Wednesday, August 1

IU.. ai..yu..

the day when I started to love IU ^^

Reason no 1: Her name is IU..
(read) 'ai'.. 'yu'.. It sounds like = I and You
(indo version) 'aiyu' or 'ayu' means beautiful

Reason no 2: I was impressed with her song, "You and I"
(reason no 1 & 2 are related) Actually, I always interested in songs that have title = "You and I"
Because, my first concern and my very first reason, (reason no 0), Park Bom's song, "You and I". There is a 'key' inside the song, a lifetime key. So, I'll never forget about that.
I really never forget about that.. But.., sorry, sometimes I fail >_<

Reason no 3: IU's voice like an angel, pure and perfect
Esp, when she sing with acoustic verse.. nice....

Reason no 4: She dance clock-dance..
Another tic-toc that attract my attention

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