Sunday, January 31

my name is....

Origin and Meaning of the Name Amalia
Germanic: work; effort; strain
Hebrew: work of the Lord

AMALIA :: Industrious "Teutonic"
You have leadership ability and with your power of expression can be an influential speaker. Organisation or management would suit you. Your energy, intellect and creativity overcome any challenging situations and assure your future success. Certainly with your emotions under control there is nothing which you cannot achieve. Your faith and vitality means that love and prosperity are naturally attracted to you.

MICHELLE :: Like the Lord "Hebrew"
Having confidence in yourself and integrity you have your emotions under control and are rarely ruffled. You have a quiet and reflective manner and are responsive to the needs of others giving you the ability to be a mediator. You are extremely successful in the material world being organised, financially astute and pursuing realistic goals. Your caring attitude and compassion certainly makes you a loved individual.

LEE :: Meadow "English"
You are idealistic and intelligent and very much an all or nothing person. Tending to experience constant change in life security is found in your real and abiding values. With great organisational ability, industry and creative prowess you love to build tangible results and are especially gifted at transforming lost causes. Your intelligence is marked with keen perception and analytical ability. A secure home life and relationship are important for you.

--- that's why my name is Michelle Amalia ---

Saturday, January 30

verbatim championship

... my new relaxation game ...

I knew this game from my brother (thanks broo). Someday, he gave me offline message. Yeap, a mysterious link, like his habits. When I got that message, I was in doubt because once he gave me "horror" link. Arrrrrgh, he is so sneaky..
How odd, he gave me a new game's site, Verbatim (hmmmm, i think i ever hear about it). ~dink dunk~, Verbatim is a vendor that markets storage media and flash memory. I thought they made Verbatim Championship to promote. A site full of flash :D

What is Verbatim Championship? (i write this from it's about)
Verbatim Championship is a ranking contest of "Media Monsters" which are created of the Verbatim recording media.
You can create your own Media Monster and make him fight other monsters. Using 3 special techniques is shortcut to your winning (punch, heal, rocket). Every time you win the match, you can get points and you will become stronger. Your past matches will be archived as replay scenes. You can show the replay scenes on your blog as a blog widget. You can also introduce your monster to your friends by sending an URL of the page.
Get points and challenge the 5 final monsters to get a victory!

I introduce to you, this was my first hero, LE1
--- wanna dance with LE1 ??? ---

Tuesday, January 26

What is dropbox?

What is Dropbox?
Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers.

With Dropbox, your files are always in sync.

Dropbox lets you share files easily.

With Dropbox, online backup is automatic.

Dropbox lets you go back in time to undelete or undo changes to files.

Dropbox is a simpler alternative to what you may have used in the past.

I took all of these from Dropbox website.
You can download Dropbox, view video demo and find out another Dropbox's features from my referral link:
(click this referral link and you'll get 2.25GB, when you click from original site, you'll only get 2GB)

The reason that i write this article :
  • I use Dropbox as an alternative online storage (2GB even more).
  • As a programmer, I could sync the same project's files to all of my teams instantly and automatically. It's looks like subversion, huh?
  • Sharing files easily with everyone.
  • Storing or backing up my documents

she was my "simbok"

... i am "mama's girl" ...

We (me, my sis, my bro and also my dad too) usually called mother, "simbok" (it means mother in java's language). She is a great housewife, our lovely mother and my best friend I've ever had..

I always spend more time to chat and share about me, my friends, my problems, anything around us. I couldn't lie to my mother, because i believe to this woman. I would be an open-minded person when i close to her.
Those person (refers to I) was the real lee..

I like her perspectives of life, basics of life, life's style, etc.. I love everything about her (the way she lives). I want to be like her. And everybody knew that I looked like her. It was my pleasure, if i follow her way..

I took this statement from someone, who i knew as little-depil :
I believe at love in the first sight, because when the first time I opened my eyes,
I saw my mother

Thanks God, my first love was my mother..

--- without her, I'm nothing ---

Saturday, January 23

you are my love

yui makino - you are my love lyric

if you could touch my feathers softly
I´ll give you my love

-- juz lee --
if you could do "that", I'll give you "mine"

i'm loyal person
I'll do everything and the best one
to my beloved persons

--- i always respect the solidarity ---

yui makino - you are my love (english version) lyric

yui makino - you are my love (english version)
[tsubasa reservoir chronicle ost]

kiss me sweet
I´m sleeping in silence
all alone in ice and snow

in my dream
I´m calling your name
you are my love

in your eyes I search for my memory
lost in vain so far in the scenery
hold me tight And swear again and again
we´ll never be apart

if you could touch my feathers softly
I´ll give you my love
we set sail in the darkness of the night
out to the sea
to find me there, to find you there
love me now if you dare

kiss me sweet
I´m sleeping is sorrow
all alone to see you tomorrow

in my dream
I´m calling your name
you are my love, my love

Friday, January 22

email obfuscator

... never hear this term before >,< ...

At the first time, some plurker set their status about Computer Security, especially their homework's topic. Hmmmmmm, I don't care~e~e~e~e~eee.... (singing 2NE1's song).
People always do like this: ask first before learning. Bad habit..
Then somebody chatted and asked about email obfuscator and i started to find out what is the meaning of that term. These are some explanation about that:
: electronic mail, bla bla bla....
: make unclear
email obfuscator
: is tool for webmasters that obfuscates e-mail addresses that you enter, making them less vulnerable to spammers who use e-mail harvesting software, also called spam-bots

[tried some online email obfuscator (google keyword : "email obfuscator")]
~Ahaaa~ i got it.. It is like encode-decode or encrypt-decrypt theory. Usually, email obfuscator is generate into:
** ASCII representation -- i couldn't find the right pattern, aaaaarrrrgh....
** Unicode representation -- simple one
** any others?

