Sunday, June 24


I could see those place through your eyes..
This place is Ngong Ping's Village, isn't it ?

Running Man is daebak~ jjin jja....
At the first, I didn't have any clue when watching RM in HK - 24 hours. Maybe, it's about Jack Bauer, Terro, CT or 24 hours itself..
Next, I saw familiar bridge over there, I thought: "hmmm, it seemed like..", but I forgot it soon.. Perhaps, too much of the guesswork.
And then, I found the bubbles, "that's it, that's it, that's it....", I had strong feeling about that, no doubt.. After that, everything looked the same for me ^^

Wekekekekekekek, I even don't believe to myself.
Why I still have this 'ability', while I try to not use it anymore, and buried them..
sometimes it's more painful to know the truth than not to know it

Shhh! Don't let the secret out, don't let the secret out. Let the secret remains a secret.. 
Unless you want to tell it by yourself. 
Honestly, I chose to be blind, deaf and dumb. For this special case, become a baboo isn't a bad choice for me. And this is my way, to find out 'dugu.. dugu.. dugu saeyo.... ?'

--- digging a deeper hole ---

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