Friday, September 28


Let's hope, let's sing.. eonjengaaan....

eonjengan i nunmuri meomcheogil
eonjengan i odori geotjigoo
tetsuhan haetsari i nunmuril malyeochogil


*my lullaby

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zombie went to public

Today, some of our staff go to Jakarta, for a bus exhibition. At that moment, I wish, I wanna, I really want to join them, so I could leave anything for a while..
And yaaaaaap, that was a wish only

At the same time, I should go to Prambanan, for 'layat', same wishes before. But, I can't, because I had another promise this evening #gulp

So, I got the impact, I must go home ALONE #jegleeeeeer
I thought a lots scenarios before, and I chose to use mini-bus public #DagDigDug
From the first, I waited too long for the right bus, next I should save my wallet, mob-phone, money on my bag. On the way, I stayed alert, looked for my bag, the others, and the road. And the best thing that I had there, I always yawning all the time, ekekekekekeke.. I don't care laaaaaa~~~
This zombie really enjoy herself :p

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Thursday, September 27


DEAL, Dr. Yang..
If we can't handle it anymore, 
who will be responsible for us?

except ourselves..

Wednesday, September 26


Because I was watching trailer The Deadman Walking?
Actually, it wasn't have an impact, while the quality wasn't good enough. But I found Sarah Tancredi there, so this is the next target ^^

Of course.. Twice in a row, they really have different sense of humor, crashing everything. Just want to make sure, who am I or what am I?
*I hate to play this game

Sim City Game, we called it, Tata Kota..
I was addict on this game, until I realize that I had panda's eyes #sigh, and got dizzy on half of my working time. The most terrible is I did some lies for covering it #begh.
The only truth behind this game, that I like simulation game vert much. And because I could have a time with owoook, just to talk about non-sense things #craziness all the time

On that time, I have chances to meet my brother..
Skyping, chatting, accompaning him watching Animal Planet, joking with our-style-language. This is FUN!! And most of the time, I forget the local time #doooh

I have no idea, why should I sleep?

That's some reason behind case: sleeping over 1 am

#braaaiiiiiin, give me some braiiin.. I have no brain!!

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Tuesday, September 25


Trust someone who can see 3 things in you:
the sorrow behind your smile,
the love behind your anger
and the reason behind your silence


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Sunday, September 23

thank you

Molly: Are you okay? Don't just say you are, because I know what that means - looking sad when you think no one can see you.
Sherlock: You can see me.
Molly: I don't count. What I'm trying to say is, if there's anything I can do - anything you need, anything at all, you can have me. No, I just mean. I mean, if there's anything you need, it's fine.
Sherlock: What could I need from you?
Molly: Nothing. I don't know. You could probably say thank you, actually.

#sad thing happened

Friday, September 21

GrandMa's Home

Today is GrandMa's 40 days..
Actually, it isn't 40 days exactly, don't worry, it just a kind of tradition only. Unfortunately, me n my siz can't come right now, we had another meeting >___<

Just want write a story that those place, we would always call it GrandMa's Home. Everytime I want to go to that place, I call it GrandMa's Home. When somebody asking my position, I'll answer it GrandMa's Home.
That place is GrandMa's Home, nobody can't change it..

#last memory

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The best way I could do, for loving myself..

Tuesday, September 18


that place..
that time..
the color..
the smell..
the sound..
those things..
those people..
and the feelings....
I really hate them x___x

isn't it creepy?
I still had a feeling about that thing

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Monday, September 17


even this lil' girl could tell the truth.. #ashamed

# don't thinking.. don't thinking.. don't thinking....


FAITH is moving,
without knowing..

So do I..

*love this very much

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Sunday, September 16


Sometimes being strong
means not holding back the tears,
but letting them fall.

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Friday, September 14


Is this fall now?
My shelter is falling

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it should be her 75th..

saengil chukha hamnida, GrandMa..

with love,

Wednesday, September 12


"give 'til it hurt.."

and my question is, " should I ? "

Monday, September 10

the worst time

One kind of a bad time is when we are waiting or queuing in lines.
And those becomes worse if we waiting in place like medical centre.
It would be the worst if we, ourself that need it..

Hmmmmmm, this is my worst time
#dag dig dug
#KeepCalm #KeepCalm

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Nation's siblings

naneun.. michin.. kekekekeke....

I met one of the Nation's siblings in my dream,
Lee Hyori, hahahaaa..
D#mn, she's really hot & sexy
We had a good time as a sister, I meant koplak time :p

Next one, I should try the other Nation's sibling, YJS,
and that would be fun ^^

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Thursday, September 6

10 minutes

just one 10 minutes..
I fell asleep,
only for 10 minutes
And I met you

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Monday, September 3

"apa yaaah.."

Heard people saying: "apa yaaah.."
Then, those words start for echoing in my head
"apa yaaah.."
"apa yaaah.."
*with the same tone
"apa yaaah.."
"apa yaaah.."
*guessing who's responsible for that tone..
"apa yaaah.."
"apa yaaah.."

Finally, I remember
it's absolutely you, J~

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Sunday, September 2


Happy Birthday GKI Pajajaran Magelang

#live from operator's room

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Saturday, September 1

iu - good day

My eyes fill with tears, so I lift my head up
I smile a little so they won’t fall
Why are you like this to me, what are you
All the things we talked about go to the sky
The words I have never said
The words I didn’t know I’d say as I cried
I like you, ******, what do I do?


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