Sunday, August 28

Mazmur 112

Mazmur 112 : 1

Berbahagialah orang
yang takut akan TUHAN,
yang sangat suka kepada segala perintah-Nya.

Thursday, August 25

ada saatnya

Ada saat nya kita bersedih dan harus mencucurkan air mata,

Ada saat nya kita berbahagia dan membuat tertawa,

Ada saat nya kita tidak bisa berkata-kata,

Mungkin Tuhan sedang memberikan kelegaan bagi kita,, bersyukurlah

Monday, August 22

HTS Devils Match - Bravoo J Black Crew

#HitTheStage #DevilsMatch #JBlackCrew

Look at their expressions, rise of the Jombiiii, I got thrill from 00.01 😱

Great concept, nice costume n make up. And their DANCES, absolutely creepy

Awalnya nungguin Bora Sistar, kapincut ama Momo Twice, trus trus trus yg iniiiiii.
Hayuuuuuuk, EngSub mana EngSuuuub, jebaaaaaal

Thursday, August 18


Hey you, get off my cloud~
#CL #Lifted #CLLifted

Lucky you, had a comeback as an outsider.. Free from banned, xixixixiiii

ET-style, such a super catchy song ^^


"nyuk", "gampil", "jidatmu", "palelu", "matamu", "blekok",...
Somplak word that comes from DraKor, ekekekekek.. Epic subs, Broo~

Such a light and fresh storyline. Even some Ghosts are horror (dem, I can't watch them alone),, but simple-minded Kim So Hyun could brighter my day, gomawoo ^^

Here we go: "Hey Ghost, Let's Fight" aka "Bring It On, Ghost" aka "Let's Fight Ghost"
Castings: cool Taec Yeon & tengil Kim So Hyun

Watching this DraKor, remind me of you, Lil Angel #OMY