Wednesday, November 21

cinderella's step-sister

Yaaaa, this is impossible.. Finally, I found the Cinderella's part, Kitty-Girl is Cinderella.. How come!?!?!?
I can't believe it

So, which char should I learn from?
Kitty-girl, a childish girl who can bring joy in the weird situation. Well, that's good point. But, is there any persons like this, still said 'love' and do 'love' to others, while the others always do bad or even hate her #unpredictable

Or the Witch-girl, a heart-less girl, cold like a rock-ice, always do and say not polite, even rudely to everyone. I said, Everyone.. She thought, she brings the curse, everytime n everywhere she is.. Poor little girl, I can't imagine how about her childhood was, it should be difficult to her.

How come people could be born and 'built' like that.. It looks like an Angel and a Devil,, a Heaven and a Hell,, Miracle and Curse..
Which one should I learn from....

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