Monday, October 31

on a rush

... Monday & Thursday ...

I found that I am quite sensitive on those day..
I just don't want to leave here, but I need to go there

or maybe

I always rushed on those day,
others rush me,
while I'm trying to make myself as relaxed as possible

I hate parting..

--- day 17 ---

Sunday, October 30

Lee is God's lover

... I believe that God loves me so much ...

Yesterday, I got an 'answer' ^^
And discussed it with simbok was a great relief
I learned new things..

After asking and waiting long enough,
doing some 'work',
hunting small things,
making new relationships with new people

Now is the right time, reaping time, xixixixixi..

Therefore, I should be responsible for this chance
New challenges for long periods, so I don't have to worry anymore
Just think about my statement too, "everyday is a holiday",
it would make me calm everyday..

Kyaaaaaaaaa, I am God's lover..

--- day 18 ---

Saturday, October 29

simple question

... just a single question ...

I have to answer this question many times in this week
" Do you eat 'well' ? "

Sorry, i don't tell the truth this time

--- day 19 ---

Friday, October 28

never hate us

... nice pic & desc ...

--- day 20 ---

Thursday, October 27

she is an 'artist'

... finally I got her number ...

Today is her birthday, but she isn't here
So, I need her number, the right one

Anyway, she still an 'artist' for me
while I was a bad fan for not following her
*glodhak.. glodhak.. glodhak....

I called this day as a Mission Impossible
*dunno the exactly reason

Mission Number 1 - getting her number
As a stalker, oups.. I didn't get it. So, I asked directly to her secretary, Bahamud (akakakakak). This mission almost failed because of her carelessness.
Great job, boy.. [enemy spotted]

Mission Number 2 - waiting
Just waiting till 00:00. This is the 'important' part ^^
Of course, I didn't checking the difference time, because she was born in here

Mission Number 3 - phon2 time
1st call : (phone 1)
.... .... ....

2nd call : (phone 1)
.... .... ....
xyyyzzzzzz zzzxxxyyyyy xyyyzzzzzz zzzxxxyyyyy [local dialogue]
the number you call is not active [other CS] # eeeeeeeeeeeh....

3rd call : (phone 2)
.... .... ....
[tuuut.. tuuuuuut..] # hoy hoooy....
(artist) : Hallo..
(me) # isn't a "weeei", so this is her right number
(me) # looks like she's ngebo-ing
(me) : Dah bobox ? # i like this stupid question
(artist) : Hallo.... Hallo....
(me) : Gag denger pa ? # hmmmmmm, maybe it is delay..
(artist) : Hallo.... Hallo.... Hallo....
(me) : Holla-hallo wae.. Tak-phon2 ulang.. # dudul, dedel, dodol everytime
(me) : # cekleeek..

4th call : (phone 2)
.... .... ....
[tuuut.. tuuuuuut..]
(artist) : Hallo..
(me) : Dah bobox ?
(artist) : udaaah.. sini pagi oq
(me) : Ya'ez lanjut bobox ae, tak phon2 besok #
(me) : Happy Birthday

It's not perfect, but successful..
chu ~~

--- day 21 ---

Wednesday, October 26


... a kind of oxygen for me ...

--- day 22 ---

Tuesday, October 25


... blush ...

while I said:
close your eyes, and close to me

--- day 23 ---

Monday, October 24

little mermaid

... bleb bleb bleb ...

and then the little mermaid turned into bubbles and disappeared

anyway, I'm ready for the bubbles

--- day 24 ---

Sunday, October 23

there's gonna be one less lonely girl

... justin bieber - one less lonely girl ...

Alright let's go
There's gonna be one less lonely girl (one less lonely girl)
One less lonely girl (one less lonely girl)
There's gonna be one less lonely girl (one less lonely girl)
One less lonely girl (ha)

--- day 25 ---

Saturday, October 22


... some goals of the human living ...
*listening from the radio

1. Born to acquire
2. Born to bond
3. Born to comprehend
4. Born to defend

Goal 1
I do my work for continuing my life to get a better life (our old messages)
Money isn't everything >> true
And without money, we can't do anything too >> absolutely true
So I'm not a naive, I'm working to get money, but I don't working for money.
Honestly, this world would be better if there isn't money. Money makes lots of difference here..

Goal 2
Yeah, I like this part so much. We do as social beings, we bond each other.
It's about how to build relationship with the others.

Goal 3
Till' now, I learn to comprehend about everything..
Why I am here? What should I do? What is exactly 'my role' in this life? etc.. etc....
This goal is the hardest, because all I can do is comprehend by doing
* writing this post is a kind of comprehending too

Goal 4
Aaaa, this is our human nature..
When we are in trouble, even we are right or wrong, we would defend ourselves.

And believe me, after you read all of those goals, you'll agree with the statements below..
Everything is self-centered (cih....)

--- day 26 ---

Friday, October 21

unyuuu boy (again)

... almost forgotten ...

October is month of family..
It means lots of activities in every weekend ^^

Although the number of participants slightly,
I still enjoy every moment on it

Last week, I played table tennis
*I can't play tonight, because there are deadlines >_<

And I also played "dakon" (traditional's game)
Please, look at my enemy's expression here..

