Saturday, October 31


It's been more than a week I didn't watch this clip (video),, #kangen

* nonton clip sebelon bertugas lagi *

Friday, October 30

I woof U

You know that means, arasoo?
That's the way I woof U

Kissing U nowadays, smells like a milk or a cow * ngucek2 idung *

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

drip drip drip

I guess I only have you,
I guess that’s how it is
I only think of you alone
When I see good things
and go to good places
It reminds me of you

* mbrambangi *

Thursday, October 29

ypki :: 151029 - meeting

Meeting, and meeting, and meeting..

* take a break, go out a while, breath calmly *

Then stalking, puhahahahahaa :v

Wednesday, October 28

UPR2 :: Yubin vs Hyorin

Yubin vs Hyorin

So, who was mad there? Which one got the big diss there :v
Eonni get angry, since "Sistar" be carried (SY too T___T)
Aaand Baaaam, she was smiling there *mock-mock-mock*

I think, Hyorin is the winner
Based on their last appearance (attitude, look, face, features, gestures)

5 levels of fear

Recently, I got all of fears on Level 5
* bakeroo * ngenez *

That's super-combo :v

good morning, fellaz

* masih gelintingan *

Monday, October 26


#150701 #151206 #Sistar #Skechers #FanMeeting

duduk - diem - stalking doankl

disini saya merasa sedih

* baru kali ini demen beginian *

Sunday, October 25

nhk :: the professionals - greengrocer

1. No losers, only winners
2. Always play offense
3. Always protect the farmers
4. No regard for taste
5. Am I going to profit by selling a junk
6. How much do I know about vegetables
7. Take the lead
8. Be more than just a greengrocer

What IS a professional?

- Sugimoto -

Saturday, October 24

my mom is so cool

* this morning *

Lee: Mbok, I'll show u something..
* show this picture *
Lee: Do u know her? Who is she???
Simbok: She's the one with the white before, right?
Lee: Woaaaaaah, that's right.... U knew it, she's so cool right?

Aaaand Simbok is so cool too, xixixixi..
She really really really knew her daughter, jinjjaaaa~~~
Proud to be yours, #terharu

Recently, I only show off like a puzzle to Simbok..
First, a picture - the white one - that inspired me so much #grin - I said, "I wanna be like that" - so here I am.
Then, I always playing Sistar's song - humming - singing - dancing maybe, puhahahahaaa.
Next, I was playing Pillow special clip, it just a simple one, 3 singers on a nice bedroom, of course SY's outfit is the focus here #noted (I copycat it directly, just wait a perfect moment until I could wear that freely).
Sometimes, I was sharing SY's "once a meal a day", and discussed it with Simbok n Babe, for a comparison, just in case, just in case, just in case, and just in case #horrormodeon >,,,<
Almost everyday, I use Sistar's song (Shake It, I Swear, Touch My Body, Give It To Me) as BGM during my exercise, high rhythm to rise beat, a mood booster actually ^^
And last (today, not least),, this bonus picture for guessing, lalalalalala~

Proud to be yours T___T
* did I say that again? *
* akhirnya bisa nemuin orang yg tau hati ini kemana, bukan krn "upil" aja :v *

Life is good, esp when you surrounded by people that you loved, gomawooo~


Blesses Hyo that has same religion with us. At least, we have strong mission here, ^^

* denger2 "I Swear" ntu religion song,, tambah sedep dooonk

Friday, October 23

but i love you

But I hate you~~~

* semangat 45 klo nyanyi lagu ini, menghayati bingitz *

typo - upil

I was typing, and it was wrong..
But we have a same thinking, telepathy maybe :v

"up" to "upil"

Shame and epic, puhahahahaaa..
Nice joke in the early day, #TGIF

I have lots of jobs n orders since early morning, but I could do that happily
Thanks, Braaat.. You've made my bright day ^^

echo echo echo


Wednesday, October 21


Eh, look like it's right..
*ngelap keringet*

Have some exercise, then singing a-lot with some BGM (happy), then Chocow started to annoy me (loss focus), until My Boss gave new orders (no mood, blank, got headache)..

