Tuesday, April 29


I expected them to yell,
I didn't expect silence ~ Callie

I did too, and that's never happen :v

Sunday, April 27


dink donk daenk...

how to sit

This is me, my name is Chocoo..
And I'm a cute little girl

This is how I sit #perfecto

Saturday, April 26


People is better than no people ~Karev

Friday, April 25

untold story

This is an-untold-story,
that happened last night before I ended my trip

The universe really loves us ^^
Finally, this year we met up, India-boy..

We made a plan to have a dinner together, but accidentally we met more early, in Kute beach
For a glance, I couldn't forget that moment, while I was waiting the sunset, he suddenly walked in front of me, pfffft..
Dink-donk-denk, WE met

Thank God, we had a good chit-chat..
And I knew that he became a "real-man" now, even he still the same like before :v :v

All I remembered, that night, more felt like Jogja, not Bali #hahahaaa
*that's the interesting part

Next plan: we would meet in West Java, Bali (again), or overseas #yuhuuuu....

Sunday, April 20

i miss

Today (this day)
This hour, I miss my part..
D-day, and I'm not there >,,,<

God bless everything there

Eh, why this place playing "Just The Way You Are" :v

Friday, April 18




first-mobile-kit :v


I'll go for a while,
so I need to post some pictures of my dongsaeng

These are the way she looks, when we elus2 her.. she love.love.love it so much
*perfect with my song: isn't she lovely ^^

Kyaaaaaa, it's really kyuuuuuuuuut.. *kecup-kecup

Wednesday, April 16


Looks like me
I should be an A, am I ?
*waiting to be normal first to check my blood-type

secret: 140416

I did..
It was really clear,
that I didn't get what I want
*got that

Saturday, April 12

I'm Lovin It

me and Izzie,
it sounds crazy #ekekekeeek

Anyway, thanks for coming..
You bright my day, and of course my mind
Let's meet-up again ^^

Friday, April 11

hey Izzie

So, I found Izzie..
She's really tall like a model, I knew that

Comforting her is the best thing I could do
Hug her, even kiss her
*suddenly hit a-worse-scenario, ckckckck

Seriously, that's hard..
But I'll do for you as your person, you're my person ^^

Saturday, April 5

own :: 140405

Since people start to do their ego-centrism..

Who do you think you are?
*I heard this song before, and you did it

I don't care too,
let's celebrate it.. It's gonna be a freedom for me...

Start from now, I'm FREE !!!

A o N,, N for Nothing *closing-case