Tuesday, December 31

family's candid camera

Suddenly miss this family, and found the best moment on it ^^
If you really know about this, that's great.
She's the only one, who can do it, wekekekekek

"but when you put yourself in her shoes, you can understand how upsetting it can be..."


BTOB - Wow

Feels like BB's era ^^

02:09 - meo-ri-bu-teo bal-kkeut-kka-ji Hot... #JiHyo'sDance

case closed

Next year,
I'll guarantee..
There would be no *OU here

December - Cry Out

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Monday, December 30


Tuesday, December 24

current date

In this current date (same date, different years), I always have a very high expectation bout my days #excited

Please, don't ruin mine.. Jebaaaaaal~~

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Sunday, December 22


6.30 pm, penguk-girl was had a bad-dreaming, she was sleeping with a grumpy-face, plus made some voices..
What was that, chupie~

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Friday, December 20

the big big bang

Rock Mafia - The Big Bang

The big big bang
The reason I'm alive
When all the stars collide
In this universe inside.

The big big bang

The big big bangthe big big bang


rainy day #beceeek
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Rock Mafia - The Big Bang

Oh babe !...
I don't wanna LIE
I'm gonna TAKE what you're giving
'Cause I KNOW you're willing
To take me all the way
You got me right here,
And I can't wait to finally EXPLODE

The big big bang
The reason I'm alive
When all the stars collide
In this universe inside.

The big big bang
The big big bangthe big big bang

Some people like to TALK,
But I'm into DOING
What I feel like doing
When I'm inspired, so
If we take a walk down
The beach tonight
I bet that we could light up the sky

The big big bang
The reason I'm alive
When all the stars collide
In this universe inside.

The big big bang
The big big bangthe big big bang

Take it from me, I don't wanna be,

Sometimes I feel so isolated
I wanna die
And I'll take it from me if you got it
Every time
So baby, bring your body here
Next to mine, next to mine

I don't wanna dream
I just wanna live it
So baby
Let's not miss this thing

The big big bang
The reason I'm alive
When all the stars collide
In this universe inside.

The big big bang
The big big bangthe big big bang

Hit me big, big, big, bang
Whoa, baby
Whoa, baby
Whoa, baby

~ such an emotional song for me ~

Thursday, December 19

The Determined Realist

Determined Realists like to bear responsibility and welcome challenges. They are stable, reliable persons. External contacts are very important to them; they mix well and are very active. They are excellent organizers and are very happy when things are done correctly and punctually; they can quickly react impatiently if others are not as conscientious, orderly and dutiful as they are.

They prefer structured work which produces visible results quickly to abstract, long-drawn-out processes. Determined Realists have no problem with routine as long as it serves efficiency. However, they very much dislike unexpected and unpredictable occurrences which mess up their careful plans. Once they have committed themselves to a cause they do this with dedication and are willing to make considerable sacrifices for it.

Determined Realists do not avoid conflicts and criticism but face up to them and look for solutions. As they have a keen eye for the errors and shortcomings of others and are often quick at expressing criticism, they sometimes rub people up the wrong way especially when they lose their temper and jump to conclusions. Due to their marked sense of justice they are quickly willing to correct themselves and never take offence if someone speaks to them frankly. You do not have to seek hidden motives with them; you always know where you are. Determined Realists are often found in executive positions as they combine commitment, competence and the ability to assert themselves. In their spare time, they often also accept responsibility in clubs and other institutions. 

Traditions rate highly with Determined Realists. They attend every family event and never forget a birthday or wedding anniversary. Family and friends are very important to them. With their open, communicative manner, they find it easy to get to know people and have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. They are never superficial, but reliable and loyal friends who are always there when they are needed. Determined Realists take their relationships very seriously - they dream of finding a partner for life. In a love relationship, they seek above all stability and loyalty and here, too, they are willing to invest a lot in a harmonious togetherness. Determined Realists master crises or difficult phases with composure; they would never think of breaking a promise given. As a partner, one can always rely on their support.

