Saturday, June 30


baliooo, baliooo, balioooooo....
anak mu di-ece2, ra kopen n ra doyan mangan iqi >___<

--- munyuk cilik kilangan munyuk gedhe ---


Dunno, what do I feel right now

I should be happy, because my brot would come tomorrow..
*typo: today

But somehow, I felt dejavu again, bad one..
I can't come to my chingu farewell party, or even their graduation

I can't sleep right now, while I should go to office in the morning, plus I have undone jobs.. And the worst case is I thought for stopping....

do you give me another choice? or maybe, there are no choice anymore

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Wednesday, June 27


#trying to set my new to-do-list
I don't find FIN or THE END words
it's a never ending jobs, and those are my life stories #gulp..

I don't know, I should be happy or not..
happy because 'I'm busy', or sad because 'too much is too much'

let's balancing them, all of those are my thought before
so, I should responsible on it

next, I must to think carefuly,
my next to do list: NOTHING..

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Tuesday, June 26

some people are too genius

i think, i want to bite those people..
because of their non-sense
thank you for wasting my precious time, genius

who's open the hell's door today?

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my mind

[singging, john denver - what's on your mind]

what's on your mind, oh.. what's on your mind~~~
cold, and it isn't cool..
cold, and this is really not cool

what's on your mind, oh.. what's on your mind~~~
trousers, jacket, jumper, and that's only on my mind
because I only wear shorts and singlet, plus a blanket
brrrrrrr, it's very jyoooooong!!

what's on your mind, oh.. what's on your mind~~~
do a lil sport? walk around? eat some snacks?
in this time and situation??? better to cover myself in blanket

what's on your mind, oh.. what's on your mind~~~
if I could survive this time.. it's miracle....

let's count the sheep.. 1.. 2.. 3....

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Sunday, June 24


I could see those place through your eyes..
This place is Ngong Ping's Village, isn't it ?

Running Man is daebak~ jjin jja....
At the first, I didn't have any clue when watching RM in HK - 24 hours. Maybe, it's about Jack Bauer, Terro, CT or 24 hours itself..
Next, I saw familiar bridge over there, I thought: "hmmm, it seemed like..", but I forgot it soon.. Perhaps, too much of the guesswork.
And then, I found the bubbles, "that's it, that's it, that's it....", I had strong feeling about that, no doubt.. After that, everything looked the same for me ^^

Wekekekekekekek, I even don't believe to myself.
Why I still have this 'ability', while I try to not use it anymore, and buried them..
sometimes it's more painful to know the truth than not to know it

Shhh! Don't let the secret out, don't let the secret out. Let the secret remains a secret.. 
Unless you want to tell it by yourself. 
Honestly, I chose to be blind, deaf and dumb. For this special case, become a baboo isn't a bad choice for me. And this is my way, to find out 'dugu.. dugu.. dugu saeyo.... ?'

--- digging a deeper hole ---

Thursday, June 21


I thought, I would be retarded soon
and I have no idea about that

sleep too late
wake up several times in the morning
wake up too early
have a breakfast at 2 p.m

How can I care to people,
if I don't care mine

--- jleeeeeeb ---

Thursday, June 14

same with mine

I found this thing too


--- I like 'this' style ---

first love

Eun Shi Kyung (bodyguard) & Lee Jae Shin (little princess)

kwenchanaaa ?

--- jebaaaaaal ---

Wednesday, June 13


even if there is a 1 in 10 million chance 
that you had any connection to this to the extent 
that I would want to kill you with my own hands. 
I trust you..
– Jae Ha [King 2 Hearts]

--- expensive ---

i love them

I found something great,
Facebook compiled our photos neatly ^^
# maybe their new apps or sound like them laaa..

and this is my lil'fam

--- isn't it lovely ? ---

Tuesday, June 12

close to victory

... Joel Osteen Ministries ...

When things gets difficult, 
and it seems like the intensity has been turned up, 
that’s a SIGN you are close to your VICTORY


--- thanks to Joel ---

Monday, June 11


Best thing about yesterday is..
I met ndu2t, after a long time no see. For me, she's still the same..
Ms. Jaehoo is pretty and cute, it was normal, 
but she looks more mature now ^^

And the worst part,
how dare they made one of us shed tears!!!
people + religion - action == none

--- mixed ---

Saturday, June 9

sorry but I

Every night..
Every day..
Every time..

Sorry sorry i'm sorry baby
Jeongmal mianhae
Sorry sorry i'm sorry baby
Da na ttaemuniya

--- mianhae ---