Thursday, October 23


Karev's right..

Sunday, October 12


#biston Kho Andi + Ce Ika

Friday, October 10


such a lucky one ^^

Best moment

Thursday, October 9

It's okay

Where are they now?

It's okay, it's over..
Open new page ^^

Tuesday, October 7


Hmmm, yesterday I found interesting news
2NE1's "I Am the Best" MV Hits 100 Million Views on YouTube
Aaand, this morning, I got challenge in my dream

(still in my dream)
I was on my bed, I met Minzy, no problems
*the problem: I didn't meet Bom T_T

And then CL, she started to request a battle dance #wuut
*the problem: this was a big problem
while we only separated by a pillow, ekekekekek
what kind of situation was that

(in reality)
Sister's alarm rang at 6.00 am, I woke up at that time
and back to close my eyes again, found a pillow there #gulp

2 times, in the same situation T__T

Anyway, nice to meet you, xixixi..
It's kind of blitz, yesterday I heard story, the next day we could meet together ^^