Adjectives that describe your type
extroverted, practical, logical, planning, direct, structured, conscientious, responsible-minded, self-confident, critical, honest, orderly, reliable, controlled, objective, able to concentrate, resolved, purposeful, communicative, with a sense of duty, tradition-conscious, stable, able to deal with conflicts, solution-oriented, relationship-oriented, efficient, impatient, warm-hearted, competition-oriented

Wednesday, December 18

forbidden book

Finally, I found this

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Tuesday, December 17

out of my misery

Shepard said:
Meredith... I do love you
Don't you see? Don't you understand?
You're the love of my life. I can't leave you.

But, you're constantly leaving me.
You walk away when you want, you come back when you want.
Not everyone. Not your friends. But you leave me.

So, I'm asking you, if you don't see a future for us, if you're not in this...
Please... please just end it because I can't. I'm in it.
Put me out of my misery.

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Absolutely yum-yum #woohoooo
Tonight would be a hyper-night ^^
Sorry Ms.Acne, I don't care~e~e~e~e

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Monday, December 16

Grey's Anatomy - Season 03

01. Time Has Come Today
02. I Am a Tree
03. Sometimes a Fantasy
04. What I Am
05. Oh, the Guilt
06. Let the Angels Commit
07. Where the Boys Are
08. Staring at the Sun
09. From a Whisper to a Scream
10. Don't Stand So Close to Me
11. Six Days (Part 1)
12. Six Days (Part 2)
13. Great Expectations
14. Wishin' and Hopin'
15. Walk on Water
16. Drowning on Dry Land
17. Some Kind of Miracle
18. Scars and Souvenirs
19. My Favorite Mistake
20. Time After Time
21. Desire
22. The Other Side of This Life (Part 1)
23. The Other Side of This Life (Part 2)
24. Testing 1-2-3
25. Didn't We Almost Have It All?

#last: eps 25, a-big-hit happen to Christina
#next: season 3

may 2014

maybe yes, maybe no.. #xixixixi

Sunday, December 15


The truth is I can actually hear you with my headphones in. I'm just choosing to ignore you.

That's how it works ^^

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Saturday, December 14

betapa hebat

Betapa hebat betapa kuat
Dahsyatnya Allah kita
Dia berjaya atas semua perbuatanNya

Yeiiiy, heard this song again ^^
All I knew, when you sang this song, it was the very first time I heard it.
Actually, it's nice n supporting song to sing

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new exp (3)

This is my third exp, for coming to others church.

Watching Mike+CS's rehearsal for tomorrow morning. It's 6 am #gulp, ekekekekekek
At this kind of situation, I miss to take a part in music too: of course the piano laaa~ (someday)
Good luck, guys!!

Anyway, I'm so interesting to look at their "perform", how they could handle this kind of condition, esp: mulmed team

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Friday, December 13

doer vs talker

Dear, You..

At first, I always try to be a doer. And yes, I'm a DOER for something that I'm fully responsible for what I say or think or believe.
Recently, it started to be "I was"
Now, I've become totally talker #shit

People like me, have a big ego plus a high dignity..
That's all~ I'll tell another later


Wednesday, December 11

simple formula

I talk like I used to be = usual.
I don't talk like I used to be = un-usual.

That's simple..

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Sunday, December 8

Park Ji Yoon ft. San E - Mr. Lee

Park Ji Yoon ft. San E - Mr. Lee

Park Ji Yoon == Lee Hyo Ri look-alike #ngakak
Psssssst, Mr. Lee James (James Lee McQuow) there ^^

Hey Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee Dong Hyun
Mr. Lee Sang Hyun
Mr. Lee Jong Soo
Mr. Lee Jong Shin
Mr. Lee Jung Chi
Mr. Lee James
Mr. Lee Min Ho
Mr. Lee Jae Gun
Mr. Lee Doo Hong
Mr. Lee Sang Ku
Mr. Lee Yong Hyun
Mr. Lee Jay Koon
Mr. Lee Sang Ho
Mr. Lee Seung Taek
Mr. Lee SAN
Mr. Lee Hyun Jong

--- geudaero meom.chwo.ra ---

theme (2)

Original image ^^


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Such a kind of theme or what~
I got a cute song, plus..
PLUS a message that always clinging to my head recently

It means: an affirmative, right?
Even the universe give a sign for me ^^ #SecretTime

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Saturday, December 7

great expectation

You gotta wonder
why we cling to our expectations.
Because the expected is just what keeps us steady.
Standing.. Still..
The expected's just the beginning

The unexpected ...
is what changes our lives

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I need to believe,
believe in something
the way I used to believe in you

Am I just hoping for a miracle?

