Thursday, February 28


What kind of situation in here?
Suddenly, there is a "need" to hear Park Bom - You and I..
And guess what, my Park Bom's mv is gone >___<
Next day, I should find this.. #MUST #MUST #MUST

Anyway, I'm still doubt to listen the opening part

Wednesday, February 27

suzy's sister

I found similarity here..
Nam Ji Hyun (4Minute) is Suzy's sister ^^
Nice.. nice.. nice....
(keyword google: Nam Ji Hyun)

Sunday, February 24

sunday morning

How can we help others?
.. on the right place
.. in the right time

Usually, in the end of the day, they mess it, and it goes wrong again.. and again....
I only ask, to think more wise and straight. So my path go well

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Saturday, February 23


Mc Sniper feat Byul – Trauma

itjimayo nal itji marayo
ajik nareul tteonajimayo
sarangi deo namanneunde
motan mari manhi inneunde

saranghaeyo nan ajik geuraeyo
jigyeopdorok nunmurinayo
miwohago miwohaedo
geudaega geuriwoyo

*starting to trauma (again)


Wow, this dejavu is really something..
They chose the same solution (I hope it wasn't a kind of ending). While me, myself, I didn't know where the decision came from. What was the main purpose. What did you expect from this kind of situation. Actually, why both of you playing this kind of story.
Are those necessary? I have no clues anymore..

My very first mistake, and the big one is, I was "cloning" bad side of you. And unfortunately, I didn't found people that would do like me. That's the most .... that hurt my pride, and broke me down..

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Friday, February 22

3 types of people

never forget 3 types of people in your life
1. who helped you in your difficult time >> blessful
2. who left you in your difficult time >> forget-able
3. who put you in difficult time >> un-forgive-able

3 types of them, come in the same time #surprise
So, I'm offering, which one is the "real" of you ?

Thursday, February 21

Feb 17

Since early Feb, I was preparing myself, to make a confession, the truth one. This 17th, means a half year, it wasn't a short time, and it wasn't long too since I always talk about it. Maybe, 6 months isn't enough, I'll make it 12 months..
If we reach those 12, the only things I could do, ask an apology and forget everything, let me step out from yours..

Last question that always running on my mind.
Am I the only one that set this kind of interest on you?
If that so, poor me, I'm doing everything for nothing..

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Sunday, February 17

I did

You can't say you love a person
if you never fight for, cry for, & pray for them
as an effort to make them stay in your life..

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Tuesday, February 12


An un-usual medicine in the morning, an absent of breakfast, a glass of legit-coffee #BigMistake, a late dinner, and last was usual medicine in midnight. And the result is (enk ink enk....), I'm very sleepy, but I can't sleep well. While tomorrow, I must wake up at 5 am, so.. I'm very late now >_<

Anyway, today would be my last packing day,, and I should proud of these. I don't wanna make myself in a hurry or rush time, stupidity of human race..

Aaah, I hope the next 2-3 days, I could control my body, my mind and my soul. Syuh..syuh..syuuuh.. for the flu. Mrs.M, please don't come in this week. Let me straight; keep my thought clearly, my tongue wisely, my act cutely #eh greatly. Just don't bother me, I'll manage good mood this week..

Perhaps.. perhaps.. perhaps....

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Monday, February 11


Matahari, bulan, bintang
Burung-burung, ikan-ikan
Semua marga satwa di gunung dan lembah

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Why is the sky blue?
Why is the grass green?
Why does dog bark,
and cow mow?
#watching a child learning new things

Lots of question can answered right now. While the rest of them, we might wait them and pretend to know it, because you wouldn't get the right answer..

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last year

Last night, and even today..
I still remember about the past year; 1 year exactly, when we celebrated Sin Chia in grandma's home, and of course with grandma too..
Start from this year, next year, and another year, we would celebrate it in child n grand-child generations only, and my family became the oldest from mother's line.

How can we manage this "life" right now? I hope, we can learn from past, and they could really change by time. It just a rest of us

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Sunday, February 10

snake's era

New: Snake's Era #rumour
To end a dialog or conversation, don't use "dot" anymore, just type only "wkwkwkwk" or "hahahaa" things, this is quite effective nowadays..

Especially me, if you do that to me, I'll guarantee, I don't continue the next convos, because you're bored, and I'm get bored suddenly because of you.
How can I continue mine, after I got those things?

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Friday, February 8

3rd parties

The existance of third parties could bring an un-balance life..
Why? Because they do attraction or diversion things to second parties.
As a first party, honesty, I have dislike-feeling, and it just a matter of time to handle it.

Since I did my part, waiting is the only thing I could do next

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Monday, February 4

reminds me of you

byul & shorry j - reminds me of you

I guess I only have you, I guess that’s how it is
I only think of you alone
When I see good things and go to good places
It reminds me of you

Drip drip drip – as much as the rain drops
I think of you

Sunday, February 3

drip drip drip

drip drip drip.. it reminds me of ***

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Saturday, February 2


3 days in a row..
Staying as long as I could in hospital,, don't want miss a thing anymore. I'll do what can I really do..

Just don't make it 3, not this year, not for a year..
Let each of us together, trying to support each other, and strengthen each of us. Ameen..

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