Tuesday, February 16

Heavenly Forgiveness


You know you really love someone, when you can't hate them for breaking your heart...

Yeap, like I said before
Me and You: L&H,
and I still missing you, Dutz T__T

Friday, February 12

potato head (2)

* first read *
"potato head"

* impossibru, she isn't at Bali *

* looking others pictures *

* reading comments *

Wanjeeeer, nie anak plesir ke Bali beneran.. Kagak tanggung2, jarak nya cuman (1 + 1.5) jem dari gue.. Bisa2 nya doi ke Potato Head, gue aje cuman bisa nulis di wishlist n blon pernah kesampean kesono T__T, so so so so lucky....

* imagining *
Orang Indo kagak ada yg bakal tau ato kenal ato aware, kecuali kemana2 dirubung rombongan body guard.. Klo seumpama jalan biasa (non dandan, non kostum), pasti uda mirip orang Korea kebanyakan (ya emang iyeeee).. Gue juga klo papasan pasti "pangling", pasti laaah~

* ID *
Signature nya doi cuman satu, Husky-voice.. Klo dia ngomong, njerit ato nyanyi, dalam radius gue, gue tau PASTI dan bakalan gue samperin. Tapiiiiii, dilemma nya 1 biji, mau ngoproool apaan, puciiiink-pala-berbiiiiii

Dilemma krn blom meluncur ke Bali, uda keduluan sama si Enenk *liyut-liyut*

potato head - bali

I left for a moment, and she was there *liyut-liyut-liyut-pengin-nyusul*

Bday time or mini project time???

Anyway, 생일 축하해.... 

You're lucky girl, I had a crush on that place, dudududuuuuh I never had been there before >,,,< 

* yeap, this figure could save me from the loneliness *

Wednesday, February 10


a song for you.. and for me right now

Feels like I'm drowning,
everytime I remember bout you~

Friday, February 5

a month


I didn't realize it, today..
It's been a month

Hello from the inside T___T
to both of you~

Gumiho is crying tonight,
and I instantly crying too..
Lots of sweet and sorrow things were splashing to my head

So, here is my fool-conclusion
We are still here, and struggling so much, and do responsible to continue,, continuing the good good ones

Just give me any chances, lets do this..

I miss yours