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hollaaa Lil' Chuppie~
good night n sleep tight

This night,
you and I, together.. sleep outside, wekekekekek

Be nice on the next morning yaaa...

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family is everything

Vin Diesel
When I heard, I immediately flew back to California, and went directly from the plane to his mother's house...

I thought they needed my strength, but realized when I got there and broke down before his family, that it was I who needed theirs.

His mother hugged me and said I am so sorry... I said sorry? You're the mother who lost a son?... She said yes, but you lost your other

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Thursday, December 5

personal space

The people that are still with you at the end of the day?
Those are the ones worth keeping.

And sure, sometimes,
close can be too close.

But sometimes,
that invasion of personal space,
it can be exactly what you need

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Monday, December 2


After reset my mind,
and then was collecting info this morning..
This is how I felt~

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Saturday, November 30

Grey's Anatomy - Season 02

01. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
02. Enough is Enough
03. Make Me Lose Control
04. Deny, Deny, Deny
05. Bring the Pain
06. Into You Like a Train
07. Something to Talk About
08. Let It Be
09. Thanks for the Memories
10. Much too Much
11. Owner of a Lonely Heart
12. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
13. Begin the Begin
14. Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
15. Break on Through
16. It's the End of the World
17. As We Know It
18. Yesterday
19. What Have I Done to Deserve This?
20. Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
21. Superstition
22. The Name of the Game
23. Blues for Sister Someone
24. Damage Case
25. 17 Seconds
26. Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response
27. Losing My Religion

#next: season 3
can't wait for the "suicide" one

Friday, November 29


Watching High Flyers at Bloomberg is an awesome one..
I could learn lots of cool things from their Biography, their experiences, their actions. How to be a "good" businessman, with a fabulous ways, even they started with worst condition. #HighMotivate

They have a nice MC, with a warm voice and could bring a "high" one.. #High++

And you know, it takes place on High Flyers.. (I only saw that circle before >,<). It has a big space, and of course it's slow and high~~

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Lee: chuppiee~
Lee: say hi!
Chuppie: hollaaa..

She steals mine (my smile),
isn't she lovely? #singing

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But sometimes,
no matter how much you love someone,
they just can't love you back in the same way.

Side story:
This early morning, I heard Pao 'kecegur kalen' because a bird shocked her.. Wakakakakak.. She took a bath early this week

Sooo, my "isn't she lovely" song, goes to Pao now :*

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Wednesday, November 20

too much is too much

I loph this stat, so I wrote it again..

How do you know,
how much is too much?
Too much, too soon?
Too much information?
Too much fun?
Too much love,
too much to ask.

And when is it all just too much to bare?

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Saturday, November 16


If love were enough..
That if love were enough,
that .... still be here with you


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Friday, November 15

NS Yoon-G ft. Jay Park - If You Love Me

NS Yoon-G ft. Jay Park - If You Love Me

Did you ever sing this song? In front of me?
* I'm familiar to this song

If that's so.. that's really really really great, ceheheheheee..
I'm appreciate it.. Nice song to sing, nice song to share, nice song to express it
And you know what, I love it~

If you love me, if you want me
Don't ever let me go-yooo
If you love me, if you want me
Now's the time so tell me baby

--- new ringtone maybe ^^ ---

Wednesday, November 13

the dark

Eventually, we even have to figure out
how to take care ourselves.
As ..., we have to be in the know.

But as human beings,
sometimes, it's better to stay in the dark.

Because in the dark,
there may be fear....
But there's also hope

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not knowing

OK, so my point actually,
and I do have one,
has nothing to do with surprises..
My point is this: whoever said, "What you don't know can't hurt you"
was a complete and total moron.

Because for most people I know,
not knowing is the worst feeling in the world.

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Tuesday, November 12


One.. Twoo.. Threee....
#pokaleee, wkwkwkwk

Maybe, she is a massochist

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Grey's Anatomy - Season 01

01. A Hard Day's Night
02. The First Cut Is the Deepest
03. Winning a Battle, Losing the War
04. No Man's Land
05. Shake Your Groove Thing
06. If Tomorrow Never Comes
07. The Self-Destruct Button
08. Save Me
09. Who's Zoomin' Who?

