Tuesday, February 12


An un-usual medicine in the morning, an absent of breakfast, a glass of legit-coffee #BigMistake, a late dinner, and last was usual medicine in midnight. And the result is (enk ink enk....), I'm very sleepy, but I can't sleep well. While tomorrow, I must wake up at 5 am, so.. I'm very late now >_<

Anyway, today would be my last packing day,, and I should proud of these. I don't wanna make myself in a hurry or rush time, stupidity of human race..

Aaah, I hope the next 2-3 days, I could control my body, my mind and my soul. Syuh..syuh..syuuuh.. for the flu. Mrs.M, please don't come in this week. Let me straight; keep my thought clearly, my tongue wisely, my act cutely #eh greatly. Just don't bother me, I'll manage good mood this week..

Perhaps.. perhaps.. perhaps....

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