Thursday, March 31

3 hours [part 1]

... what i've got ...

Merapi disaster still affects us, COLD LAVA..
There was a broken bridge on Jogja - Magelang's track because of angry Lava [March 30 - night]. Then transportation-route switched to Borobudur's area. Unfortunately, there was a sinkhole path in there too [March 31 - morning]. The shortest remaining path is pass through Purworejo.

* dhunk dhueeer, I always go home to Magelang at Thursday - evening *
Uuuuuuugh, there was no other option..

Okay, let's try some mathematic here ::
Jogja - Magelang = 40 km
Jogja - Purworejo = 66 km
Purworejo - Magelang = 40 km

Comparison ::
usually : today's exp
40 km : (66 + 40) km
1.5 hours : 3 hours

waste of time, fatigue, stress
* geeeeez *

--- to be continued ---

Wednesday, March 30

there was value

... who knows ...

If you went back 2000 years,
you'd hear centurions
yakking about how Tertius lopped off
the heads of Carthaginian prisoners

[assumption 1]
Maybe they kept talking about it because
they never heard Tertius deny it

[assumption 2]
Maybe Tertius knew
there was value to men thinking
he was the toughest son of
a bitch in the whole Roman Legion

You may assume or guess
but you will never know the values / facts behind it

--- it's just the matter of time ---
I took this statement from my daddy

Sunday, March 27

copycat unnie C.L

... so cool ...

I have been hold for publishing this post
in a long time

I usually sing this song,
because I love it

just want to scream

--- finally, I did it ---

Saturday, March 26

unusual bond

... The Breaking Point - Capt. Richard Winters ...
[band of brothers]

I'm not sure that anybody
who lived through that one
hasn't carried with him,
in some hidden ways, the scars.

Perhaps that is the factor
that helps keep Easy men
bonded so unusually close together.

Can I have those bond with you?
I will ensure that ^^

--- still holding my promise ---

Sunday, March 20

a prayer

... prayer of a medic ...
[band of brothers]

Lord, grant that I shall never seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
or to be loved as to love with all my heart
with all my heart....

--- with all my heart ---

Friday, March 18

november == me

... bold means me ...
some attitudes base on month of birth

- Have a lot of ideas - My attitude is difficult to understand - Forward thinking - Unique minded and wise - Full of great new ideas - A keen mind - My hunches are very smooth and high - Nice to be a Doctor - Precise and careful - The secretive nature, good at digging and looking for another secrets - Many think, less talk but intimate - Brave, charitably, loyal and patient - Too headstrong and tough minded - If there is an intention, it will be done until success - Not like angry, unless you interfere - Have other ways of thinking from another - A very sharp brain - Smart on self motivation - Not appreciate the compliment - Have a fighting spirit and high power - Have strong body - Affection and emotion are so deep - Romantic - Not sure with the bond of affection - Like to sit or stay at home - Very diligent and highly capable - Trustworthy, honest, loyal and keep a secret - Bad at controlling emotions - High aspire - Temperament can't be predicted and easily changeable -

--- so far so good, but i still have devil inside me ---

Wednesday, March 16

i hate bugs

... i still can't identify 'them' ...

[day 1 - March 11, 2011]
i felt itching in my right knee
and 'scratching' always the best art

[day 2]
(on the morning)
... dhunk dhueeer ...
*atalam & insida* became friends of mine

[day 3 till now]
no *atalam & insida*
just waiting for a miracle ^^

--- anyway, i still love to scratch ---

Monday, March 14

life is a maze

... this is what I feel now ...
[lenka - the show]

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go
I can't do it alone I've tried
and I don't know why

--- so bored---

Download song :: lenka - the show

Friday, March 11

are we have that 'string' ?

... i took Minzy's deep thought ...
There is an invisible string
connecting one person to another,
whether it's long, short, knotted or wrapped
So tightly that you can't undo it.
It's good up to there.

But never cut that string.

There's nothing sadder
than dragging it along the floor here and there,
having it stepped on and unusable.

--- how deep is our thought ---

Wednesday, March 9

here they came again..

