Saturday, November 24

first gag of the year

My phone, the first thing that reminded me 'bout my bday..
Not only single time, but many times in my bed times.. hwaaaaaah, do you love me so much, huh? she got mad #error, and rang many times, so I should set silent on it
*I forgot my dream T__T, was't I have a dream? dunno :p

On the morning, I did a gag to Simbok..
I gave IDR '500.000' for paying arisan, 4 reds (100.000) and a pink (10.000), they have same basic colors, but with different values. Simbok didn't realize it, ekekekekek.. Second try, still didn't know.. Until she saw my big smile, and was checking seriously again, hahahaaa.. She's so innocent ^^

Then I got a gag from my staff..
I got a call at 7.20, someone had pick me at that early hour, and I missed my breakfast. I didn't have breakfast when I went to office, so galooooo.. I meant, hungry every time

Lots of funny stories that happened today.. Thank you for all efforts, and thank you for make me smile all the time..
Even I can't sing "I love your smile", this year, I promise #eh, that I'd make you sing that song for me

turutut.. tuturutut.. turutut.. tuturutut.... You love my smile :D

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Wednesday, November 21

lesson of life

There's something I learned in life. 
You can never know when happiness is coming. 
But you can tell when sadness is about to come.

-- Seo Yi Soo - A Gentleman's Dignity


I know something’s gone awry but I feel like going on 
I know I could be wrong but I also could be right

cinderella's step-sister

Yaaaa, this is impossible.. Finally, I found the Cinderella's part, Kitty-Girl is Cinderella.. How come!?!?!?
I can't believe it

So, which char should I learn from?
Kitty-girl, a childish girl who can bring joy in the weird situation. Well, that's good point. But, is there any persons like this, still said 'love' and do 'love' to others, while the others always do bad or even hate her #unpredictable

Or the Witch-girl, a heart-less girl, cold like a rock-ice, always do and say not polite, even rudely to everyone. I said, Everyone.. She thought, she brings the curse, everytime n everywhere she is.. Poor little girl, I can't imagine how about her childhood was, it should be difficult to her.

How come people could be born and 'built' like that.. It looks like an Angel and a Devil,, a Heaven and a Hell,, Miracle and Curse..
Which one should I learn from....

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Tuesday, November 20

as time goes by

Today, I can't find this song..
#curious #curious #cueious
The boy's voice, with a lyric "as time goes by, lala~lalalalaaa~~"
Hope, this song is mean to me.. Since I start to like the words, "as time goes by", and this song always echoing in my mind

it's all 'bout waiting.. just waiting..
as good as miracle, or as bad as curse

should I still believe in miracle?
as time goes by, Lee.. as time goes by....

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Saturday, November 17

3 months

3 months..
not yet?
I'm ready for 6, 9, 12.. or even more
And that's mean .....
As time goes by
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Wednesday, November 14

go go go - part 2

Next stop, 'temu kangen' with Cleo plus Maxi.. It's been several months, I didn't meet Cleo, she got taller n bigger fastly, good girl.. It's husky, no doubt on it. While Maxi, refers to his name, bigger than Cleo. Maxi is a Herder plus Golden, that's why he is so gigantic.. Anyway, both of them are 'prengus', smelling badly like meatball, because they eat it everytime #ClosingNose
But, I still had fun, doggy is human best friend ever #underlined

Third stop, the place that I really want to come, Semawis or China Town of Semarang.. We could "play" on that place,, walking around, hang out, do some culinary, enjoy events or some performs. Ah, we could shopping to, with local or even CungKwok-ren *I miss-spell it
Unfortunately, we only enjoyed our time for a while because of the rain-drops. At least, I knew how it looks like, always try something new, explore the world ^^

Last stop, it should be Paragon, we planned for watching Skyfall or Paranormal Activity 4 at 9pm. Cancelation.. Because it was raining, and we didn't have dinner, only Tahu Bakso, Siomay, n Pastel Singapore before, than we chose to have dinner.
Last place was Super Penyet, a big portion of penyetan #jinjjaaa.. Plus Lekker Klenger (jumbo size), #mastaaaa..

Best things, best time, best experiences, when I do it all with my brothers and sisters ^^

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Tuesday, November 13


my brother is going back to another home
and I can't stop this teardrops

oooh, dear God,
tell him that I love him so much

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Monday, November 12

best dialog ever

I still remember that night #giggle

This is the best dialog ever that happened yesterday,
between Mic n Mike
talking about promising land

Somehow, I like all things named "Michael"..
Because, I chose my baptism name, "Michelle" for matching well with name "Michael" (brother's)

Notes: Michael is an Angel..
Plus: So do I.. Me, Michelle, coming as an Angel too ^^

go go go - part 1

First Planning
Go to jogja, playing go cart or go to goa pindul, eating at Dae Jang Geum, walking2 in amplaz, and watching Skyfall or Paranormal Activity 4.

Tet tooot.. U-turn.. U-turn..
We went to Ambarawa n Semarang.

First stop, Gereja Bethany Indonesia Ambarawa, we were watching some people doing preparation for an event of church's birthday. Singers, guitarists, pianist, tambouriners,,, wow they did it well, dude.. #amaze
They have talents or even skills to bring joy to others #BigSmile. Someday, I should come on this kind of perform, a must..
Oh God, I worship you #singging
Small church, with a high spirit.. Be bless ^^

Next part, I'll post it later..
15minutes ago, we've just arrived at home
so so so tired n so so so sleepy

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Sunday, November 11


Dear rain,
you love me perfectly so much

And the best song for this timing..

No one ever sees, no one feels the pain
Teadrops in the rain~~~

me, the one that still have hopes,
and start to lose it one by one

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Friday, November 9

what season is this?

Spring.. Summer.. Falling.. And the rain....

Actually, what season is this?
My shelter looks beautiful, lots of blooming flower *spring?
On this hot air *summer?
And some of them are falling *falling?
In end of the year, this month *rain?

Even the sky is ...

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Tuesday, November 6

I know

I know something’s gone awry but I feel like going on 
I know I could be wrong but I also could be right

And I feel the earth is turning faster before I saw you there

I feel the sky is spinning lighter before I saw you there 
And I see the things are not the same again 
Cause you’re here cause you’re there cause you’re everywhere

Now I know how my times can be still in the way 
Hope this could last until we find brighter days 
I know how my times can be still in the way 
I hoping this could last until we fade away

I know something’s gone awry but I feel like going on 
I know I need to say good bye for 
I’m off for the brand new days with you


Saturday, November 3


Been a few days, I didn't post anything here.. (7 days)
Actually, so many things I want to write about it
and I tried not to do it

What I'm going to talk about today?
# moooooooong..
Nothing.. I.. forgot about it
# dooooooh

So, let's do this quickly..
Welcome my November ^^

And I tried to guess lil' thing, because I didn't know it exactly.. Never do a check-up..
Base on my research, I think, I'm an A (blood type)..
would be better if I'm not an A.. but, I did the things A did # gulp