#next: season 2 (ongoing)

Sunday, November 10

faith in humanity

* No
So, we could say: "we've done everything that we can.."

There is faith in humanity, the wise one
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Saturday, November 9

my person

I wish,
someday, someday..
Someone would say to me: "You're my person"

That's a heaven-voice for me
*esp: the right one

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first target

First target of the day
Mangafest at UGM
Small event aka local only, but there were our products there #yeeey

Not bad, keep the spirit high teel the end of day #smile

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Thursday, November 7


It's your life.
But it's her life, too.
And you have a chance to get better here.
And all she's asking you to do is try.

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Compilation - I Love Your Smile

Compilation - I Love Your Smile

Camp Jemaat - GKI Pajajaran Magelang
Waktu: 13 - 15 Oktober 2013
Tempat: Taman Eden 2, Kaliurang
1. Pdt Addi Soselia Patriabara (LPPS Yogya)
2. Tintien K. Lienardy (GKMI Kudus)


I was making this clip 2 days in a row in the middle of the night (8 pm to 3 am). A perfect time to look for ideas and make surprises, xixixi #aWorth. 
And, ta-daaa~~~ everyone loved it

From Shanice (ori), to Holladang (Korea), and than this ^^

I just want to share this message, and like I said before:
"I don't really like your smile, but I love your smile"

I deliberately have spread my message, and of course my BGM of this year too #yeaaah

*next one: Xmas Eve + Celebration

--- I love your smile ---

Pao & Her Broken Rubber

Pao pao Pao pao Pao pao Pao pao Pao pao

She loves to play with rubber-band
She played until the rubber-band is broken
We don't know, why she likes to chew a rubber-band
*maybe her teeth is growing

But, Pao's action always funny & cute ^^
from #Jebreeet
then #Umbel2an
and #Ingak2u
last #SadFace

Such a naughty little girl, wekekekek..

Gomawooo Pao :*

Monday, November 4

cute firefox

We call her "ndud", because she got 16kg from 11kg in a week #woot
And I call her "dud", she's so special for me ^^ #gift

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Wednesday, October 30

Jung Yup - Why Did You Come Now

Why did you come? Where were you?
It seems like it’s a bit late but we finally meet

Do you believe in love?
Is this fate?
I keep hearing sweet words

You’re smiling in front of me,
I tightly hold your hand next to you
I look at you with eyes overflowing with love
A song automatically comes out
with my especially light steps. 
Is it because it resembles you? 
This melody is beautiful

Why do I keep smiling?
Why do I keep looking at my phone?
People around me keep saying that I changed

Why am I like this?
Why do I keep thinking of you?
I guess the love I dreamed of is you

You’re smiling in front of me,
I tightly hold your hand next to you
I look at you with eyes overflowing with love
A song automatically comes out
with my especially light steps. 
Is it because it resembles you? 
This melody is beautiful

You’re smiling in front of me,
I tightly hold your hand next to you
I look at you with eyes overflowing with love
A song automatically comes out
with my especially light steps
Is it because it resembles you?
This melody is beautiful

Why did you come now?

--- this melody is beautiful ---

Monday, October 28


First thing I should do when I go to home: #must
look for Pao
and tease her

Anyway, I like to hug my lil dongsaeng, she smells like BakPao, xixixi.. So cweet....

Another story of us..
Today, both of us were slept early. In the end of the night (now), only us that still alert :v
I was accompanying her, playing with her, and even singing and humming for her, hahahaa.. Jung Yup's song is my OST recently.

