Thursday, August 30

note: Conakry 01 (simple)

Denpasar, Bali to Singapore (8/30/2012)
[duration: 2.30]
08.05 pm - 10.35 pm
07.05 pm - 09.35 pm

Singapore to Paris (8/30/2012)
[duration: 13.25]
11.55 pm - 07.20 am (+1 day)
10.55 pm - 12.20 pm

Paris to Bamako (8/31/2012)
[duration: 5.40]
02.10 pm - 05.50 pm
07.10 pm - 12.50 am

note: Conakry 01

Denpasar, Bali to Singapore [duration: 2.30]
8/30/2012 08.05 pm - 10.35 pm

Singapore to Paris [duration: 13.25]
8/30/2012 11.55 pm - 07.20 am (+1 day)

Paris to Bamako [duration: 5.40]
8/31/2012 02.10 pm - 05.50 pm

Bamako to Conakry [duration: ???]


Bamako to Paris [duration: 5.25]
10/26/2012 10.05 pm - 05.30 am (+1 day)

Paris to Singapore [duration: 12.40]
10/27/2012 12.00 pm - 06.40 am (+1 day)

Singapore to Denpasar, Bali [duration: 2.45]
10/27/2012 09.20 am - 12.05 pm


Denpasar, Bali to Yogyakarta

another smile

when I look at this buddy,
I remember a thing
cemil-cemal-cemol have a Gangnam Style, kekekekeke..

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Wednesday, August 29


#too fast

Tuesday, August 28

the words I couldn't bear to say

We Got Married - WooJung Couple,
I only watch 8 eps of them, and now it's over..

the words I (Lee Jang Woo) couldn't bear to say

--- a sad farewell ---


how far is that place?
same time in different timezone
#too far
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Monday, August 27


so, goodbye
don't cry
and smile..

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Friday, August 24


it's rare, but awesome..

- hope a nice weekend

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Thursday, August 23


What kind of guest that thinking too much?
What kind of guest that expecting too much?
What kind of guest that hoping too much?

Let's stop to be a guest,
and start to be the 'others'
That's a comfort zone..

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Friday, August 17


I thought grandma would come to my dream
she didn't, but You did >_<

I hope I could meet her in several days
so I can hear her message to me

20120817 - glad to know that Emak followed God

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already miss her

who's gonna tease me like she did..
she usually calls me 'Pesek'
she likes to match us with unexpected people
she has good sense of humor
I never saw her on angry mode, never..

because she is an old generation, she has her own taste, the 'old' one
She likes Roti Sobek Jakarta from Jogja
or another bread from Swiss or Wonder
And she likes any kind of ice that taste sour
The new one, I knew that she started to like snacks, Yuppy candies, Goodtime cookies, Pulply Orange too

She likes to watch action movie, esp from west
And sport's event, Olympic, Soccer, Boxing, Badminton, and the others

She loves to travel
Mom said that she almost around Java Island
Anything about geolocation, we believe in her

Pesek couldn't call Mak Yang..
Pesek can't say, play to Emak's home again
Pesek can't be her nice grandchild

20120817 - I don't have grandpa or grandma anymore

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1 year 11 months, almost 2 years after the first attack..
this Sept 14 should be her 75th
same as before, this moment was the worst birthday's present for my aunt (Aug 16)
Aug 17, I would remember this day
20120817 - Rest In Peace our belove, grandma
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her fave song

Anak Allah Yesus namaNya
Menyembuhkan, menyucikan
Bahkan mati, tebus dosaku
Kubur kosong membuktikan Dia hidup
S`bab dia hidup, ada hari esok
S`bab dia hidup, ku tak gentar
Karna ku tahu, Dia pegang hari esok
Hidup jadi berarti s`bab dia hidup
20120817 - Kubur Kosong was the last song that my grandma heard
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Tuesday, August 14

because it's you

Because it’s you,
because it’s you that I love
I can hold it in several times
Because I only knew you from the start
Because it’s all you,
because it’s you that I miss,
I love you
It hurts so much, it’s so hard
but because it’s you, I’m okay

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Sunday, August 12

habit of getting lost

funny that,
I'm still have & save this image

Short story:
I should went to that place, I knew where the place is, but I couldn't imagine, how do I get there.. correctly.. safely.. without missing.. or even forget..

I enjoyed my trip.. Oh, happy day~~
And, I got lost.. Oh, crazy day~~
At the end of the day.. Oh, happy day~~
#happens all the time (LoL)

I'm not saying that I'm bad in location or mapping.
But when I need it, I usually get lost.. waakakakakakak....

Friday, August 10

trial no 5

"God is very good.."
when I was saying that, simbok smile to me..
then, I continue to tell:
"Even I can't make a cake or cookies right now,
somebody would make it for me,
so I could taste them"

-like a boss, yeaaah..

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Tuesday, August 7

his thank-you page

At this time, the author is being tested..
-- 2012-08-07 10.00am

That would be the first experience of his lifetime..
Hope that you could enjoy it, the moment of "dag dig dug" ^^
I'm sure and believe that he could do this.. fighting!!!!

A few days ago, I got this..
And.. there is my name there :D
"unexpected trials", sounds funny, while sometimes I become a part of the trials
# kekekekeke..

