without a foot.
What do I do now?

You move forward, you...
You follow the plan, and you try
and keep your other foot.

My other foot..

Of course, some of us are better at it than others.
Some of us just have to move on to plan B..
and make the best of it.

And sometimes..
What we want is exactly what we need.

But sometimes..
is a new plan.

--- day 16 ---