Friday, January 9

lesson life - close

Now, I now the meaning of:
Biarkan orang-orang di sekelilingmu mengambil (sedikit) 
apa yg bukan menjadi haknya,
tanpa membuat kerugian yg (besar) bagi dirimu. 
Dengan begitu, mereka akan tetap dekat bersamamu..

Thank you for:
1. My mom that told a-scene-from-Korean-drama
2. Drama: That Winter, The Wind Blows
3. People that comes with that way

I don't know, which one is terrible..
Me, knowing the truth and letting happen
People, that sneaking (or stealing)
Or You, the one that will judging us #merong

In Biology, we called it Mutualism-Symbiotic
In certain case, you'll know what I mean

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