Wednesday, January 20

work vs play

... i was very impressive ...

This was a little part of my life
I'm a perfectionist one. Everything must be scheduled orderly. Of course, I'm good at organizing too.. who, what, where, when, why, how, I would make decisions based on that question's word.

Lee's Evolution
I'm very glad, i got Information Technology on my study. Awesome, I was evolving become the new one. My new hobby is playing some code or we usually called it coding (part of programming). Someday, I made a conclusion: work to play and play to work, this would be my programming's lifestyle.

Now and Future
Now, i was doing some projects (jobs).
An office's programmer at Friday-Saturday and 3 hours a day to finish my office's job. And as a freelance's programmer with my buddies at Monday-Thursday. I was very blessed, i had wonderful jobs. I could work in everywhere and any time.

--- remember what i said, work to play and play to work ---


  1. kerja dmana mal skrng? wah amazing thu bs dapet job yg fleksible..jgn lupa bagi2 ya..hihihi..keep contact frend ^^

  2. ollaaa, nike
    i work as a programmer at Karoseri Trisakti, Magelang (that's belong to Anthony 'Piux' Setiawan)
    and i'm freelance join with my best friends :D

    hope that you could find great job too..
    nice to see you here