Thursday, August 18


... stupidity oh human race ...

.... waiting ....
# sentrap-sentrup..
driver-1 :: klo agak pilek, AC nya ditutup aja, nenk
nenk :: lha wong saia (abis mangkel & nangis) kepanasen je
# sentrap-sentrup..
# uda target + rede bwat masuk angin
.... waiting ....
driver-1 :: mbak-nya pindah mobil aja
nenk :: (eh..)
# pindahan mobil
.... waiting ....
driver-2 :: bentar ya, mbak
nenk :: (eh....)
# batal sudah puasa ini

I froze for a while, then I started to think clearly..
In a moment, I thought that got sick is cool
<<< tet tooot, then I use my jacket
In a moment, I've made my parents worried about my stupid ego
<<< tet tooot, I should explain it wisely tonight
In a moment, I felt this was "end of the day" (not end of the world)
<<< tet tooot, stupidity of human race
In the end of my journey, I knew exactly that: anger is dangerous
<<< dink duuunk....

--- sorry, indo's only ---

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