Sunday, September 29


I wasn't doin' that on purpose..
Because I was on a rush, careless. Eeeeeeeph, another tatto

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sleepy cuphie~

One of her hobby: sleeping everywhere #merong

I captured it upside-down, since she slept behind me..

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Saturday, September 28

I miss being a stranger

.. p r e v i o u s l y ..

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so so..

This afternoon, when I was packaging an item, since the shape was odd, I had to wrap it in a strange way. Because it was odd-ly and strange-ly, my mind began to saturate, then some weirdo statements were coming out..

" Since then, 
I don't need to responsible for the truth that I said
or event lie.
It's a so so.. "

*remember 'bout fave's playlist
That song.. again!! Bleeding Love....

--- an OST ---

Monday, September 23


It's been a long time, I never get "teot"..
Yesterday, I got teot from Pao2.. And I almost cried #nyaaaaaaz

Wait for me Paaoooooow

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Even 10 minutes in a dream (with you) is a precious one..
I was regret, when I said "I lost my 10minutes here" this morning. I knew that only on a dream you could do an auto-pilot, but it's stil a big NoNo when you meet the right one

Huft, if only I could wait a little longer.. We could study at the same school #past
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Tuesday, September 17


Beast - Fiction

Because Miss MongJi, I started to love this song, plus their choreo ^^
Now, Miss Mong not only dance Hot Issue.. Fiction too.. She looked perfect with black costume, black costume === Nico Robin's costume #cool (I wear it on special moment only)

Just look at the choreo, watch it top-less, esp in their reff..
the movement, their swing, just learn it, they're #cool and #melting my mind

How 'bout lyric? It's just FICTION...

--- fiction in fiction ---

Monday, September 16

Stupid in Love

So You ft Mad Clown - Stupid in Love

Finally, it came out.. * waiting for full version *
I'm waiting So You again #here

--- stupid in love ---

Sunday, September 15

gumiho is crying

Gumiho still crying,
all night long..
That's how .... doing

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Saturday, September 14

story 2

previously: SAN E - Story Of Someone I Know

*after reading lyric*
Wooow, it's a twist song, xixixi.. #unpredictable
Until I found, 
Did I just say "I’m"?

Actually, when you watch MV, you'll find that it's a twist.. 
If you listen it, you'll only guess, who's that *omeone (since we aren't Korean, all we know is the title only)

It isn't "include" there (U != I or I != U)
but "include me" (someone = I or I = someone)

Thursday, September 12


San E - Story of someone I know

Story, only a STORY..
Most of the time, the 'not-everlasting-thing', only becomes a story

Story of pip-piiiiiip that I know

Un-checked the lyric before, aaand I think it's "include" there..

when I'm gone

Anna Kendrick + Cups - When I'm Gone
(ost Pitch Perfect's)

* un-noticed waiting *

The best thing that I could do right now, singing..
I got it, I am getting it, and of course I'll get it

Let's guarantee thaaaaaat....

U = I or I = U

Wednesday, September 11


cimory in the night *before sleep
how much fat? I don't care, this is milk, choco milk #green

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Mission :: kissing
SUCCESS (morning kiss)
*even only a soft kiss, xixixi

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Tuesday, September 10

love is ...

source: tapastic

Love is ...
... playing games with you

... and then get these kind of words from you:
"bodo", "kere", "cupu" 

Sunday, September 8

another crime

I got this "tattoo" as a bonus, a gift when I went to home. 2 days ago until now, not a big different, still red, xixixixi..

Is this a bite or hit, dunno.. She's too fast

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Friday, September 6


Because bad is too mainstream..
So, when that's too "catchy", I didn't mean to leave or hide it, but it closed itself.. Even a nature closes that

Remember, that wasn't me, nature did it. Wekekekekek..

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Thursday, September 5


peseeeeeek dataaaaaang....

Next time, I would kissing you ^^

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Monday, September 2

2 things

Best thing 'bout today:
Herlin came to our birthday (79th of GKI Pajajaran), she sang beautifully. I was thrilling and had a tears >,<
She acts by her songs, and yes she is ^^
#bless #lucky #thrill #WoW

Bad thing:
I met Pao2 in short time..
Went home - play with Pao - took a bath - went to church - went home late - Pao was tired, me too - zzzz..zz..zzzz..zz....
Wait for me, Paooo~~

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another "loving you"

Na eotteokhae what should i do? #singging

*not saying, just singing

Mikey - Loving You

Sunday, September 1


RT @ohteenquotes: Sometimes people don't notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them..

100%.. absolutely true.. hahahaaa
#miris #ngenes #yowes

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baby pao,
sleeping with her toys

such a calm girl,
and I need work hard to tease her, xoxoxo

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