So, I stopped mine *kotos2*

New lesson: leave the MobPhone, just ignore them..

Stop the diet, ekekekekek *senyum kecut* 

never giving up

*mood booster*

Take a break, take a breath..
And listening her voices, MV is a PLuS ^^

So You - Diamond

Oh I'm never giving up on
I'm never giving up on you
You're my diamond

5 minutes

02:16 am
I woke up because Mrs. Rainy was coming ^^
It was only 5 minutes, a big one, and I could say "thank God" we are blessing
* I could smell the rain inside my room

In the next day, lots of bless would coming, so be bless, hooman :D

Tuesday, October 20


* lagu bobo nyasar jadi alarm

It's not a problem for me..
Since I want to hear SY's voice the very first time I open my eyes. Then, I remember who SY are (what SY wear in this special clip),, so I could wear the same one :v

Actually, reminding this nice special clip ^^

Monday, October 19


* singing *
neka neko neka neko~~~

Saturday, October 17

SY :: 151016 - skechers fansign

Do you know, how Korean netizens comment?
It's absolutely harsh.. Every Korea representative (meant: idol), MUST be good, close to PERFECT, they should building a good image. 
And that's why, when situations & conditions are unfavorable (health, issue, case, mood), they are dealing with it, a harsh one..
*it's Natural Selection actually

Poor So You, and bless Hyo that supported you there..

Thursday, October 15

ypki :: 151015 - meeting

Meeting: 06.00 pm - till now
And, I started for blanking, then need to blink, just in case....
* adem ayem segerrrr~
Mood booster, yeiiiiy ^^
* pdhl gag ada update, wkwkwkwk
* kapincut is kapincuuut


It's really a crime, they're rebelling my sense of music :v
Sistar - Shake It - 3rd Mini Album

They released it on 1506, and 1508 I got extracted (till now)
Aaaaah, the Universe loves me so much, I could do some exercises on medium to high rates, that would be extremely nice ^^

2. Don't be such a baby (feat Giriboy)
4. Bad Boy (feat Mad Clown)
5. GO UP

Wednesday, October 14

you don't know me

It's really really really new #151014,
and that's why I really didn't know 'bout this song too *gag kecolongan* #lega

Sorry, it's not my type >,,,<
Would it be a hit? *gedhek-gedhek*

Just a usual OST, not spectacular..
Based on my own "taste",, better to listen Lean on Me (prev collabs). But SY voice still the best, jinjjaaa~~~


* Midnight in HK with Sistar *

So, this girl have a lot of "polah" :v
First world problem for women with heels, sounds usual, pfffffft
*I always bring #tensoplast on my wallet for first-aid-kit

:: Side Effect ::
Since You, RM, Sistar went to HK,, I want to go there too #MyBucketList ^^

Style Icon Awards - Collaboration Queen

1. OMY, too
2. Goodbye
3. Stupid in Love
4. Some
5. The Space Between
6. Sim Sim
7. Pillow
8. Lean on Me
9. You don't know me <<< wew, I didn't know when this song could appear
10. * * <<< waiting.. waiting.. waiting....

How come,
a husky voice produce lot's of variant voices (pop, soft, sexy, cute, jazzie) ^^
*everyone with husky-voice is so cool, they have their own charismatic, believe me..
I usually attract to people with this kind of Charisma, "serak-serak-basah", that's how we called it #krenyez2

So You - Queen of Collabs

Tuesday, October 13

sy :: healing

1st :: a lil bit late, since I was waiting for check-up
2nd :: eaaaaaa, senior high school?

2015 - 1992 = 23rd
It should be a college one (am I right?)

