Saturday, August 4


Short time, and we met again, Bae Suzy
Just because of your char, I started to like you, xixixi

Cold.. heartless.. 'athoz'.. 'koplak'.. and cute too
I called it, cool-plex: cool-complex (devil)
I wonder, why do you act 'sekyaaa' like that?
Ehem, anyway, you still 'sekyaaa', ekekekekeke..

"Dream High 1" is progressing, 50%
"Big" is on my way, slow but sure, 30%
And the next special target, "Running Man - wedding edition", incoming!!!!
3 times in a row, on the short time..

Maybe.. I said maybe..
She is a kind of an 'ideal' lil-siz for me ^^

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