Monday, April 27


Friday, April 24


My todolist #MakinNgaco
Become a-soleha-girl sounds silly :v

Wednesday, April 22

zodiac - dreams

Another zodiac's pattern
Nov 23rd: am I a hero?
*well, we can bleed too :v

Tuesday, April 21


April is the month that is never missed (for me)
*full of surprises

But for the time being,
it's kinda xoxo..

uda pada bosen juga kali yaaaak :v

Friday, April 17


see you again

Dom: " I don't have friends, I got family.. "
When I heard that moment, I suddenly remember an unique definition about friend..
And that's why, I chose FAMILY, while FRIEND is too "fragile" for me
You really really know about the meaning of FAMILY, right?

"Things will be different," says Roman..
* I got goosebumps

Letty asks, "You're not going to say goodbye?"

"It's never goodbye," Dom responds.
tears already running down

"Hey, you thought you could leave without saying goodbye?"
Brian says with a wonderful smile.

"I used to say I live my life a quarter mile at a time and I think that's why we were brothers because you did, too. No matter where you are, whether it's a quarter mile away or half way across the world. The most important thing in life, will always be the people in this room. Salute mi familia. You'll always be with me.. And you'll always be my brother."
- Dom.... Vin Diesel (I meant)

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again
For  Paul

Wednesday, April 15

The Genius - S02

How to SURVIVE genius-ly.. Season 2 :v

Instinctively, money is the root of all problems..
People who could say "Money isn't everything" == B*LLSH*T == TA*IK
*you can argue with me, and no matter what I'll win

So, here is my recap:
S02E01: over-anything, too-anything
S02E02: started to ego-centris, bubye cute-KJK
S02E03: ckckck, she was a victim
S02E04: icon of betrayal :v
S02E05: the witch was going done, eottokkeee >,<
S02E06: don't judge a book by its cover, he is Programmer :p
S02E07: Kong is 'Enermy at the Gate' for everyone
S02E08: Jokerman, B.... too intimidating
S02E09: cakaaaaaap pisan.. anyway nice movement laaa~
S02E10: his pocker-face.. too dangerous
S02E11: *playing BGM Thief* #BlackHorse
S02E12: Pro Gamer here *applause

Congratz for Lee Sang Min - the Naughty one :v
For the very first time, it just Black Games, that's all..

Look at that result, Season 1 n 2..
there are Programmer and Pro Gamer there
we RULE the world, hahahaaa *DevilLaugh

Tuesday, April 14

zodiac - angry

Nice inpoooh~
Meninggalkanmu, as simple like that..

Monday, April 13

best friend

where is my sibling?

Where are you?
I'll waiting until the right time #always

#wanted, a-lost-sibling-of-mine

eling bu alimiati

Mr. Sam's story
- eling Bu Alimiati-

Tuhan sudah bangkit dan hidup dalam-ku,
jangan takut,, jangan khawatir

"eling.. eling Bu Alimiati..."

Saturday, April 11

Miss A

Miss A (woman in A)
"that's me.."
*if you want to know me more or better


*pyuk pyuk
*wooosh wooosh




Friday, April 10

Secretary vs Treasurer

Through a lot of consideration,
* I don't like to write a lot
* keep money is too risky
* I have a main job
* ... bla bla bla ...

I was determined, Secretary was the best choice..
So, I made a CALL

One of the best moments (heroic one) :v
When someone asked to me, "What would u choose?"
I said, "Bu Lidia (former secretary) saja bisa, masa' Lee gag bisa.."
and everyone looked like cheering #grin
I replied, "I'm trying to think positively", The Secret's theory (Rhonda B.)

5 seconds later,
I felt sorry *glodhak2
That words were double-edged, inspiring or arrogant >,,,<

Well, I tried to do my best, receive my call, and think positively ^^

5 years, not a short time,, but not a long time too

Wednesday, April 8

miss a - only you (dancing practise)

It looks like ... it wasn't Miss A
They looked soso, unusual moment

Want to change a new image?
*such a big question mark

Miss A - Only You (dancing practise)

Tuesday, April 7

150406 - easter

#Day 2
Better view than before, yippieee..
Thank you for this new job, guys ^^
really really really like it

*sambil pijit2 kaki yg pegel :v

150405 - easter

Yeap, that's me !!!
For the very first time (out-of-box)
as a camera-woman, heheheee

Nice Lee #applause


after watch comeback-EXO-MV
And then,

Saturday, April 4


Do you wanna build a snowman?~~~

Hahahahaaa, both of them are super duper lucky #jealous

Wednesday, April 1

artistic adventurer

Artistic *eh, impossibruuu..
Crave Adventure *sounds great..
Good natured person *menggelantung..
Put others before yourself *gulp..
Love nature and animals *sounds me..
Fierce side *grin.. deserve it..
Have trust issues *playing BGM: O2Jam - Toccata And Fugue..
Great sense of humor *thanks me..

And I am, one of a kind.. yippieeee~