Look like this girl has a thousand faces..
* bocah mbejajig bertampang polos *
* tobat mode on *

Suddenly, remember when she was on roller-coaster :v :v :v

Happy healing, girl~
* saia nak pingin tengok2 vocalist na Monsta

Monday, October 12


Meet Roxy, a new-comer, 2 months - mini pom - black and white like a tuxedo again -  with #tahilalat on both of her front legs, wkwkwkwk.. And, she wears glasses :v

So kyuuuuuuuut..
* puppies is the best, pokoknya
* abaikan faktor x y z
* bahkan bau mulut pesing nya pun ngangenin >,,<

Naughty girl Roxy~yaaaah

sy :: rest

Have a good rest, Nenk~
* tetiba blom nonton Midnight in HK, duuuh

Sunday, October 11

it's me

It's me.. it's me.. it's me....
It's absolutely meeee~~~

* baru aja mikir, tumben gue cerewet bingitz cuman gegara kapincut ama si Enenk, ternyata karakter gue gitu2 amat


The day when I fell in love (lifestyle)
* sing: when I fall~~~

Usually, I loph her voice (OMY), then start to collect every single song from this Queen of Collab ^^
Next, following her group activities.. Actually, I didn't like their sexy concept at first, recently their summer song always a hit #grin, so sexy in summer is bright my day,, believe me..
Last, watching theirs reality show, until I found this "Enenk".. How can I describe SY, hmmmm: beautiful voice - husky voice (cool) - natural beauty - struggle in past - healthy lifestyle - koplak :v - boyish? - confident - aegyooo~

So, how could this person: "cool outside, cute inside" ???
* oups, I mention it again, xixixi

* NB *
If you really-really know what this picture meant for me, You know me so well or You're my best since I shared it with you

Pick me - Choose me - .... me :v

Saturday, October 10

sy :: something

I'm not in stalking-mode anyway, the universe drags me there (secret's theory), that's why I'm so lucky.. I adore one, and could follow her freely..

Could you imagine, online in the same time.. do parallel-ly :D
* sudah lama gag ngintip n nungguin kata "last seen", "online", bahkan "typing" krn uda jeleeeh sendiri ngarep gag keturutan

Get well soon, So You.. Be better in your waist n mood.. #fighting
Need to see charm in your next perform. And should learn more tips for a healthy lifestyle
* si Enenk gi galooo >,,, <


Oups, this Jiwo-song has a deep meaning
I "jiwo" the memories :v

Hyolyn x Jooyoung (feat Iron) - Erase

Friday, October 9

another JP

Another JackPot..
At the end of this day, You made my day ^^
*saia sukaaak sekali


Thank you for coming to my life
*eniwei, get well soon, #cheers


Hollow-man was sucking my joy instantly
*talk bout it later, when everything goes well, fyuuuh~

Finally, there's a song that perfectly-perfect to my-con

#Hyolyn #JooYoung #Erase

Thursday, October 8


In normal way, it's rarely got this kind of menu..
Right now, owalaaaah~~~
* ati goreng rempela reeeek

Actually, I'm not too hungry to do diet-part, xoxo-condition. The difficult part is everything looks good to taste, puhahahahaaa
* this naughty eyes, duuuuh T___T

And, I should consume less salt and less oil, nyem nyem nyeeeem.. Lots of drink to brain-wash my hunger
* klo nyadar inget, klo kalap ya wassalam :v

Eeh, the best part of doing these, I start to love fruits again, yihaaaaaa

so cool

Yesterday was my-first-worse-exercise-ever..

05.15 pm: went back home
05.20 pm: did some cardio exercise, plus tried arms portion too (Babe said it 7.5kg :v)
05.35 pm: took a bath
05.45 pm: did some prep before meeting
06.00 pm: went for meeting

15 min for exercise, and then continued to take a bath without resting.. The result was #cetar,, high heartbeat, shaking body, aaaaaand flooding of sweat, puhahahahaaa. As soon as I finished my prep, it looked like I did my 2nd bath-time.. Tadaaaa, I got wet shirt and need to change it, I chose UCS since my skin need to breath alot.

