Monday, January 12

Kho San's Joash (Cio)

First of all,
thank you for letting me in this project (that means to me) ^^

I got a call, that we made a-secret-mini-plan to help our Brother (Kho San)..
Well, the idea was absolutely great, how we could help each other to make it possible.
And when his second-son was born, we used that special moment on it, xixixi
* I believe, it would be a JACKPOT for him and family

Everybody hates surprises, but you will love it..

For me, Kho San is a handsome brother, hahahaaa..
We used to work together, esp: multimedia team, IT team, diog team :v
He is a loyal and caring friend (brother for me)
If you know how he works (plus his char), you will feel ashamed and envy (of course in positive way), I think this is important since Kho San as a magnet, we could do the good thing together. We could share !!! I'm so lucky to know and work with him..

So, this was a simple birthday card for Joash and You ^^, welcome to the world..

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