Wednesday, April 15

The Genius - S02

How to SURVIVE genius-ly.. Season 2 :v

Instinctively, money is the root of all problems..
People who could say "Money isn't everything" == B*LLSH*T == TA*IK
*you can argue with me, and no matter what I'll win

So, here is my recap:
S02E01: over-anything, too-anything
S02E02: started to ego-centris, bubye cute-KJK
S02E03: ckckck, she was a victim
S02E04: icon of betrayal :v
S02E05: the witch was going done, eottokkeee >,<
S02E06: don't judge a book by its cover, he is Programmer :p
S02E07: Kong is 'Enermy at the Gate' for everyone
S02E08: Jokerman, B.... too intimidating
S02E09: cakaaaaaap pisan.. anyway nice movement laaa~
S02E10: his pocker-face.. too dangerous
S02E11: *playing BGM Thief* #BlackHorse
S02E12: Pro Gamer here *applause

Congratz for Lee Sang Min - the Naughty one :v
For the very first time, it just Black Games, that's all..

Look at that result, Season 1 n 2..
there are Programmer and Pro Gamer there
we RULE the world, hahahaaa *DevilLaugh

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