Friday, January 31

one step closer

Hey you..
Yes, there you are
Never sing this song in front of me #tooMuchIsTooMuch
An OST where ever I go to travel #karma #menjeb


I loph you too, chuppie~
I only have you now, my lil'girl
I never let you go ^^ #never #never #never

Thursday, January 30


Is this possible?
Wekekekekekek, can't imagine like that

Wednesday, January 29

how come?

I just played a-hide-and-seek-mode,
even I didn't publish it openly (since it was still a private-thing),
only a-little-sign, hehehee..

Aaaaaand, she realized first.. #amaze
How coooome~ since when you could do that thing too >,,<

auntie ~ nephew

This is my first nephew ^^
His name is JOE, Mikael Joeseph Ethan Santoso.. such a cool name, xixixixiii
Bro said, "Joel's there", we knew it..
Recently, we called him: Joe Mblekenthut, because his chubby-face
Wait for me, thuuut~

LoA: 140129

You don’t have to make perfect choices every time or keep everybody happy in order to live your life to the fullest. What’s important is that you make decisions and take action based on what’s best for YOU and your happiness.

Authenticity is THE secret to a life well lived.

So remember, don’t allow yourself to feel pressured to follow the path set for you by others. Make your own way in life and don’t be afraid to walk off the beaten path.

You won’t regret it.

Monday, January 20


After listen to this song, I DID it before.. eheheheheee~
Destiny heh?

never say goodbye

She says, "never say goodbye" #demn #mewek #2nd

Anyway, it's already more than 5 years have elapsed.. 
So sorry, I didn't follow you, guys >,<
Next: download their album ^^

Only S.H.E and 2NE1, you could make a beautiful story with their title-songs, I meant it~

Wednesday, January 15

life is so funny

It's almost 3 am, and it would be difficult to sleep right now, while my brain still working actively and I have a lil' doubt on my own job.
Pheeew, full day of coding, but can't complete well is a ...

Life is so funny~
My condition before these, I felt bless when I could close my eyes in 60 seconds, such a relief-time ^^

I should finish what I've take..
This week, at least 3-4 projects should be done. Plus, managing a good and healthy time #wooshaaaa

January 2014: starting + ending point
*January cry out? Wkwkwkwk..

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Friday, January 10


It doesn't sound good.. I knew it
#EnkInkEnk Ladies and gentlemen, here WE are~

Thursday, January 9

my "book"

Can't sleep.. Let's write something good O___o

I have a "book", my own "book".. It's mine..
Everyone couldn't borrow it freely, until I give it based on my permission. Only certain-people, esp the precious-one could have a right on it #TheChosen. I would be the one who lend it. And if that really happen, please.. please use it wisely~
*everyone has their own "book"

Some people (of course #TheChosen one) start to write on a NEW page. That's good, I mean that's a good point, since they use it sincerely. They could write anything they like; writing, drawing, colouring, signing.. Anything.. Seriously, that's really really good, I appreciate that
*I do the same for others "book"

It isn't have an end-point like that, (for me) there's another one left..
Do they ever try to open and read before or after they write theirs stories? Others pages??
If that so, I called respect on it ^^
*I respect you

"people should responsible for what they do and what they don't"
That's hard, isn't it?

Good day, everyone ^^

Tuesday, January 7

take care, sis

"If friends disappoint you over and over, that’s in large part your own fault. 
Once someone has shown a tendency to be self-centered, 
you need to recognize that and take care of yourself; 
people aren't going to change simply because you want them to."
- Oprah Winfrey

In my case, it wasn't in a large part of mine..
But, it's still a case #doooh

"sis" here, refer to me..

Monday, January 6


My first-effective-day-of-coding (since it was be a long time ago, I didn't do some code seriously and lately)

When I took a little break (after coding, before reading and sleeping), I felt someone was watching me outside my room (only my room that still have a life-sign, I meant the light was on). So, I made sure, who's the one that watching me with that "klecam-klecem" 's sound..

I found lil'chuppie in the darkness, I only saw her red-eyes, monster-look-alike, #DagDug was my heartbeat, and honestly I wanted to scream before because I was shocked, wekekekekek.. I felt, I wanted to throw up something to her #AnyelTithik

And you know, it's end with I was massaging her with lil-chit-chat.. I always do that, it's a kind of a-peaceful-sign from me, so I could cool down myself.
Believe me, it's relieving #seriously, she takes my sorrow and I feel better after that ^^

Oups, almost 1 am.. I'll continue later.. Next morning, I should prepare a good report for meeting. I hope, I don't tremble to speak the truth~

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Saturday, January 4


One step closer with lil'chuppie~
And it is an absolutely yes from me.

This little-cute-creature is my precious treasure ^^

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"one step closer~"

Dunno, I should be happy or sad when I hear this song
Aaaaaand, everybody always plays this song #demn. Is this a national song now???

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Friday, January 3

that girl

I met her in my dream #grin
I also congratulated because she received award before (chuga haeyo) ^^
* I remember her tengil-smile, hahahaaa

The funniest part,
we was talking in English mode, while she can't :v

Only see this pic, (if you really understand this) she's daebaaak~
Can't wait for 178, gogogooo...

Wednesday, January 1


Time decides who you meet in life,
your heart decides who you want in your life,
and your behavior decides who stays in your life.

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