Monday, November 12

go go go - part 1

First Planning
Go to jogja, playing go cart or go to goa pindul, eating at Dae Jang Geum, walking2 in amplaz, and watching Skyfall or Paranormal Activity 4.

Tet tooot.. U-turn.. U-turn..
We went to Ambarawa n Semarang.

First stop, Gereja Bethany Indonesia Ambarawa, we were watching some people doing preparation for an event of church's birthday. Singers, guitarists, pianist, tambouriners,,, wow they did it well, dude.. #amaze
They have talents or even skills to bring joy to others #BigSmile. Someday, I should come on this kind of perform, a must..
Oh God, I worship you #singging
Small church, with a high spirit.. Be bless ^^

Next part, I'll post it later..
15minutes ago, we've just arrived at home
so so so tired n so so so sleepy

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