... who have supported and motivated me during the process of preparing the final project, and that helped me when it came unexpected ordeal

--- waiting for the next 2 hours ---

Suzy's Effect

Some pictures of the cool-plex girl, Bae Suzy from "Big"
Her char, Jang Mary idolizes Lady Gaga, so here she is..
source: soompi
same face + different styles == different feelings

If there is a person like this in this world..
# puhahahahaaa
I hope, I have a chance to saw her
# glodhak.. glodhak.. glodhak....

Another Suzy's effect..
[1] When I get bored or accidentally see those, somehow I feel cheerful. She brings the joy, with her look on her face, her char, the way she walks or even run, xixixi.. This brat has cool-plex :p
[2] Every night before my sleeping time, I always listening "Eonjengan". I heard IU's voice, but imagined Suzy's perform. #tsk tsk tsk.. My brain is also affected..

--- and I like the effect ---

Monday, August 6


I'll never forget
what you did to me
#bad things #good things
and how you made me feel,
#happy #sad

but I will never let you know
that I remember
#every single things

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Saturday, August 4


Trust is better than love,
because you may not always trust the person you love
but you can always love the person you trust

Sounds great.. but.... T___T

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Short time, and we met again, Bae Suzy
Just because of your char, I started to like you, xixixi

Cold.. heartless.. 'athoz'.. 'koplak'.. and cute too
I called it, cool-plex: cool-complex (devil)
I wonder, why do you act 'sekyaaa' like that?
Ehem, anyway, you still 'sekyaaa', ekekekekeke..

"Dream High 1" is progressing, 50%
"Big" is on my way, slow but sure, 30%
And the next special target, "Running Man - wedding edition", incoming!!!!
3 times in a row, on the short time..

Maybe.. I said maybe..
She is a kind of an 'ideal' lil-siz for me ^^

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Thursday, August 2

loveholic - butterfly

brrrrrrrrr, another cold morning.. # jacket & blanket are still lacking
and let's getting the heat..
a Korean song, used to support the players in this Olympics

every time I hear this song, I can feel it, that 'feeling' just come to me
"I wish .. ..."

eoriseogeun sesangeun neoreul molla
This foolish world doesn’t know you
huhoe soge gamchwojin neoreul mot bwa
Hidden in regret, doesn’t know you
naneun ara naegen boyeo
I can see that in you
geutorok challanhan neoui nalgae
Your glorious wings

geomnaeji ma hal su isseo
Don’t be afraid, you can do it
tteugeopge kkumteulgeorineun nalgaereul pyeo naraolla sesang wiro
With my burningly trembling wings, I wish to fly over the world

taeyangcheoreom bicheul naeneun geudaeyeo
Shining brightly like the sun is you
i sesangi geochilge magaseodo
The world is like a rough block
bitnaneun sarama
Shining person (who stands out in the crowd)
nan neoreul saranghae
I love you
neol sesangi bol su itge nara jeo meolli
So the world can see, fly far

kkeogyeobeorin kkoccheoreom apeul ttaedo
Even if you hurt like a broken flower
sseureojin namucheoreom chorahaedo
Even when you are shabby like a fallen tree
neoreul mideo nareul mideo
I believe in you, Believe in me
urineun seororeul mitgo isseo
We will trust each other

simjangui soril neukkyeobwa
Feel the sound in your heart
himgyeopge jeobeonohatdeon nalgaereul pyeo naraolla sesang wiro
Unfold those wings and fly above the world

beokchadorok areumdaun geudaeyeo
Even though you’re too much for me, you’re beautiful…
i sesangi chagapge deungeul boyeodo
Even if this world shows you the cold shoulder
nunbusin sarama
Shining person
nan neoreul saranghae
I love you
neol sesangi bol su itge narajwo
So the world can see you, please fly

taeyangcheoreom bicheul naeneun geudaeyeo
Shining like the sun
i sesangi geochilge magaseodo
Even if this world blocks you
bitnaneun sarama
Shining person (who stands out in the crowd)
nan neoreul saranghae
I love you
neol sesangi bol su itge nara jeo meolli
So the world can see you, fly high

one in a million

I never concern about this scene, 
but when I saw this picture # nod.. nod.. nod....

Sarah Tancredi, I agree with you!!
I apologize, Sarah.. because I didn't notice to you before
I've tried to be careful and trying not to screw it up right now

Is there any chance to find the right person? Of course, dull.. 
But, it's one in a million, and I hope I get that 'one' 
# dull+i+sm

--- don't attach to 'things', if they won't last ---

Wednesday, August 1


just some scenes on Dream High 1

And, we have the same habits here..
when I couldn't 'run', then this is an 'escape' that I have
close eyes, close ears, close mouth
to cover all the possibilities from outsiders
to minimize the impact to myself or any other person
If there are musics, it would be nice too ^^

IU.. ai..yu..

the day when I started to love IU ^^

Reason no 1: Her name is IU..
(read) 'ai'.. 'yu'.. It sounds like = I and You
(indo version) 'aiyu' or 'ayu' means beautiful

Reason no 2: I was impressed with her song, "You and I"
(reason no 1 & 2 are related) Actually, I always interested in songs that have title = "You and I"
Because, my first concern and my very first reason, (reason no 0), Park Bom's song, "You and I". There is a 'key' inside the song, a lifetime key. So, I'll never forget about that.
I really never forget about that.. But.., sorry, sometimes I fail >_<

Reason no 3: IU's voice like an angel, pure and perfect
Esp, when she sing with acoustic verse.. nice....

Reason no 4: She dance clock-dance..
Another tic-toc that attract my attention