Next, the wind was blowing so cool into my skin, until I hold my breath (didn't effect anything, xixixi).. It was an-all-kill-combi, hot inside and cool outside T__T

Conclusion, do some rest after exercise, make time for body for cooling itself
* pelajaran berharga *

I hope, today isn't same, since we need to go early (05.30 pm katanya)

Wednesday, October 7


Yeppoooo, Somie-yaaah~
As cute as usual, a lil bit "dudul" actually, but you have a good n warm charm ^^

move on - morning alarm

* selected *

- Morning Alarm -
So You, Giriboy feat Kihyun - Pillow

seureureuk jami onda
geudaega haejun palbegae
sarangeun ireokedo swipge
dagawaseo nareul anayo

seureureuk jami onda
geudaega haejun kiseue
du nuneul gamgo isseodo geudaeman
I think I fell in love with u

So You, Giriboy feat Kihyun - Pillow

Monday, October 5

move on

It's time to move on~
*searching something new: cool n fresh

And the big question is: "Can I ?" :v

- Morning Alarm -
Tamia - Officially Missing You

- Nap Alarm -
Hyorin - I Choose to Love You

- SMS Notif -
Geeks, So you - Officially Missing You, too

- Phone Notif -

Saturday, October 3

gombal vs gambul

This is how we chat..
Gomball calling Gambull,
and vise versa Gambull calling Gomball

And we do "break2an" and "roger2an"
*because Gambull was teaching me for playing (and loving) CS :v

Miss you, Mbull.. *ketjup2*

Friday, October 2

151002 Batik Day

Good perspective isn't it, #grin
Anyway, Happy Batik Day ~ Oct 02, 2015

Need to share a lot of story 'bout the real "Pahlawan tanpa Tanda Jasa" story, the real one, thanks God for the opportunity to listening a nice sharing from Bu Ika..

If we want to work on God's place,, do it with your heart.. a grateful one, of course..
That's just our part ^^

Aaaaaah, can't post too long, the hot is very insane #gembrobyos

Thursday, October 1

healing song

can't wait to watch or post until tomorrow~

So, here it is..
So You & Kwon Jung Yeol's "Lean on Me" wins on M! COUNTDOWN
- Oct 1, 2015

They said, it is a healing song..
* should learn the lyric first
* a glance, I don't have any feeling

Once again, congratulation to Queen of Collabs ^^
* saya kebutin donlot "midnight in HK" demi sapaaah atuh

congratz Queen Collab

Lagi happy si Enenk satu ituuuh,
besok tak tonton kamu ^^

Anyway, congratz So You..
Miss Collab is the best laaa~~~

Lagi demen ama Pillow, blom nyanthol feeling nya di Lean on Me :v

"bu ika orangnya baik koq"

Finally, after lots of discussion (plus notif :v), we started to move ^^

To build a cooperative system, we should make a-win-win-relationship (it's a MUST in business world), and that's why I always declare a big question mark: what are the "PROFIT" for both of side?
Since we are having more opportunities, how 'bout the other party?

Today, I tried to make a schedule-set to meet. Pity, I can' t contact Bu Ika (from morning to evening) and I felt worrisome.. 16.20, succeed, we made a deal, yahooo~

And I got question, that made me doubt again, "What would you do there?"
Hmmmm, based on the plan, we try to build a communication officially both of the foundation, just do some of simple chit-chat: about the system, child, teacher; a kind of study-comparation.. (forget the "mission" until we find chance to do it)

And I got a supportive answer from my team, "Tenang aja, Bu Ika orang nya baik koq..",, that's really comfort me better #grin
When you do good things, everything would come better,  xixixixi..

God bless us for Friday's meeting ^^
It should be guuuuuud~~~