Sunday, March 31


One look, one word, one hug, one text, one call:
they can all mean so much when it's from that special person

#gesaram (maybe typo)

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Thursday, March 28

it hurts

a shortcut conversation,
between CL - 2NE1 and DD (Dazed Digital).

Well, I guess, it is 2NE1 - It Hurts.. Because that means very deep..
I knew those kind of feeling,
appa appa~~~

Wednesday, March 27


Lazto.. lazto.. laztooo....
Freedom #yihaaaaaa
After more than 30 days, xixixixi..

I must learn to whistle again, hwaiting!!

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Tuesday, March 26

a dream

When I read Park Bom's birthday,
I met her; I said, I did it.. A greet from me, sincerely.. "Happy birthday"

Thank you for coming in, in your best season.. Rare chance, and I took a part on it; good day; good sign #YouAndI

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Thursday, March 21

I will trust in you



*nice song, that always make me thrill #tearing

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luke 14 : 12 - 14

bang bang bang, headshot..

#lil part story on Crazy Love

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tick tock ....

This buddy, still accompanies me, until the end of his life. 2 months, more than 2 months I was using this dead-watch O___o

Sometimes, I didn't realize it, because I wear watch based on a habbit. Most of the time, I knew it, and still wore it too, because I was affraid to lose any confident that I built..

Anyway, I kept a question on this watch: why did you die on that "time"? Do you want me to remember a moment on that "time"? Is that an important one?
Plese give me a clue~~~

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Tuesday, March 19

first day

And I still remember the first day I met you..

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Monday, March 18


just come into life by accident
and stay on purpose..

that's ... enough

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Sunday, March 17

giving love

john 12:1-8

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Friday, March 15


Waiting for a bus to be fixing..
This bus.. This bus even played Thousand Years, a "one step closer" song.... gotta be kidding me

Time to go home now
*singing "I don't care"

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Wednesday, March 13

blue sky

On the same blue sky,
in the same radius..

Princess Velasco - Bleeding Love

*somehow, that song.. is coming again

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Saturday, March 9

that note

Xixixixixi.. This is really something :v

If this blog is as same as a death note,
there are only 3 names mentioned here (the most; VVIP) #pfffffft
  • Me
  • . . . .
  • . . . .
I wrote me myself in this "death note" #jedeeer

Monday, March 4

the power of letting go

Joel discussed about this things..
We should prepare a "folder" in our brain, folder "I don't know"; so if there are a lot of questions about life and need answers as soon as possible, but nobody can answer it,, just put that case on the folder "I don't know", and leave it..

If G give a "period" mark in that case, why we need a "question" on that? Are we questioning our G? All we need to do is letting go, and step into new stage. G always prepare better than this. Don't need to frustrate, blamming others, or blamming me myself, don't..

Letting go, Lee.. Letting go.. Just let you go..

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new stage

20130301 - ...
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CC's year

20120201 - 20130301

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Saturday, March 2

jalan hidup orang benar

apabila ia jatuh, tidaklah dibiarkan sampai tergletak

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Friday, March 1

3-1-13 1:3

Since the numbers was great,
this time, this day, this date would be my initial stage. Programmer isn't my main job anymore #gulp.
Lots of things to do, lots of things to prepare, lots of things to learn, I'm coming on something new to me..

These several days, I think I got lots of pressures, of course because of this new thing. A numb tongue, throat-ache, unhealty body, and even got migrain #IHateMigrain
While my brain asking to consume cafein #gedeg2

From this point, let's start to become normal one.. I'm not a programmer, so I must have a life #yihaaa

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