... March 09, 2011 ...

this was a unique sound of the thunders
i never heard this before

... clap ...
* the first one was a flash of lightning *
very surprising (like usual)


krek.. kreek.... kretek.. kreteeek.... gledheeeeer....
* from a distance, then came closer and closer *

--- all i could do was just petrified ---

Monday, March 7

memorable experience

... experience is better teacher ...
* other's experience is the best teacher *

After several years didn't play online game, I follow-up to play Luna Plus, RPG one. Some relatives discussed about this game, so I was quite curious, then I decided to play too.
People play this game because they found cute avatars there, meanwhile I play it because I am interested in the another 'social' world.

First Exp.
I downloaded the wrong client-apps ToT. I got client-apps (1Gb) for outside-Indonesia. I had to download twice, client-apps for Indonesia (969Mb).
1st Lesson :: you must determine what servers will be selected..

Second Exp.
Funny that I confused when I was making my first avatar. Male or Female? Is he/she a human, elf or devil? What is he/she likes? What is he/she wears? bla bla bla.. I even confusion in naming, what is his/her name?
2nd Lesson :: avatar is everything that describe yourself (or maybe your hopes)

Third Exp.
I played Luna Plus this evening. In Luna's world, I found someone from devil race, he sat on his flying carpet, then greeted me with a polite. We got a little conversation there, and he invited me to ride and follow him. I had no bad things about him (as a good one), so I follow him as his wish..
3rd Lesson :: don't believe everyone! remember, everyone!!

Fourth Exp.
He warped to an area middle of nowhere, far from the village, a place that resembles a desert. I got feelings of horror there, so I said: "I'm newbie, don't make me a bait..", he answered: "Don't worry..", and someone in the dessert said: "You'll die, ha3..". Then, I just waited for a time to thrown mine out of his flying carpet, and it really happened. I was the victim of assassination.. Not just once, but many times >.<
4th Lesson :: all the world is just the same, so CRUEL..

Fifth Exp.
They left me there alone, with lots of gigantic enemies (high level). The beginning story of 'a lost newbie' or 'silk road: travel from west to east'. These were some ideas that I got from watching Prison Break's series:
  1. I wish I had a warp or teleport item. And I didn't because I am newbie one, poor knowledge and money
  2. I put a pity face a.k.a beg the mercy of others. But I cancelled immediately, I've been a victim of assassination there
  3. I learned from what i had on my item, and I found a horse there. Okay, I thought my trip to go home would be faster. Unfortunately, a monster kill my horse (and me too, arrrrrrrrrrgh..)
  4. The rest of my trip, I run and avoid all of the monsters. Although, sometimes I still killed
  5. Don't forget the knowledge's scout, you must read the map wisely
Last lesson :: no matter what happen (good or bad), you could crying, but don't give up

--- errrrrrrrrrrrrr, they broke my heart ---

Sunday, March 6


... nice lyric ...

I found this from an unknown Japan's MV, Kiroro - Best Friend (never downloaded, maybe my sister did). Once I read the lyric (English translation on its MV), I got her message. A piece of story about 'Best Friends'..

i'm glad that you're here
no matter the time i can always smile
no matter how many years pass while we're away from each other
nothing will have changed, we're best friends
suki da yo, daisuki da yo

i'm sorry for waiting so long to say this
i was driven into a corner alone
when i hear your faint voice i felt like i could make it
i cant tell you anything
even things i can't tell my mom
you understand better than anyone

when i'm happy you're just as happy for me
and you're the one to scold me when i'm wrong

[back to reff]

you quickly see through my pretenses
when i'm feeling down
you're the first to send me a caring emails that have saved me so many time
you said i should go ahead and cry when i feel like crying
because you'd be at my side
my greatest ally

i wonder if there's anything i can do for someone like you?
when i figure it out i'll race over to you, i promise

i'll always be praying
i want you to be the happiest person in the world

It's meaningful for me,
so I dedicate this message to all of my Best Friends there..
Love you, guys ^^

Wednesday, March 2

sick is suck

Last week, I said:
"I would be sick next week"..

I got big-bang attack, when I didn't do right on my job, then somebody warned me about my perform. I felt very bad as a perfectionist one, so disappointing. The main reason was I couldn't manage the time well. Too busy with little things, got trouble in the big things, couldn't predict the time required, got stuck in feelings..

And when I'm in stress mode, I don't care about myself. I have irregular meals, irregular sleeping hours, I don't care about anybody too. Phew, bad habits..
This cold weather complemented above scenario.
Why I called it scenario? Because I was exposed to the rain, without rain coat or jacket. Reckless one..

Then, I ate my own words. I got sick..

--- once again, sick is suck ---