Friday, August 17

already miss her

who's gonna tease me like she did..
she usually calls me 'Pesek'
she likes to match us with unexpected people
she has good sense of humor
I never saw her on angry mode, never..

because she is an old generation, she has her own taste, the 'old' one
She likes Roti Sobek Jakarta from Jogja
or another bread from Swiss or Wonder
And she likes any kind of ice that taste sour
The new one, I knew that she started to like snacks, Yuppy candies, Goodtime cookies, Pulply Orange too

She likes to watch action movie, esp from west
And sport's event, Olympic, Soccer, Boxing, Badminton, and the others

She loves to travel
Mom said that she almost around Java Island
Anything about geolocation, we believe in her

Pesek couldn't call Mak Yang..
Pesek can't say, play to Emak's home again
Pesek can't be her nice grandchild

20120817 - I don't have grandpa or grandma anymore

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