Sunday, March 6


... nice lyric ...

I found this from an unknown Japan's MV, Kiroro - Best Friend (never downloaded, maybe my sister did). Once I read the lyric (English translation on its MV), I got her message. A piece of story about 'Best Friends'..

i'm glad that you're here
no matter the time i can always smile
no matter how many years pass while we're away from each other
nothing will have changed, we're best friends
suki da yo, daisuki da yo

i'm sorry for waiting so long to say this
i was driven into a corner alone
when i hear your faint voice i felt like i could make it
i cant tell you anything
even things i can't tell my mom
you understand better than anyone

when i'm happy you're just as happy for me
and you're the one to scold me when i'm wrong

[back to reff]

you quickly see through my pretenses
when i'm feeling down
you're the first to send me a caring emails that have saved me so many time
you said i should go ahead and cry when i feel like crying
because you'd be at my side
my greatest ally

i wonder if there's anything i can do for someone like you?
when i figure it out i'll race over to you, i promise

i'll always be praying
i want you to be the happiest person in the world

It's meaningful for me,
so I dedicate this message to all of my Best Friends there..
Love you, guys ^^

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