Saturday, October 24

my mom is so cool

* this morning *

Lee: Mbok, I'll show u something..
* show this picture *
Lee: Do u know her? Who is she???
Simbok: She's the one with the white before, right?
Lee: Woaaaaaah, that's right.... U knew it, she's so cool right?

Aaaand Simbok is so cool too, xixixixi..
She really really really knew her daughter, jinjjaaaa~~~
Proud to be yours, #terharu

Recently, I only show off like a puzzle to Simbok..
First, a picture - the white one - that inspired me so much #grin - I said, "I wanna be like that" - so here I am.
Then, I always playing Sistar's song - humming - singing - dancing maybe, puhahahahaaa.
Next, I was playing Pillow special clip, it just a simple one, 3 singers on a nice bedroom, of course SY's outfit is the focus here #noted (I copycat it directly, just wait a perfect moment until I could wear that freely).
Sometimes, I was sharing SY's "once a meal a day", and discussed it with Simbok n Babe, for a comparison, just in case, just in case, just in case, and just in case #horrormodeon >,,,<
Almost everyday, I use Sistar's song (Shake It, I Swear, Touch My Body, Give It To Me) as BGM during my exercise, high rhythm to rise beat, a mood booster actually ^^
And last (today, not least),, this bonus picture for guessing, lalalalalala~

Proud to be yours T___T
* did I say that again? *
* akhirnya bisa nemuin orang yg tau hati ini kemana, bukan krn "upil" aja :v *

Life is good, esp when you surrounded by people that you loved, gomawooo~

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