I would upload a short story bout Pao and her toys, rubber :p #next

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I Hear Your Voice

01. I Hear Your Voice
02. Bad Girl, Good Girl
03. I'll be there
04. Him in My Vague Memory
05. Words That Can't Be Trusted
06. Me, Abandoned All Alone at the Edge of the World
07. Why Is a Sad Premonition Never Wrong?
08. For Whom Are You Living?
09. If Even You Leave in Difficult Days
10. Why Am I Lost Searching for Painful Memories?
11. I'm Sorry, I Hate You
12. Etude of Memories
13. The One Word in My Heart That I Can't Keep Inside
14. Things That I Have to Be Silent in My Memory
15. I Don't Ruin Anything
16. The Thieving Magpie Overture
17. Without Your Eyes, I Can't Even See in Front of Myself
18. Through the Light in the Darkness, You Remain with Me

"I can hear your voice" IS the ability to be able to listen to other people's hearts / feelings / thoughts. It is a blessing, and of course a curse too #DoubleDamage

*someday, I'll write 2NE1's version ^^

why did you come now

Jung Yup - Why Did You Come Now

Is this fate?
This melody is really beautiful.. #areumdaum

Aaa...nd, that girl is quite annoying (isn't in a negative connotation ^^)
*I knew a girl like that

the way she walks,
the way she says,
the way she moves her eyes,
the way she acts,

her cuteness, her fierce-ness, her madness, her folly..
80 %, exactly the same

20 % = their heart
wakakakakakak #truth
--- why did ... come now ---


It seems so long time ago,
that I don't write this statement

Michelle Amalia


Sunday, October 27


Holladang - I Love Your Smile

# Korean version is da best ^^
I would present it on my next slide, I hope: everyone hear my message, xixixi

I don't really like your smile, but I love your smile

--- BGM for my Slide ---

city on our knees

Tobymac - City On Our Knees

tonight's the night.. #sing

--- song of the week ---

Friday, October 25


Electricity was down..
It's chuppie's time, gyahahahaaa
Cute overload here >,,,<

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Thursday, October 24

mafioto game

It's really hard to kiss her >,,<

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Wednesday, October 23

nobody knows


Nobody knows where they might end up,
nobody knows~

Nobody knows where they might wake up,
nobody knows~

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GA on Star World

#live Grey's Anatomy
Such a rare n lucky night ^^
Everytime I watch this serial, I get thrill, and I cry

She is ours..
*I wish I could say it gently

There is an end after a storm..
*good vs bad

I think I lost you..
*so sorry

The best job in the world I've ever dreamt, you make me cling n high. Thank you for reminding me, there are good things outside there~

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Tuesday, October 22


We are responsible for helping and encouraging others,
for guiding them further along,
but we are not responsible for their choices..
If they want to live unhappy,
that’s their choice.
Don’t allow them to bring you down with them.

I really appreciate yours, isn't it?
Aa..and, here the reason is.. I open it ^^

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sleepy chuppie

Uri lil' dongsaeng had her sleepy time, bwahahahaaa..

Anyway, she is mafioto too #pfffft
She likes to smoke with semprong like a boss

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that relationship

that relationship where we can talk all the way 
from "good morning" to "good night" 
and never get bored of each other

Saturday, October 19

your choice

Spongebob: "What if I break your trust someday?"

Patrick: "Trusting you is my decision, proving me wrong is your choice."

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Wednesday, October 16

you can't..

I guess you just try not to care too much. Then you can't be disappointed.

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Tuesday, October 15

dixie chicks

An evening with the dixie chicks..
This album, accompany us today
Nice country shot,, chicks

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Goes to trip with famz,
with a plus-plus....

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Monday, October 14

new emo

A new emo, that express what do I really like

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Sunday, October 13


Exactly on this time, this hour..
Need to go home early.
What do we get now? c.r.o.w.d.e.d

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nomu nomu chooow..

same sky, isn't it..

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Wednesday, October 9


CSI Miami S01E01 - Golden Parachute

To whom it may concern
I hope I'm not writing this letter in vain

But I feel that I have a responsibility 
to those who depend on us

To those who expect us
to deliver an honest and fair accounting
I feel a responsibility 
to speak the truth

For those innocent victims 
who are powerless
to speak it themselves

Because without the truth, we ourselves become powerless

~Christina Calluchi


Yoseob - Caffeine

You're bad to me,
so bad to me,
oh girl~ you're like caffeine..

--- pait ---

Monday, October 7


I wish, simple wish that never happen..
I wish, I could buy your time

Saturday, October 5

have a nice "comma"

If you could be a "comma", not a "full stop"
That would be great

Someday, you'll know what I meant..