I snap it secretly

I fought a lil' boy !?!?!?
I felt dilemma between:
feeling of wanting to win + slowly tortured him because his face
I feel sorry because he was pouting + his face (again)

So, the major reason is HIS face (LoL)
Anyway, I like lil' bro or lil' sis ^^
* the unyuuu one

--- day 27 ---

Thursday, October 20

smell the rain

... it's raining ...

Yahoooooo, it's raining again
Raining without thunder in the night is so romantic ^^
I love their scent & rhythm too
It's soooooo refreshing and relieving stress

And when this moment happens,
I remember these songs:
Golden Memories - Rhythm Of The Rain
Bonnie Pink - It's Gonna Rain

--- day 28 ---

Wednesday, October 19

sprain everywhere

... here, there, and everywhere ...

I played table tennis with passion. I entered the final round and met my father there. We didn't need to continue the game, because we were the winners ^^
My perform is still good, I feel proud on it..
As a bonus, I got sprain in right arm >_<

The next day, lot's of people said: "it's hooot..", so I decided to go to swim in the afternoon.
I always love the blue world, the world that is honest to me..
I warmed up properly, and I found my right arm was better, but I got sprain in left thigh >_<

I forgot about my activities, but the sprain moved to my right little finger >_<
And this is the most painful sprains ToT

--- day 29 ---

Tuesday, October 18

countdown 30

... 30 days from now ...

I'll meet you again
can't wait 'till those day

and I will enjoy day by day,
as you said: everyday is holiday

--- xixixi ---

Monday, October 17

that woman

A woman loves you
The woman loves you wholeheartedly
She follows you around like a shadow every day
She smiles but is actually crying

How much longer do I just have to look at you, alone
This love that came like wind,
This love that is like a shit,
If I continue this, will you love me?

Just come a little nearer, just a little bit
Please don’t step back
I, the one who loves you, is still next to you
That woman is crying

That woman is very shy
So she learnt how to smile
Her heart is so full of tear,
She can't even share her story with her best friend

That's why, that woman loved you
Cause you were so like her another fool
yet another fool
Please give me a hug before you leave me

I want to be loved, dear
That's all I wanted
She shouts, just in her heart, just in her heart
No one can hear her, but that woman is still next you

Do you know that,
I am that woman?

You don't do you?

Because you are just a fool

How much
How much longer
Do I have to love you like this?

This love that is like a fool
This love that is like a beggar

Would you love me?

That woman,
who loves you
is still next you and she is still crying

Sunday, October 16

I have always been there

she was in galau-mode (again)
and for me, her 'galau body language' is very funny
all I can do is 'support' cho2 ^^

story 01
I do not know what was happening

story 02
I have always been there

"the coolest best girl-friend"
omoo.. omoooooo....

Saturday, October 15

bad mouth

and the babo is ....

I should learn how to arrange 'my words'
Every single word that come out from this mouth

statement, opinion, question, joke, idea, attention, affection, anger, sadness

It just a kind of self-defense
to protect my teritory, my green zone,
to protect me, myself

That's why sometimes I choose to keep in silent,
because I don't want to hurt anybody
or get hurt by somebody

Because there's love in there..

And the fact, both silent or not,
that's still hurting

And because there's love in there..

--- (sometimes) love is painful ---

Friday, October 14

what human want

... about human needs ...

This morning I listened to the radio and get some things..

What do WOMEN want?
Affection, Attention, Respect

What do MEN want?

--- I think, it's right ---

Thursday, October 13


... thank God ...

I stepped inside the house
and I saw their smile

It's a 'warm' welcome

--- a burden lifted again ---

Saturday, October 8

what if

... what if ...

what if there is a problem, and you don't know anything,
then the others blame you because of their fault ?

you still don't know what exactly the problem is
and you don't know how suppose to do
while you losing temper or you feeling sad
because of the 'first wave'

that's how I feel right now..
a week that full of silly problems or baka persons
choose whatever you like!!
that's all yours not mine, but I got the rest from you
anyway, thanks..

sorry to say,
do you ever know that I have a feeling too ?

--- just want to close my eyes ---

Thursday, October 6

my old destiny

... I have a feeling with them ...

I'm a fan of Gil Ra Im

just because of her style (cool)
and her hair-style

--- kyaaaaaaaaa ---

Tuesday, October 4

not responding

... everything became "not responding" ...

Start from my heart was not responding,
then my brain was not responding,
my hands were not responding,
my eyes were not responding.

Even my lappie was not responding too,
my Adobe Photoshop was not responding,
my IE Browser were not responding,
my Chrome Browser were not responding,
my Task Manager was not responding.

What's goin' on?!?!?!?!?!?
Time to sleep and should forget the day..


three people in the same situation..
And I can't help it all because I'm in O___o

--- upset is contagious ---

Monday, October 3


... ...

The best part of me
I understand your feelings

The worst part of me
I understand your feelings

--- ---

Sunday, October 2

brown eyed girls - you

... brown eyed girls - you ...

I love this song very much
and these are the reasons:

No 1
It has a nice beating in the intro (cedhung-cethak-lovers)

No 2
They sound like a naughty bit*hes, esp: Ga In, so crispy and crunchy, ha3
Her style is same like C.L - 2NE1

No 3
Title of the song: YOU
until now, I never find translation of their lyric
# it should be a great one >_< (hunting.. hunting.. and hunting....)

--- neoui nune mame mome neoui mome nune mame ---