Wednesday, November 14

go go go - part 2

Next stop, 'temu kangen' with Cleo plus Maxi.. It's been several months, I didn't meet Cleo, she got taller n bigger fastly, good girl.. It's husky, no doubt on it. While Maxi, refers to his name, bigger than Cleo. Maxi is a Herder plus Golden, that's why he is so gigantic.. Anyway, both of them are 'prengus', smelling badly like meatball, because they eat it everytime #ClosingNose
But, I still had fun, doggy is human best friend ever #underlined

Third stop, the place that I really want to come, Semawis or China Town of Semarang.. We could "play" on that place,, walking around, hang out, do some culinary, enjoy events or some performs. Ah, we could shopping to, with local or even CungKwok-ren *I miss-spell it
Unfortunately, we only enjoyed our time for a while because of the rain-drops. At least, I knew how it looks like, always try something new, explore the world ^^

Last stop, it should be Paragon, we planned for watching Skyfall or Paranormal Activity 4 at 9pm. Cancelation.. Because it was raining, and we didn't have dinner, only Tahu Bakso, Siomay, n Pastel Singapore before, than we chose to have dinner.
Last place was Super Penyet, a big portion of penyetan #jinjjaaa.. Plus Lekker Klenger (jumbo size), #mastaaaa..

Best things, best time, best experiences, when I do it all with my brothers and sisters ^^

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