Saturday, January 30

verbatim championship

... my new relaxation game ...

I knew this game from my brother (thanks broo). Someday, he gave me offline message. Yeap, a mysterious link, like his habits. When I got that message, I was in doubt because once he gave me "horror" link. Arrrrrgh, he is so sneaky..
How odd, he gave me a new game's site, Verbatim (hmmmm, i think i ever hear about it). ~dink dunk~, Verbatim is a vendor that markets storage media and flash memory. I thought they made Verbatim Championship to promote. A site full of flash :D

What is Verbatim Championship? (i write this from it's about)
Verbatim Championship is a ranking contest of "Media Monsters" which are created of the Verbatim recording media.
You can create your own Media Monster and make him fight other monsters. Using 3 special techniques is shortcut to your winning (punch, heal, rocket). Every time you win the match, you can get points and you will become stronger. Your past matches will be archived as replay scenes. You can show the replay scenes on your blog as a blog widget. You can also introduce your monster to your friends by sending an URL of the page.
Get points and challenge the 5 final monsters to get a victory!

I introduce to you, this was my first hero, LE1
--- wanna dance with LE1 ??? ---


  1. Like it so much...
    Great post.
    Yesterday was awesome =)
    Unfortunately if we deleting browser's cookies/ change our ISP's IP we can't control our monster anymore..
    It's gone T__T
    Here are my 2 monster..
    Fight me anyone =)

  2. hi3,
    i would play when need to be relax :D
    because i have a new motto
    "work to play & play to work"

    i feel coding like playing games too