Saturday, January 9

hmmmmmm, japanishe kristallalgen

... wedang japanishe-kristallalgen ...

Why i called it as "wedang japanishe-kristallalgen"? Because i always consume it as a daily-beverage. My mom said that: "kristal algae" (indonesian's term) is a healthy-beverage. And then, we start to raise "kristal algae" too..
unfortunately, i could not tell how to raise "kristal algae", because i don't do it

What is the benefit?
It could treat hypertension, heart's problem, kidney's problem, nerve's problem and others. Algae also prevent spreading of cancer's cells. That's what i've heard..

Base on my experience, i think "kristal algae" really useful. I could urinate smoothly. This is a sign of healthy-kidney, right?

--- i love to be healthy ---

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