Tuesday, August 30

unyu boy

unyuuu boy
who could sing: "cicak cicak ding ding ding"
(rofl) (lmao)

*people usually sing: "cicak cicak di dinding"

Monday, August 29

one rule

... is it still possible? ...

One rule in friendship
never make your friends feel lonely, 
disturb them as much as you can

.... .... ....

Saturday, August 27

Na Sang Sil's quote

we need to be fallen or pretend being fallen to reach our destiny..

Cho Anna a.k.a Na Sang Sil

I'm not "pretend" on it, and I called it as a "process"

Sunday, August 21


Friday morning,
I went to office, wore long sleeved shirt, plus a singlet inside. I didn't want to look formal, so I released 2 buttons above. Tried to be more relaxed, it just a style ^^
*some staff asked about that..

Saturday morning,
I had a dream. My person was angry about that style, she said: it doesn't fit to me..
*dunno why

And when I chose some outfit to office, the last result was the same style (again, eh)..
I quickly changed to something that usual one..

--- at least, she was there ---

Thursday, August 18


... stupidity oh human race ...

.... waiting ....
# sentrap-sentrup..
driver-1 :: klo agak pilek, AC nya ditutup aja, nenk
nenk :: lha wong saia (abis mangkel & nangis) kepanasen je
# sentrap-sentrup..
# uda target + rede bwat masuk angin
.... waiting ....
driver-1 :: mbak-nya pindah mobil aja
nenk :: (eh..)
# pindahan mobil
.... waiting ....
driver-2 :: bentar ya, mbak
nenk :: (eh....)
# batal sudah puasa ini

I froze for a while, then I started to think clearly..
In a moment, I thought that got sick is cool
<<< tet tooot, then I use my jacket
In a moment, I've made my parents worried about my stupid ego
<<< tet tooot, I should explain it wisely tonight
In a moment, I felt this was "end of the day" (not end of the world)
<<< tet tooot, stupidity of human race
In the end of my journey, I knew exactly that: anger is dangerous
<<< dink duuunk....

--- sorry, indo's only ---

Wednesday, August 17

oh yeaaah

... August 17, 2011 ...

mission :: "gembel the explorer"

--- to be continue ---

Sunday, August 14

he bin gong yuan

... he bin gong yuan ...

# dink dunk #
Selina is playing piano, like I "did"

# dink dunk dink dunk dink dunk #
I always love Ella ^^

# dink dunk #
There is a grassy park with beautiful scenery

# dink dunk #
The song has lots of parables that elusive

# tet tot #
I thought, this was a happy song..

# tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet tot #
a farewell song, nooooooooooooooo..
I am not ready for a farewell (now)

--- he bin gong yuan ---

Saturday, August 13

s.h.e - he bin gong yuan (lyric)

he bin gong yuan
riverside park

he bin gong yuan wo men jian bing jian
riverside park, we stand shoulder to shoulder
cao di luu de tai xian yan shuo bu chu kou na ju zai jian
green grass is too bright not say goodbye phrase
xiang yi bian chu lian de gan jue yi zou yuan
think again love the feeling of being far away
wo men dou kan jian jie ju zai gai bian
we have seen to change the outcome in

he bin gong yuan wo men jiang shou qian
riverside park, we will hand-pull
tai guo xing fu de xia tian bu gua he shuo na ju zai jian
too happy summer do not say the phrase for goodbye
ni de lian dao ying zai he an de shui mian
your face reflected in the river's water
wo cai fa xian ai yi bei ge qian (bu jian)
i found, love has been stranded but not

tang zhao kan lan tian ni zai wo you bian
lying down watching the blue sky you at my right hand
bu zai qu zheng bian shei dui shei kui qian
not to argue who is who owe

zai e luan shi bu dao de an bian ni di zhao tou chou yan
pebbles on the shore of the trail you head down smoker
zhi shi an jing de ting wo mai yuan bu zai pei zhao xiao lian
just listen to me complain quiet no *pei zhao xiao lian*
wo jiang wo zi ji fan suo zai fang jian che ye wei mian
i locked myself in the room stayed up all night
dang shou zhong de feng zheng yi jing dou duan le xian yue piao yue yuan
when the hands are off the line kite has more drift farther
wo bu zai hui tou qu jian na duan cong qian
i will not go back to pick up during that past
jie shou ni de bao qian
accept your sorry

Friday, August 12

lil' concerto

... about 6 hours ...

