Saturday, January 31

exid - up & down

because they could dance like that

Anyway, they had a catchy-song too ^^
I'm lovin it

EXID - Up & Down (Practice)

Thursday, January 29

150129 :: born day

Happy #1st Bday lil Joe aka YongHwa
*ako (auntie) loph you

He's really really really handsome (ganteng), kyaaaaaa~
"capeee deeeeeeh...."


As your wish,
I'm baaaaaack ~~~

fly to the sky

Then, remember a great BGM
OST How to Train Dragon 2 - Where No One Goes
*fly fly fly, forget everything

target op no 1

Look at this strategy places..
Red: it just a "flag"
Black: break point aka hotel
Brown: culinary or diong's place :v

*from right to left
Fave Hotel
Holy Crab
Naughty Nuri
Potato Head

just in case

~ just in case ~
When I get bored, I could find a good place to spend time
*diong dioong diooong

Potato Head or Holy Crab is a must !!! #fighting

Monday, January 26

own: 150126

I'm s.u.r.v.i.v.o.r~~~
*singing Destiny Child's

Sunday, January 25

miracle in cell no 7

Miracle in Cell No 7
Rating: 9 / 10

Family drama, about love of family, trust and justice.
Nowaday, it's hard to find that way #rare

And having those kind of relationship is very best (lucky) one

Brain Wars (2)

Hmmmm, usually I have a bad in speed and memory..
And that makes me lose, huhuhuuu T___T

Anyway, nobody perfect
That all what I knew ^^


Key Perfomance Indicator:
1. Target
2. Margin
3. Payment

Aye-ayeee, Sir...

Friday, January 23

Brain Wars

Nice game, addictive one..
You challange people all over the world only with your exact IQ
At first, it force you to the stupidity, since you didn't do training :p
And when you could beat enemies + times, confident+1, xixixiii

Aaaah, finally I could maximize my bored time,
time to challange my sis #devil

Hey, don't forget to look their Credits too
There are YOU in there, nice credits ^^

Monday, January 19

so lucky

It's been a long time ago..
Last night, I got a jackpot-dream

We suddenly went to Spore again, yihaaa
travelling sound fun, isn't it #grin
We need to explore another places again, xixixixi

It would be a dream come true, soon ^^

never gonna let you down

I hope,
I found this song myself

Colbie Caillat - Never Gonna Let You Down

Saturday, January 17


Today, I started my day with normal-form
I meant, a good way with nice state and dream also, plus positive thinking..

Aaand, I did some discuss + debate
*darn, I came to black-hole, recursive-stupidly
This negativity-hole is suck, never ending debate (DebatKusir) when people never think normally or neutral, too much blame.. here.. there.. everywhere..
How could you live with that way until now?

Those B always shiT-testing me, while me myself in positive-mode
*usually it ruins my mind

Aaaaaah, rasanya pengin bilang: "anjing you", "kamu dog", "guguk loe", dan semacem nya

Dear Universe,
please.. be nice to me

One of the wise-staff here told me,
next time I should not to debate, just say yes..

Hmmmm, next time I will say "ooow", "aaaa", "hmmmm", "ic"
No need to say "yes", since that's not right

Thursday, January 15

that winter, the wind blows

Before I go to sleep (not from the movie before),
since my mind always repeats it, I should to post again ^^

(for the very first time)
I, who wants to live, met a woman who wants to die.
We are clearly very different.
But for some reason… at that moment, that woman seemed like me.
For the first time, I became curious about that woman
~ Oh Soo ~

Who dares to make me curious again for this season?
Pssst, we should make a good one #hope

before i go to sleep

Rating for the 1st half: 8 / 10,
and the 2nd: 6 / 10

I really like the concept of an amnesia with a short-term memory,
how could you deal with people who has only 24 hours memory and then back to the 20th?
Each day.. each time.. dealing with the same person.. same questions.. same routines....

There only some possibility if you could do that:
1. You know and love that person
2. Know or don't know him/her, you have a good or bad intentions
3. Don't need to know, just social worker, huh?

If that's you,
what would you do?

Wednesday, January 14

jackson wang - got7

This Badass still a baby boy too T___T

For those who have left the ones they loved.. #tears

Monday, January 12

Kho San's Joash (Cio)

First of all,
thank you for letting me in this project (that means to me) ^^

I got a call, that we made a-secret-mini-plan to help our Brother (Kho San)..
Well, the idea was absolutely great, how we could help each other to make it possible.
And when his second-son was born, we used that special moment on it, xixixi
* I believe, it would be a JACKPOT for him and family

Everybody hates surprises, but you will love it..

For me, Kho San is a handsome brother, hahahaaa..
We used to work together, esp: multimedia team, IT team, diog team :v
He is a loyal and caring friend (brother for me)
If you know how he works (plus his char), you will feel ashamed and envy (of course in positive way), I think this is important since Kho San as a magnet, we could do the good thing together. We could share !!! I'm so lucky to know and work with him..

So, this was a simple birthday card for Joash and You ^^, welcome to the world..

Friday, January 9

lesson life - close

Now, I now the meaning of:
Biarkan orang-orang di sekelilingmu mengambil (sedikit) 
apa yg bukan menjadi haknya,
tanpa membuat kerugian yg (besar) bagi dirimu. 
Dengan begitu, mereka akan tetap dekat bersamamu..

Thank you for:
1. My mom that told a-scene-from-Korean-drama
2. Drama: That Winter, The Wind Blows
3. People that comes with that way

I don't know, which one is terrible..
Me, knowing the truth and letting happen
People, that sneaking (or stealing)
Or You, the one that will judging us #merong

In Biology, we called it Mutualism-Symbiotic
In certain case, you'll know what I mean

Monday, January 5


I swear

I sweaaar~
From this moment~
At the early 2015th, i swear..

The word "you" in my every-post, never refers to YOU anymore
YOU just a-Dangshin or a-Kamu to me, that's how I describe ours
*ojo Ge-eR, nggih..

2-3 years aren't enough for Kamu, right?
And that was my limitation (I set it before), a-point-to-reset-everything

Anyway, I did... I did my-EoY-project.. #successfuly
Never try to said, "we didn't meet" again,,
because that would be a new project to me for making sure to do that exactly what do Kamu say

still need a-WHY?
Cause Kamu'll never do the same like I do
Kamu == Ego's Kamu

~ case close ~


Sunday, January 4

first post

My first post in 2015,
still awake

Bored, and watching tv
* Korean Pop *

For the very first time,
watching MV of NS Yoon G ft Jay Park - If You Love Me

Dear Universe,
you don't want to talk special thing, right?