Thursday, January 9

my "book"

Can't sleep.. Let's write something good O___o

I have a "book", my own "book".. It's mine..
Everyone couldn't borrow it freely, until I give it based on my permission. Only certain-people, esp the precious-one could have a right on it #TheChosen. I would be the one who lend it. And if that really happen, please.. please use it wisely~
*everyone has their own "book"

Some people (of course #TheChosen one) start to write on a NEW page. That's good, I mean that's a good point, since they use it sincerely. They could write anything they like; writing, drawing, colouring, signing.. Anything.. Seriously, that's really really good, I appreciate that
*I do the same for others "book"

It isn't have an end-point like that, (for me) there's another one left..
Do they ever try to open and read before or after they write theirs stories? Others pages??
If that so, I called respect on it ^^
*I respect you

"people should responsible for what they do and what they don't"
That's hard, isn't it?

Good day, everyone ^^

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