Let's analyze this experiment :D
email address :
obfuscated email :
>> '
\u006c' == 'l'
>> '\u0065' == 'e'
>> '\u0040' == '@'

Yap yap yap, '' generated into obfuscated email address.
Then, what? Is this experiment could explain the real function???
(i love "then, what?" moment, ha3..)

Remember about spam-bots..
They catch email address from the source code, but they couldn't (or not yet) detect those real email address, because its generated into obfuscated one.

How about the user itself?
~Tadaaa~ we still get the right email address :
Email obfuscator is trickier then spam-bots, right?

Wednesday, January 20

work vs play

... i was very impressive ...

This was a little part of my life
I'm a perfectionist one. Everything must be scheduled orderly. Of course, I'm good at organizing too.. who, what, where, when, why, how, I would make decisions based on that question's word.

Lee's Evolution
I'm very glad, i got Information Technology on my study. Awesome, I was evolving become the new one. My new hobby is playing some code or we usually called it coding (part of programming). Someday, I made a conclusion: work to play and play to work, this would be my programming's lifestyle.

Now and Future
Now, i was doing some projects (jobs).
An office's programmer at Friday-Saturday and 3 hours a day to finish my office's job. And as a freelance's programmer with my buddies at Monday-Thursday. I was very blessed, i had wonderful jobs. I could work in everywhere and any time.

--- remember what i said, work to play and play to work ---

Saturday, January 16

are you C programmer enough?

could you solve this problem?

Someday, Mr. Willy gave me a site that consist of Programming Interview Questions (because our basic was an IT programmer). Lots of challenge cases in there, of course I love it. And I tried to solve some cases too.

This is a simple one, that always made me enthusiastic..
[based on C language programming]
What's the "condition" so that the following code snippet prints both HelloWorld ?
if "condition"
printf ("Hello");
printf ("World");

Output : HelloWorld

lee soo jeong - come, people of god lyric

lee soo jeong - come, people of god
[queen seon duk ost]

Come, people of God
We are here for the love of truth
Winter may conquer us, but we stand still
Until the spring comes to this land

Come, children of God
We believe in the love of truth
Darkness may rule of night but we stand tall
Until the sunrise is high

Silence may be our voices within our hearts
But we know God is on our side
This is the land God promised for us
So we must be the light of this world

We know this is our destiny
Children of god follow our star
Silence may be our voices within our hearts
But we know God is on our side
This is the land God promised for us
So we must be the light of this world

Saturday, January 9

hmmmmmm, japanishe kristallalgen

... wedang japanishe-kristallalgen ...

Why i called it as "wedang japanishe-kristallalgen"? Because i always consume it as a daily-beverage. My mom said that: "kristal algae" (indonesian's term) is a healthy-beverage. And then, we start to raise "kristal algae" too..
unfortunately, i could not tell how to raise "kristal algae", because i don't do it

What is the benefit?
It could treat hypertension, heart's problem, kidney's problem, nerve's problem and others. Algae also prevent spreading of cancer's cells. That's what i've heard..

Base on my experience, i think "kristal algae" really useful. I could urinate smoothly. This is a sign of healthy-kidney, right?

--- i love to be healthy ---

Tuesday, January 5

ye song / iu - baramggoc (wind flower) lyric

ye song / iu - baramggoc (wind flower)
[queen seon duk ost]

-- KOREAN --
pieonaji anaseo

barabomyeonseo sumi makhimyeon
nuneul gameunchae sal ado joeulgga

boji anado boyeoseo
deutji anado deulyeoseo
geudae sumgyeoleh dasi sal anan baramggotcheoreom

gago sifeodo motganeun
an goh sifeodo motanneun
geudae songgeutih naemameh daeuhni

gin gin bamih jinagoh namyeon algga
nunmul sokeh utgoh ihtneun sarangeul

jabgoh sifeodo motjabneun
gagoh sifeodo motganeun
geudae maheumeh dasi sal-anan baramggotcheoreom

boji anado boyeoseo
deutji anado deulyeoseo
barameh sillyeo heuteohjeo nallimyeo
geudae maheumeh heuteohjeo nallimyeo

If like this
I turned my back on
I disappeared
I wouldn't come into bloom

If like this
I gave a gasp while seeing you
It might be good to live with closing my eyes

Even I don't see you, I'm saw you
Even I don't hear you, I'm heard you
Like a wind flower which revived by your breathing

I wish to reach you, but I can't
I wish to hug you, but I can't
Your fingertips reach my heart

Will you know, after long long night?
The love smiling in tears

I wish to catch you, but I can't
I wish to reach you, but I can't
Like a wind flower which revived in your heart

Even I don't see you, I'm saw you
Even I don't hear you, I'm heard you
Getting scattered in the wind
Getting scattered into your heart

the great queen seon duk ost download

:: the great queen seon duk ost tracklist ::

Friday, January 1

holiday oh holiday

... time for family gathering ...
me, my sis n bro, and also my parents

Family gathering is our habit in holiday. What did we doing?
  • joking (gojek kere)
  • chatting and sharing about each time-line of life
  • making small party in home sweet home
  • watching movies together
  • playing PS2, card, UNO and others
  • family gathering with big families (from papa & mama)
Thank God, every moment is our quality time as a family..

--- i love my family ---