Tuesday, October 1

september end

No body woke me up when September end.
I slept at 9pm, and woke up in the morning..
#Tepar #Flu #Medicine, worst-combi

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Sunday, September 29


I wasn't doin' that on purpose..
Because I was on a rush, careless. Eeeeeeeph, another tatto

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sleepy cuphie~

One of her hobby: sleeping everywhere #merong

I captured it upside-down, since she slept behind me..

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Saturday, September 28

I miss being a stranger

.. p r e v i o u s l y ..

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so so..

This afternoon, when I was packaging an item, since the shape was odd, I had to wrap it in a strange way. Because it was odd-ly and strange-ly, my mind began to saturate, then some weirdo statements were coming out..

" Since then, 
I don't need to responsible for the truth that I said
or event lie.
It's a so so.. "

*remember 'bout fave's playlist
That song.. again!! Bleeding Love....

--- an OST ---

Monday, September 23


It's been a long time, I never get "teot"..
Yesterday, I got teot from Pao2.. And I almost cried #nyaaaaaaz

Wait for me Paaoooooow

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Even 10 minutes in a dream (with you) is a precious one..
I was regret, when I said "I lost my 10minutes here" this morning. I knew that only on a dream you could do an auto-pilot, but it's stil a big NoNo when you meet the right one

Huft, if only I could wait a little longer.. We could study at the same school #past
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Tuesday, September 17


Beast - Fiction

Because Miss MongJi, I started to love this song, plus their choreo ^^
Now, Miss Mong not only dance Hot Issue.. Fiction too.. She looked perfect with black costume, black costume === Nico Robin's costume #cool (I wear it on special moment only)

Just look at the choreo, watch it top-less, esp in their reff..
the movement, their swing, just learn it, they're #cool and #melting my mind

How 'bout lyric? It's just FICTION...

--- fiction in fiction ---

Monday, September 16

Stupid in Love

So You ft Mad Clown - Stupid in Love

Finally, it came out.. * waiting for full version *
I'm waiting So You again #here

--- stupid in love ---

Sunday, September 15

gumiho is crying

Gumiho still crying,
all night long..
That's how .... doing

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Saturday, September 14

story 2

previously: SAN E - Story Of Someone I Know

*after reading lyric*
Wooow, it's a twist song, xixixi.. #unpredictable
Until I found, 
Did I just say "I’m"?

Actually, when you watch MV, you'll find that it's a twist.. 
If you listen it, you'll only guess, who's that *omeone (since we aren't Korean, all we know is the title only)

It isn't "include" there (U != I or I != U)
but "include me" (someone = I or I = someone)

Thursday, September 12


San E - Story of someone I know

Story, only a STORY..
Most of the time, the 'not-everlasting-thing', only becomes a story

Story of pip-piiiiiip that I know

Un-checked the lyric before, aaand I think it's "include" there..

when I'm gone

Anna Kendrick + Cups - When I'm Gone
(ost Pitch Perfect's)

* un-noticed waiting *

The best thing that I could do right now, singing..
I got it, I am getting it, and of course I'll get it

Let's guarantee thaaaaaat....

U = I or I = U

Wednesday, September 11


cimory in the night *before sleep
how much fat? I don't care, this is milk, choco milk #green

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Mission :: kissing
SUCCESS (morning kiss)
*even only a soft kiss, xixixi

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Tuesday, September 10

love is ...

source: tapastic

Love is ...
... playing games with you

... and then get these kind of words from you:
"bodo", "kere", "cupu" 

Sunday, September 8

another crime

I got this "tattoo" as a bonus, a gift when I went to home. 2 days ago until now, not a big different, still red, xixixixi..

Is this a bite or hit, dunno.. She's too fast

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Friday, September 6


Because bad is too mainstream..
So, when that's too "catchy", I didn't mean to leave or hide it, but it closed itself.. Even a nature closes that

Remember, that wasn't me, nature did it. Wekekekekek..

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Thursday, September 5


peseeeeeek dataaaaaang....