Sitting quietly in the office
# .... #

Facing with laptop seriously
# .... #

Typing + coding lively
# cethek cethek .. cethok cethok .. cethek cethok #
# cethek cethek .. cethok cethok .. cethek cethok #

PLUS, listening to musics using earphones
# nodding tapping beating #

especially S.H.E music
# smiling humming smiling (again) #

And the part I liked most,
when I was listening "he bing gong yuan"
my typing was like playing piano keys

I really enjoy it,
like a single concert
what a great momento

And at the end of office hours,
I completed the new features

--- never expected like this before, xoxoxo ---

a thinker is a thinker

... wae~ ~ ~ nae~ ~ ~ga wae~ ~ ~irae ...

I still remembered at a glance
on that short moment
or maybe I was amazed

Wait.. wait.. wait....
Why those thing suddenly appear in my mind?
I don't know why
Should I ask about it?

better don't know about anything
better don't have some chances to know
It wasn't my business, I should kill my curiosity..

How about "I should responsible to other's life" ?
Seriously, I did it..
But, when I don't get any response on it, should I still responsible about them?

My personal answer: absolutely not
I don't like to wait too long, and I knew exactly the meaning of 'tired' word..
So please, don't say anything to me, if you don't do it as you say
*easier to say than to act

Today, I read The Purpose Driven - Day 5
And I got: "Because I have you, then I have to care of you"

--- aaaaaaargh, reset my mind again ---

Wednesday, August 10

what an issue

... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...

Past Issue
[somehow] I should responsible for other's life..

Today Issue
[don't know why] I should responsible for other's feeling..

Why those issues are growing rapidly?
Even too complex..

If I could ask-back,
Do you want to be responsible of my life? Or my feeling? Would you?
Because I am also facing crisis too..

Should I tell everything that I felt right now?
If I do it, then I am just like you.. 

--- do you care? or did you care? ---

Tuesday, August 9

my person

... nice to hear that ...

We never meet before
We didn't know each other
We only talked briefly by phone

Today [August 08], she invited me a lil' conversation..
She just said: "hai lia liooo"
And I felt her warmth there

There are only few people who called me like that
People who close to me, my person ^^

--- and I miss is too ---

Saturday, August 6

just stop it..

... cha-e-cho is ...

If you say A, but you do B
as long as case-A is a trivial thing,
I only sing: I don't care.. ee~ee~ee~ee~ee~~~
*this is common, dude


If you say X, but you do Y
and case-X is very important thing, no kidding at all,
even it spend memory in my brain, and of course in my feeling too..
Errrrrrrrr, those thing have "domino-effect" in your whole life
*not in my life, but I still think about it, 'cause it doesn't make sense (of mine)
And in the end of the day, I know your actual purpose..

--- do you feel better after what you've done? ---

Tuesday, August 2


... it wasn't deja vu, but it was a flashback ...

same time,
same place,
same situation

for a while
I remembered my grandma

... hate it ...

Monday, August 1


Grey's Anatomy - S03E10
Don't Stand So Close to Me

At the end of the day, when it comes down to it,
all we really want.. is to be close to somebody

So this thing, where we all keep our distance 
and pretend not to care about each other?
It's usually a load of bull..

So we pick and choose 
who we want to remain close to.

Christina: Why can't you mind your own business?
Christina: You know, what is your problem?
Meredith: You're my sister. You're my family.
Meredith: You're all I've got.

And once we've chosen those people
we tend to stick close by
no matter how much we hurt them

The people that are still with you at the end of the day
Those are the ones worth keeping

And sure, sometimes, close can be too close..

But sometimes, that invasion of personal space
it can be exactly what you need

--- errrrrrrrr ---