Saturday, November 24

first gag of the year

My phone, the first thing that reminded me 'bout my bday..
Not only single time, but many times in my bed times.. hwaaaaaah, do you love me so much, huh? she got mad #error, and rang many times, so I should set silent on it
*I forgot my dream T__T, was't I have a dream? dunno :p

On the morning, I did a gag to Simbok..
I gave IDR '500.000' for paying arisan, 4 reds (100.000) and a pink (10.000), they have same basic colors, but with different values. Simbok didn't realize it, ekekekekek.. Second try, still didn't know.. Until she saw my big smile, and was checking seriously again, hahahaaa.. She's so innocent ^^

Then I got a gag from my staff..
I got a call at 7.20, someone had pick me at that early hour, and I missed my breakfast. I didn't have breakfast when I went to office, so galooooo.. I meant, hungry every time

Lots of funny stories that happened today.. Thank you for all efforts, and thank you for make me smile all the time..
Even I can't sing "I love your smile", this year, I promise #eh, that I'd make you sing that song for me

turutut.. tuturutut.. turutut.. tuturutut.... You love my smile :D

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