Next time, I would kissing you ^^

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Monday, September 2

2 things

Best thing 'bout today:
Herlin came to our birthday (79th of GKI Pajajaran), she sang beautifully. I was thrilling and had a tears >,<
She acts by her songs, and yes she is ^^
#bless #lucky #thrill #WoW

Bad thing:
I met Pao2 in short time..
Went home - play with Pao - took a bath - went to church - went home late - Pao was tired, me too - zzzz..zz..zzzz..zz....
Wait for me, Paooo~~

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another "loving you"

Na eotteokhae what should i do? #singging

*not saying, just singing

Mikey - Loving You

Sunday, September 1


RT @ohteenquotes: Sometimes people don't notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them..

100%.. absolutely true.. hahahaaa
#miris #ngenes #yowes

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baby pao,
sleeping with her toys

such a calm girl,
and I need work hard to tease her, xoxoxo

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Saturday, August 31


Cleoo n Pao-pao said "Hiii~"

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Friday, August 30

summer please

Need a backup, need a support, need more spirit.. I wanna get high!! #dugeun2
Holidaaaeee~, I'm comiiiiiin~~~

Na eotteokhae what should i do? #singging

Sistar - Loving You

Thursday, August 29


Being aware of your crap 
and actually overcoming your crap 
are two very different things
~ Cristina Yang

behind the cloud

still there for me ^^

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Wednesday, August 28


Old quote: customer is a king.
New quote: customer is a customer.

One of them, suddenly got angry because of third party's fail, and I got a blame to, "terlalu bertele2" #brambangi #nggondhuk
It's start to early T___T, I should upgrade myself as soon as ....

Because you broke my feeling (that broke my day), I can't go to swim #hikz

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Monday, August 26


*forgot the spoiler

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Cimory.. Cimory.. Cimory....
I like their products, and my rank is:
1. Milk
2. Sausage
3. Yoghurt

All about milk is yeppooo ^^

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Sunday, August 25


Jackpot is..

When go to somewhere and sometime, that place plays your fave's playlist

1. Stand By Me (accapella)
2. Bleeding Love
#gulp #omen
3. 100 years
4. Just The Way You Are

Today, you're everywhere, ahahahaaa..

#CimoryOnTheValley #ThisNoon

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gold : partner

Congratz for Monday Couple..
Nice choices Gary and Miss Mong ^^

It was set at the very first time for both of you, #jowaaa

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Saturday, August 24


Jack R: But I guess that's what bothers me.

Journalist: How do you mean?

Jack R: I don't like needing someone to be there for me.
Jack R: I don't like needing anyone for anything.
Jack R: I never have.

Journalist: You a hard case, Jack Robinson..


Thursday, August 22

30 seconds

On my way to go home..
Suddenly, I was reminding, simple moment, only a simple moment that I had with you, he3..
Because a good plan (I really made it carefully), we could share exp on public in the same time. Doing things parallel-ly, with beloved one, secretly, isn't it good? #grin

That's my works. Most of the time, it really works. Realize it or not, I'm still working on the next..

Thanxxx.. for coming in my mind ^^

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Keindahan di hadapan ku
Kemurahan di belakang ku
Kekuatan di sisi ku
Keyakinan di dalam ku

Kemenangan di perjalanan ku
Kesukaan di hati ku
Kedamaian dalam sanubari ku
Keindahan di dalam Yesus

Hidup ini sangat indah dengan Yesus
Hidup ini berarti bersama dia
Hidup ini tambah manis setiap hari
Karena Yesus menuntun hidupku


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Wednesday, August 21

esmosi sesaat

It's better to write this post in my local language, because need some "slang" words..

Owalaaah Pak, Paaak..
Kowe qi nubruk, nubruk dewe. Ngglangsar, ngglangsar dewe. Babak yoo babak dewe..
Lhaa koq sampeyan muni "kecelakaan itu kodrat, jd jangan cari2 kesalahan laen nya", plus njaluk ganti rugi n biaya berobat. Wes salah koq yo ora idep isen to yoo

Njuk aq sek mok tubruk, kenek pinggang karo sikil ngisor qu, njaluk ongkos pijet lah, sek gampang tur murah. Tp kowe gag iso ngragati heee..
Rasa-rasane, pingin tak-tinggil kowe pak

Kecelakaan iqu ojo go golek duid pangan, mental kere qi yo ojo nemen-nemen, ora patut

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