Monday, January 5

I swear

I sweaaar~
From this moment~
At the early 2015th, i swear..

The word "you" in my every-post, never refers to YOU anymore
YOU just a-Dangshin or a-Kamu to me, that's how I describe ours
*ojo Ge-eR, nggih..

2-3 years aren't enough for Kamu, right?
And that was my limitation (I set it before), a-point-to-reset-everything

Anyway, I did... I did my-EoY-project.. #successfuly
Never try to said, "we didn't meet" again,,
because that would be a new project to me for making sure to do that exactly what do Kamu say

still need a-WHY?
Cause Kamu'll never do the same like I do
Kamu == Ego's Kamu

~ case close ~


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