Saturday, August 30

fight VS don't fight

Do not fight for people who do not dare to fight for you.

That's all, as simple like that~

Friday, August 29

empress ki - nyang

Nyang's costume..
Look at that, isn't it gorgeous

Wednesday, August 27

(another) summer breeze

Woke up in the morning,
doing some code,
and then remember this..

Another summer breeze.. yippieeee~
me want to go to the beach
Coming soon, (hope) next week should be a YES

Sistar - I Swear

Monday, August 25

MT 140825 - def lov

A simple definition of love..

Cinta itu benci terpisah, maka jika dia mencintaimu –
dia akan mengupayakan dekat denganmu,
atau kalau memang harus terpisah karena tugas –
dia mengupayakan selalu memberi kabar.

~ Mario Teguh ~

if you don't, so what should we call it?

Wednesday, August 20

empress ki - tanasili

Such a strange-name,
but sounds cool ~Tanasili~
It's a mongol's name
No worry, she is a warrior too

empress ki - costume

There you are..
Finally I found a clearly look on their hunting costume
Blue and red, both of them really gorgeous ^^

Tuesday, August 19


Magazine: Asian Glitz
November 2002
Huwaaaaaa, it's been 12 years..
S.H.E is jaaaaaang !!


- Empress Ki -
spoiler.. spoiler.. spoiler..
Anyway, I love their hunting costume
It's really great !!

a letter for you

people who could talk everything,
but don't know anything

You never learn
Well, all you know is LOST only
which it is the end.. (means late)

At least,
I told the truth (very rare for a-Lee, progress for a-Lee)

Do I feel regret?
Of course, how many times I said that
You're different (impress me), but same like others (I-centric)


Monday, August 18


Since I loph you~

Sunday, August 17


2nd ....

Friday, August 15

it's you

1st meeting
. . . .

2nd meeting
Ummmm, . . . .

3rd meeting
I heard someone familiar.. "who's that.."

4th meeting
There.. there.. I heard that sounds again *clingukan

5th meeting
"who're you?" *clingak-clinguk

6th meeting
"There YOU are...." hahahahaaa
Like a daughter, like a mother..
I was hearing your mom presentations, and it was look like you were there in front of me, talking to me
Wekekekekekek, thanks for your coming ^^

We should meet this Xmas

Wednesday, August 13


Recently, as a secretary (I never imagine this kind of job)
I should write, read, post, publish, response, forward, type, hear, even answer love-wordings
Believe me, it's really hard as an-amateur >,,,<

Sometimes, I only said on my mind, "wooow, this is great", "cool~~~", "nice..."

That's how they work,
and I would lovely enjoy those kind of job (again) xixixixi

Let me in, I do....

Hey you

Hey you !!
Yes, you are ...
*I copycat this statement from you, only you

I heard your name being called recently..
I hope we don't meet in the future

Just don't..
And never come back
No need to do that

I forget to say: please~

Thursday, August 7


Wednesday, August 6

joel 140806


Saturday, August 2


It's raining... #romantic
However, I love rain on every single journey-back-to-home
*the one that know me so much


*pingin peluk2 n bisik2 ke kamu

new brand

First try..
should be a-new-friend-of-mine?

loa 140802

I'll talk about it later,
interesting story when I was staying here #blessed

own 140802

Don't forget..
It has REASONS too #noted