Monday, August 31


the former-secretary said that "Lia itu lucu.."

So, I failed to build my-usual-image again #ouch
*I should renew it as soon as possible T__T

Anyway, I'm the youngest member there

Friday, August 28

won ?

Kalau ribut dengan pelanggan,
Walaupun kita menang,
Pelanggan tetap akan lari.

Kalau ribut dengan rekan sekerja, 
Walaupun kita menang,
Tiada lagi semangat bekerja dalam tim.

Kalau kita ribut dengan boss,
Walaupun kita menang,
Tiada lagi masa depan di tempat itu.

Kalau kita ribut dengan keluarga,
Walaupun kita menang,
Hubungan kekeluargaan akan renggang.

Kalau kita ribut dengan guru,
Walaupun kita menang,
Keberkahan menuntut ilmu dan kemesraan itu akan hilang.

Kalau ribut dengan kawan,
Walaupun kita menang,
Yang pasti kita akan kekurangan kawan.

Kalau ribut dengan pasangan,
Walaupun kita menang,
Perasaan sayang pasti akan berkurang.

Kalau kita ribut dengan siapapun,
Walaupun kita menang,
Kita tetap kalah...

Yang menang.. cuma ego diri sendiri

Yang susah.. mengalahkan ego diri sendiri


Thursday, August 27


- makdeg -
[verb] berdebar2

I could say, I broke mine easily.. My mind also confirms it..
Actually, I didn't .... emotionally

*jrenk jreeeeeenk~~~

Thursday, August 20


It's a little bit horrifying just how quickly everything can fall to crap.

Sometimes, it takes a huge loss to remind you of what you care about the most.

Sometimes, you find yourself becoming stronger as a result,

Wiser, better equipped to deal with the next big disaster that comes along.

Sometimes ...

But not always

Wednesday, August 5

bye bye July

*kiss bye
*mission accompalished #grin

memories of Bali

Poor Jae Min~
Meanwhile, it was a sad story.. same story like My Uncle
*the power of bullying #cih

stay with me, my love

"Mi Sol" n Ko Andi became 1 :v
*unfortunately, I don't have Mi Sol's picture (currently)